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July 24th 2010

Oh, Blinkin’ Flip, just when you thought it was safe to drink the water.

Ufologists are about to descend on the Puffin Island area of Anglesey to undertake research to establish that Mynydd Mechell is only a decoy location to distract us from the Aliens’ real HQ.

Phil Hoyle (age unknown) of the Unidentified Flying Object Investigations and Research Unitin Shrewsbury (who I shall henceforth refer to as UFOIRU, an unpronounceable acronym) proposes that anecdotal evidence down the years suggests that Puffin Island could be the location of an underwater Alien HQ.

’Anglesey’s Atlantis’ scans well. Another coincidence? The Universe reveals its secrets in oblique and discrete ways.



The Head of UFOIRU said that UFO sightings by many people - including military and professional people - are almost overwhelming. The reports are of strange lights seen in the vicinity and large structured forms rising out of the sea.

UFOIRU state that each evidence source is independent of the others and therefore indicates credibility to the reports. For UFOIRU this suggests that Puffin Island and the local coastline of Penmon is a UFO Hotspot.

The Sailor’s Return pub in Beaumaris used to be something an U.F.O. Hotspot. Especially on Saturday evenings when fierce arguments about Moral Relativism were common after Match of the Day.

UFOIRU draw a comparison between a World legend and a distinctly Welsh folktale. It is alleged that Cantre’r Gwaelod is an area below the Lleyn Peninsula (famous for sardine crowns) that was flooded centuries ago.

The town is said to have disappeared under the waves while the townsfolk were having a heck of a good party.

Where was the Dutch Dyke Watcher when you needed him?

Imagine the poor folk of Cantre’r Gwaelod eventually waking up to one heck of a hangover and being tail-slapped in the face by a curious passing haddock. So this is one of the factors that underpin the UFOIRU theory of an Underwater Alien City like Atlantis.

This is where I have to watch myself and be sensitive to people’s life experience.

Apparently UFOIRU draws support from individuals in the Shrewsbury area who state that they have been abducted by aliens.

It is from statements by these individuals that Puffin Island was identified as the location of an underwater Alien City.

Supporting evidence is quoted from collected data about UFO sightings around ancient historical sites.

Mr Hoyle (age unknown) states that, “there is a definite link, we’ve found an 80% increase in UFO activity over ancient sites compared to any were else, including Anglesey.” .

So there you have it. Anglesey up front and centre again.

Make’s you proud to be cited as an important place in world events.

Well, there you are, if you have any views or information to share then do get in touch by typing in below.


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January 24 2010

So? Where are they coming from? And where are they going to?

A single voice calls out in the night, “WHAT'S THAT?

The World stops a moment, ponders and then declares the person a fool who has taken his or her tablets in the wrong sequence.

Now when a number of brave souls stand up and declare, “We also saw the strange lights in the sky over Anglesey on New Year’s Eve,” we really have to stop and consider.

Mass hypnosis? A dodgy barrel of Rumanian Cabernet Sauvignon?

But now we have a bit more detail to hand that must confound the sceptics and their alcohol-free sherry tittle-tattle.

According to another resident of Mynydd Mechell (age unknown), who lives a reasonable distance away, the same light ‘object’ was seen at the same time.

Further, it is reported that the single light actually appeared as three individual component light sources that eventually came together into a single light as it moved further to the south. Eventually the light blinked out. Apparently, there was no engine sound that would indicate that it was something familiar such as a jetliner.

These jet-liners are very familiar to people living on the north-west corner of Anglesey. So it wasn’t a jet-liner, then.

The latest resident from Mynydd Mechell considers this UFO supports the proposal that ‘THINGS’ are being kept from us. And that there are ‘THINGS’ out there - strange things out in the Universe.

A resident of Holyhead (age unknown) confirms the Mynydd Mechell UFO Sighting. The lady and her partner (age also unknown) were returning home at about 11:30pm when they saw a singular orange light traversing the New Year night sky toward the south.

Anglesey UFOsThis later sighting lasted about five minutes and frustrated attempts to record it on a mobile phone camera. “It was very creepy.”

The BBC has suggested that such UFO sightings could be attributed to mis-identification and an expectation built up by television science fiction series like ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Torchwood’.

As Baba Ram Dass said, “When you wear shoes of leather, then the whole world is covered in leather.”

(i.e. If you’re angry then you’ll find an excuse to be angry even if a duck gives you an engaging smile as it falls over.)

