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Anglesey Beaches. Thankfully there are some things that remain constant, whatever the economic backdrop to all our lives.


It is with the greatest of delight that I once again share with you the great news about the Beautiful Beaches of Anglesey. All but the most remote of our Island beaches are regarded as being of the highest quality according to Keep Wales Tidy.

The Isle of Anglesey is blessed with


Llanddwyn Island Lifeboat Cannon Anglesey Hidden Gem


Bathing Water quality on beaches must meet the highest, recommended European guideline standards.

The beach must be clean, well managed and promote sound environmental management.


This is not just any casual reward but a distinctly official recognition of Anglesey's fabulous beaches for their Natural Beauty and Clean Environment.


This distinctive yellow and blue flag of the is awarded to beaches that meet mandatory standard water quality and are: Clean, Safe and Well-Managed.

Because beaches are all very different in character, the Seaside Awards are split into two categories, resort and rural.


These are the rural equivalent of BLUE FLAG AWARDS.

These Green Coast and Seaside Awards are from KEEP WALES TIDY and are recognised as International Standard Indicators of OUTSTANDING QUALITY.

Across Wales 50 Beaches have been recognised as reaching a very high standard of cleanliness and loveliness. And almost 30% of those fifty beaches are located here on Anglesey.

It’s anticipated that more Anglesey beaches will receive awards this year, so Anglesey appears to be leading the rest of Wales with the quality and beauty of its beaches.

Cemlyn Bay near Cemaes Bay Anglesey Hidden Gem.com


Aberffraw Beach

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

As I write on the Aberffraw page, this is a delightful wide beach with a bit of a reputation for surfing, windsurfing and fishing.

It is also a fabulous beach to spend the day just lazing around or maybe enjoying a pleasant walk along the Anglesey Coastal Path. It’s a half mile walk to get to but worth the journey to one of the delightful Anglesey beaches.

Rhoscolyn/Borth Wen

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

A driving adventure and a fabulous beach. Again, with wonderful coastal walks.

About a fifteen minute walk from equally lovely Silver Bay (below). Just up the road is one of the best pub restaurants in the whole of Anglesey, The White Eagle Pub. A regular haunt for fishing, sailing and diving.

Rhosneigr Broad Beach

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

Oh... the glory that is Rhosneigr. You can enjoy a lovely beach walk of about five miles all the way from Cable Bay to Crigyll/Cymyran Beaches.

Broad Beach is the lesser used of these Anglesey Beaches at Rhosneigr and within easy access of the village’s facilities.

Cable Bay, Rhosneigr

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

This small cove bay is the furthest south of the Rhosneigr west coast beaches and served by a Neanderthal carpark. The beach sits below the road and is usually served by an excellent ice-cream cum snack van. Good reputation for surfing and kayaking. Good clean sand.

Porth Nobla, Rhosneigr

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

A few hundred yards north of Cable Bay, Porth Nobla is a small bay extension to those adjoining Rhosneigr Broad Beach. A small family beach that offers a respite from the busy-ness of Cable Bay and the main village beach.

Crigyll Beach at Rhosneigr Anglesey Hidden Gem

Traeth Crigyll, Rhosneigr

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

I could seriously wax lyrically about this generally deserted beach that extends a couple of sandy beach miles up from the main village beach.

Nice for peace and quiet but you’ll have to bring everything with you. This is my running beach and with plenty of room to feel isolated from the masses.

Porth Trwyn, Llanfaethlu

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

This really is one of Anglesey’s hidden gems and delights on Anglesey’s north west coast. If you don’t keep an eye out for the blue beach sign then you’ll miss it completely.

Porth Trwyn can’t really fill up because there is very poor parking in the immediate vicinity. Pebbles at high tide and a good stretch of sand as it recedes. Interesting beach that I really like and I’m certain you will too.

Porth Ty’n Tywyn, Rhosneigr

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

Again one of the stretch of jewels along the Rhosneigr long stretches of beaches.

It is separated from Broad Beach and Porth Nobla by a few rocky outcrops and offers a gentle resting place against the sand dunes. Excellent sandy beach, but watch it if you come here to learn to surf because it rises quickly and offers ‘Beach Chewing’ opportunities.

