Unidentified Lights in the Sky
From Puffin Island Area

by Karen
(Benllech, Anglesey.)

Dear Wil

I live in a part of Benllech, Anglesey, away from street light polution, in a top floor flat. The night sky overlooking the sea here is visible for the whole area which includes part of Puffin Island and also the Red Wharf Bay area.

A couple of months ago I saw two orange lights drifting over my house and I thought they may have been lanterns which had been set off for some event; although it WAS 11pm on a Sunday night.

But after seeing those; a few weeks later I saw another orange light over the sea which was fuzzy outline and inspite of using binoculars to try and see it properly, the outline was still orange and fizzy, and no definite "hard" outline was visible; even though by using the same binoculars on other distant sea ships etc, a "hard" outline is usually seen.

I saw lights exactly the same as this over a few weeks following - single lights, all orange and all fuzzy, with no pulse as an aircraft would have. Aeroplanes fly over here regularly and they are very distinctive, even in the darkness of the night.

However, last Sunday night - the 8th August 2010, I saw (at around 11pm again) THREE of the same lights - same description - all flying at the same speed over the sea.

They appeared to be flying
at different heights, but this could have been an illusion and they may well have been flying along side each other, at distances apart.

But one of the lights appeared to rise from in FRONT of the landscape silhouette (as if coming from land), and all three - from the direction of Beaumaris, Puffin island area/direction.

In spite of trying the binoculars out yet again, in the hope I may get a proper look at what they were, I found that all the binoculars did was magnify the same fuzzy, orange ball of lights. Shortly after, another single orange, fuzzy ball of light rose up from the same direction and I watched it move all along the width of my wondow until it appeared to get smaller and then disappeared.

I tried to establish what these lights may be and find logical - more "down to earth" explanations, but in my desperation to come up with an answer, I came onto this sight.

I had a strong feeling by the way these objects move across the sky; lack of definite outline and the fact they are totally different to aircrafts,that I may be looking at something you suggest on your site.

I also saw a plane go overhead very shortly after the last episode/sighting, and there was absolutely no comparison, or possibility that I was mistaking these things for aeroplanes.

Bets wishes


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From Puffin Island Area

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Aug 12, 2010
by: GeeDub

Sorry I cannot talk about my abduction by aliens and the odd experiments on my person.

The last mystery object I saw was a weather balloon. The other was the biggest thing i've seen in the sky since the moon. Halley's Comet.

It was the size of my thumb with arm stretched out and said to be millions of miles away. It was moving like the hour hand on a clock and so easy to photo and stop and have a looksee.

Venus is blatant here in New Zealand as well.


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