Welsh Music reflects the Welsh Soul down the ages. Below I present for your consideration a number of my favourite artists.

These are singers who really really represent who we the Welsh really are as a nation.

Until Bryn Terfel and Katherine Jenkins rose to prominence there was a general tendency to think of our music as being Celtic Music. Okay, so it is, however, it is not Irish Music which is generally accepted under that title.

Our music is gentler, softer as sung by the lovely Sian James, poignant as sung by Anglesey’s own Tony & Aloma, rich and powerful in Bryn Terfel’s renditions.

Katherine Jenkins resonant Mezzo Soprano captivates and draws you in.



Katherine Jenkins is the most beautiful woman in Wales, UK and possibly anywhere this side of Heaven.

Her Mezzo-Soprano voice reaches deep into the soul and moves one into a state of transcendence.

All concerns fall away to leave one accompanied solely by the beauty of the warm and passionate voice of Katherine Jenkins.

One could also reflect on her natural and unassuming beauty.


Born and Bred in North Wales at his parents farm at Pant Glas in Caernarfon, Bryn Terfel is a passionate Welshman who has taken Wales with him on his meteoric operatic rise.

The world has now been introduced to traditional Welsh Music in addition of his moving interpretation of the music of Mozart.

This once record holding long-jumper became apparent soon after winning the highest award in Welsh Music and Culture at the Welsh National Eisteddfod. There followed a number of significant international music awards.

Today, Bryn is regarded as one of the World's most powerful stage performers in Opera, light classical and Welsh Folk Music.


Karl William Pamp Jenkins was once a jazz-rock keyboard player for both Soft Machine and Nucleus.

This Welshman musician is a composer of striking pieces that captivate and draws one in spiritually.

ADIEMUS and THE ARMED MAN (A Mass for Peace) are magical and evocative compositions.


Duffy (or Aimée Ann Duffy) Is a Welsh singer-songwriter from Nefyn on the Lleyn Peninsula blessed with a Retro Motown richness to her voice.

Duffy first came to the attention of the Welsh nation when she took part in a Welsh Television singing talent competition in 2003. Surprisingly, she did not win; however, who cares now.

Her unique voiced and songwriting style has captivated the music loving public and is known for her Albums ROCKFERRY and ENDLESSLY.

Her strongest chart-topping single releases are 'ROCKFERRY', 'MERCY' and the rocking, 'WELL, WELL, WELL'.


Glanaethwy is a performing arts school in Bangor, North Wales. Since being opened in 1990 this school has brought about a revolution and raised the bar for music and dance across Wales.

The school became well known when its choir for older pupils took part in the UK TV channel BBC 1's Last Choir Standing in 2008.

Their rendition of O FORTUNA from the mediaeval collection Carmina Burana on Last Choir Standing was an astonishing display of this young choir’s uncanny ability.

TONY AC ALOMA (Tony and Aloma)

During the 1960s the Anglesey sweethearts, Tony ac Aloma, were famous across Wales and continue to achieve that popularity to this day.

At the peak of their popularity, they performed nightly to audiences all over Wales, topping the bill in cabarets, TV shows, and concerts - opening stores and singing for the royal family.

Their songs ranged from the amusing to the deeply poignant. ‘Wedi Colli Rhywun Sy’n Annwyl’ (Having Lost Someone So Dear) reflects Tony’s song writing at its very best.

Aloma’s voice and harp playing is a strong emotional counterpoint to Tony’s singing.


Sian James is well known as a singer or Traditional Welsh Music and sings with a pleasant soft voice that exudes warmth and passion.

Her album ‘DI-GWSG’ (Sleepless) is a mildly surprising switch from her regular folk songs accompanied by Welsh harp. This album reveals a jazz sophistication and takes the listener on an emotional musical journey.

I once acted with Sian on a Welsh serial ‘Pengelli’ and found her soft presence engaging, as I now find her music. It was a pleasant experience that paid off my final year university fees.

Sian James’ songs and singing style are a natural evolution in Welsh Folk Singing.

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