Cemlyn Bay Broad VIew near Cemaes Bay Anglesey Hidden Gem

Cemlyn Bay

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

Okay, so there’s a nuclear power station just around the corner, but I challenge you to remember it’s there even with its massive major structure.

No sand but great shelving pebble beach that is much loved by visitors to our delightful Anglesey beaches. Excellent for bass fishing and kayaking. Cemlyn is just one of those places that will remain in fond memory for the best of reasons.

St David’s, Red Wharf Bay

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

Difficult one is St David’s because there is no separation between it and Benllech Beach. When the tide is out in Benllech Bay, you’ll need a camel and supplies to make it out to the sea.

However if you walk around the St David’s headland along the beach or Anglesey Coastal Path, then you’ll arrive in the massive Red Wharf Bay, with its fabulous little pub and restaurants. A pleasant walk of a few more miles will bring you to Llanddona Beach.

Sandy Beach, Llanfwrog

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

Another of the fabulous family beaches you’ll encounter as you head up the North West coast of Anglesey.

A very wide expanse of sandy beach with a conveniently located caravan park that serves ice creams and other delicacies that you need for the perfect beach day. I highly recommend Sandy Beach as one of the Anglesey beaches at their very best.

Rhoscolyn Beach on Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem

Silver Bay, Rhoscolyn

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

A bit of a bugger for you to find just down from Rhoscolyn Beach. Don’t worry, though because I present you with directions you need.

This is a public beach and a private road to it. You can take the long route or you could choose to be sneaky like me to get there. Totally isolated and excellent beach that demands you bring absolutely everything with you. Surfers beware.

Lligwy Beach, Dulas

Green Coast Award, Seaside Award.

This is one of the very best windsurfing beaches on Anglesey and an excellent beach to be at in fine weather and an excellent bracing walk in failing conditions.

The north easterly winds draw down the big boys when Rhosneigr is ‘not presenting well’. This is one of those delightful coastal walk sections that’ll bring you to Moelfre soon enough. Good fishing but you do need to watch out for hungry seals on the prowl. There is a little shop in the two beach end car parks.

Lligwy Beach on Anglesey's East Anglesey Hidden Gem


Benllech Beach

Blue Flag Beach , Seaside Award

Benllech Beach is the most traditionally British of all Anglesey Beaches. Many people return year after year to enjoy the sea, the beach and to walk the Anglesey Coastal Path.

The bay is wide and sandy and buzzes with fun and activity in Summer. The tide goes out very, very far and it feels that you can walk forever across clean, clean sand.

Llanddona Beach

Blue Flag Beach , Seaside Award.

Located on the east end of the wide Red Wharf Bay, Llanddona Beach looks out along the entire East Coast of Anglesey. Excellent reputation for windsurfing. kite-surfing and sea fishing. It has a beautiful beach set against the backdrop of the lush green eastern peninsula of Llanddona.

Church Bay Beach

Blue Flag Beach , Seaside Award.

Plenty of beach to rest, sunbathe and have an evening picnic.

This beach is served (at the top of the hill) by the Wave Crest Cafe immediately above the beach and the highly regarded Lobster Pot restaurant nearby. The Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path rises up and travels north toward Carmel Head. A gentle, beautiful and satisfying walk.

Llanddwyn Beach

Blue Flag Beach , Seaside Award.

The sandy beaches at Llanddwyn are longer and more golden than childhood Summers. They are among the very best of Anglesey Beaches.

If you're going to spend time at a few of our beaches during your holiday, then this beach offers you so much. From Sunbathing, Bathing, Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, Fishing to Ancient Celtic Romance. It's all here. Just waiting for you.

Trearddur Bay & Porth Dafarch Beach

Blue Flag Beach , Seaside Award.

You may find yourself sitting on a rocky outcrop of HOLY ISLAND meditating on how wonderful the world can be and contemplating on the variety of TREARDDUR BAY beaches. At any moment you can choose to remain silent, transported away from your daily life pressures.

Llanddwyn Beach near Newborough Anglesey Hidden Gem

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