However, look back a few years and other UFO sightings have occurred around Cemlyn Bay near Wylfa Nuclear Power Station. Now, that’s one for the conspiracy wallahs.

As I am wont to say, keep in touch because this will unravel further, as will the rest of us.

Did I mention my theory that I've called HEINLEIN EVENTS? There’s a lot going on down here and over Anglesey at the moment and it just has to be significant.

We’ve just got to join up the statistical dots in the right order.

All we have to do is isolate the independent variables, the dependent variables and the statistical outliers.

I tried joining up the dots last week and came up with a lovely little doggie. But it has to be more than that. Anyway CLICK HERE for more on the Jedi and HEINLEIN EVENTS...


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Are We Being Watched?


15 January 2010

Forget about travelling to the Nazca Lines and the Airport of the Gods in Peru to view alien or Trans-Dimensional visitors.

The visitors are closer than that, so it seems. Try Mynydd Mechell on Anglesey. You may have visited my Bodedern to Rhosgoch Drive Page and noted my observations about a sense of Otherness associated with this little hamlet.

It gets weirder. On New Year’s Eve two local Mynydd Mechell residents (ages unknown) reported seeing strange lights in the sky without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

They report that they saw a brilliant orange light at about 10,000 feet. This object, which must be identified as an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), followed a linear track across the high night sky before disappearing.

Quite sensibly, one of the two residents in question (age unknown) stated that he was keeping an open mind on this curious affair, which is one way of avoiding strange looks from neighbours.

The two residents have only lived in Mynydd Mechell for nine years, which, I understand, is about four and a half generations short of full social acknowledgment in public places – unless carrying a Rhode Island Red chicken.


Anglesey and Mynydd Mechell have a bit of a reputation with UFO sightings, as several were spotted above Rhosybol, a few miles to the east, last year. And in 1977 children from the local primary school spotted a strange object maintaining a stationary position above them.

The RAF UFO Hotline has recently been closed down so there was no-one to whom they could make a formal report.

It begets a significant question in that case, “Does a tree make a noise when it falls in the forest and there’s no-one there to hear it?”

Anglesey UFOsTherefore, does a spaceship exist if it is not officially acknowledged? Hmmmm...

Is it reasonable to infer a conspiracy from the lack of official reaction?

Why not? It brings out the nuts and is good for local commerce.

Has the Mynydd Mechell village council sat to decide how they’re going to develop this golden opportunity?

If Beddgelert got away with a dead dog and Bardsey with a tin or sardines, then why not Mynydd Mechell with ...

Have you noticed that the nearby village of Rhosybol sounds eerily similar to Rosswell if you’re facing the other way and have an ear infection. Hmmmm...

There is clearly a great deal of activity here compared to Bodffordd, where there is very little. Unless you count the balloon Gwilym Bodsuran’s granddaughter lost last June.


Strange incidents have been reported in nearby Rhosgoch recently. An Anglesey county councillor was seen multi-tasking!! outside The Ring pub.

A truly unique occurrence you’ll agree. The Anglesey County Councillor was spotted using a mobile phone, while standing up, while peeing into someone’s garden. There have been no other reports of multi-tasking by county councillors, and it is believed that this was a unique ‘one-off’ incident not likely to occur again.

I digress. If it quacks and waddles then it could be a fat animal impersonator.

One significant event occurred on New Year’s Eve. Mochdre’s Timothy Dalton (ex-James Bond)- who is now President of the Time Lords and temporarily incarcerated inside a time-bubble on Gallifrey – threw a singular white diamond into a time rift for it to appear in the night sky before crashing to earth.

Here it was picked up by The Master who used it to get rid of that infernal noise in his head and attempt to defeat The Doctor. HMMMM...

Galiffrey should not be confused with Gwalchmai on Anglesey, which is pretty confused as it is.

The Holyhead Church of Jediism has chosen to be non-committal. When asked to comment it is reported that they declared a definite, “No comment.” They reinforced this by adding, “That’s a STRONG No-Comment”. HMMMM... No name no pack drill.

Is there a connection between all these events?

The Mynydd Mechell Sighting, a Multi-Tasking Anglesey County Councillor and a Mute Holyhead Jedi Knight. HMMMM...

Have you noticed that the Mynydd Mechell wind tubines seem to gather together as you drive past.

It has been mooted that these turbines are laid along an ancient Ley-Line and could well have opened a fissure in the time vortex. HMMMM...


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