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I have introduced this Anglesey webcams link on so that you can appreciate views of a few glorious Anglesey beaches and also check the traffic on the bridges.

I’ll be honest with you, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter traffic on the Britannia Bridge, so have a look at the traffic webcams below for both Bridges across the Menai Straits.

Important Advice

Please exercise patience with any and all cameras, as they tend to be quite capricious. They work. They don’t work. Generally it's a fault with the camera or its host system.

You’ll also find text traffic information on the BBC link pages that will probably help you.

You must, however, be advised that the BBC - for reasons of austerity driven reorganisation - has withdrawn some of its cameras. I am looking around for more.











Britannia Bridge Anglesey Hidden Gem

Britannia Bridge Traffic Webcam
Bangor Side

The Britannia Bridge can be a major traffic bottle-neck.

Don’t worry too much about it because it’s a diurnal problem – morning and going-home time. Just make sure that your journey arrives sometime between 10:00am and 3:00pm.

Even better, choose to use the Menai Suspension Bridge . That way you’ll miss the Ferry Traffic to and from Holyhead Port and enjoy the fabulous view up and down the Menai Straits.

For Britannia Bridge Traffic Images Click Here

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Menai Suspension Bridge Anglesey Hidden Gem

Menai Suspension Bridge Webcam
Bangor Side

There are inevitably traffic jams on the Bridges from the Mainland to Anglesey between 4:00 -5:00pm on weekdays as people head home from work.

Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge is as busy as the Britannia Bridge so make sure to check out the webcam before you travel.

The good news, though, is that you can enjoy a view of the suspension bridge from a distance and the beautiful view of the Menai Straits as you crawl across during these times. In the distance to your right is Beaumaris. Ahhh ... Beaumaris.

For Menai Bridge Traffic Web Cam Image CLICK HERE

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Windsurfing at Rhosneigr Anglesey Hidden Gem

Rhosneigr Beach Webcam

This is one of three beach webcams on Anglesey. It is sited on the FUN SPORT windsurfing shop right on the Rhosneigr village beach.

For more information about Rhosneigr and links for other Rhosneigr beaches CLICK HERE.

For the Webcam Click Here

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Anglesey Red Squirrels - Newborough Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Red Squirrels

Sadly, SquirrelCam near Beaumaris Feeding Point is switched off at present.

I’m sure you’ll have read my pages and news about the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project to reintroduce Red Squirrels to Anglesey.

Just in case you haven’t then please Click Here for an Update.

Although there is no live camera, may I direct you to the Red Squirrels Trust Wales where there are some fabulous and engaging Youtube videos to watch.

For the Red Squirrel Video Link CLICK HERE

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Lligwy Beach Windsurfer Anglesey Hidden Gem

Lligwy Beach Webcam
on Anglesey's East Coast

I really love Lligwy Beach and the Anglesey Coastal Path that leads to and from it.

To the south is Moelfre and to the north you’ll discover the tranquillity of Traeth yr Ora beach.

For the Lligwy Beach Web Cam Image Click Here

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Red Wharf Bay Anglesey Hidden Gem

Red Wharf Bay Sailing Club Webcam
(Traeth Bychan Beach)

Quite sensibly the Sailing Club is not located at Red Wharf Bay itself, otherwise you’d have a large body of sailing boats badly balanced on their keels.

The Sailing Club is located at Traeth Bychan Beach, the next beach north of Benllech.

Click Here for the Web Cam Image

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Menai Straits Evening View Anglesey Hidden Gem

Bangor University Ocean Sciences
Menai Straits Webcam

This webcam shows an area of the Menai Strait directly in front of the School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge. The camera position may be moved occasionally, which is excellent news.

Other than being a Site of Special Scientific Interestand a Special Area of Conservation it is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I invite you to visit my Menai Bridge Pages and attached links to appreciate that Outstanding Beauty.




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RSPB South Stack Cliff Webcam

The image of South Stack Lighthouse is an iconic representation of Anglesey’s Outstanding Coastal Beauty.

The cliffs are an ornithologists dream and their needs are met wonderfully by the RSPB with the new Visitor Centre and the lookout at Tŵr Ellen right above the bird-laden cliffs.

The South Stack webcam usually captures images of specific nests among the Guillemots and amusing looking Puffins.

To Enjoy the RSPB Webcam Images CLICK HERE


This is a new webcam looking out over the beach and bay at Trearddur on Anglesey's west coast and just up the road from Rhoscolyn.

Check out this link

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Beautiful Rhoscolyn Beach on Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem

The Point Webcams at Rhoscolyn

May I introduce you to two brand new cameras brought my attention by the owner of The Point Holiday Bungalow in Rhoscolyn on Holy Island, Anglesey.

Beach View  The Point Rhoscolyn Beach View

Sea View     The Point Rhoscolyn Sea View

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