The Royal Engagement

Anglesey? Never Heard of It?

Prince William & Miss Kate Middleton's Engagement

The warmest of congratulations to Prince William and Ms Kate Middleton on their Royal engagement.

Now, ‘Pishyn’ (pea-shin) is one Welsh word the Prince really must learn because he has one right next to him. ‘Pishyn’ means ‘a bit of a beauty’.

And Ms Kate Middleton is just that, with her long brunette air, fine face and the lovely confident Italianesque way she easily presents herself to the world.

The people of Anglesey have been aware for quite a while that Prince William has been living on the island during his training and his Search & Rescue duties here.

We are a pretty discrete bunch here on Anglesey and, while we tend to gossip a fair bit in private, we have never gone out in search parties for a sighting of the Prince.

It would be both rude and rather indiscrete.

I hope that they are managing as normal a little life as possible in their cottage. I equally hope that no-one local ‘shops them’. Leave them be. What little time that’s left to them of privacy should be respected.

There are plenty of opportunities for Prince William, the Second-in-Line to the British throne, and Ms Kate Middleton to enjoy peace and quiet on the Isle of Anglesey.

And I’m sure that we all hope they have taken the time to do so prior to the announcement of the Royal Engagement.





Not only am I referring to Ms Kate Middleton but also Anglesey.

Most of Anglesey’s coastline is designated as an Area of Outstanding Beauty. As is Ms Middleton.

I believe that we should be pretty excited about the Prince living and serving at RAF Valley because there has been a strong tendency for service people who train here to regard Anglesey as a second home.

Indeed many have settled down to live here, or at least visit very frequently. So what is it that attracts them to stay?

Okay, so Anglesey’s pretty flat in the whole. But listen, we have aspiring mountains and have the greatest faith in geology.

As Burt Kwowk, the narrator in ‘The Water Margin’ said many years ago,

“Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say that one day he might not be a Dwagon.”

It’s the coastline, Gentle Drives and the country walks that will captivate your heart and touch some long-forgotten part of your Soul. Here you can roam at your leisure.

Check out my Why Anglesey? link page for numerous reasons why you should visit.

Rolling hills and winding narrow roads rest here waiting for you in the centre of the Island.

Then you have the Anglesey Coastal Path circumnavigating along the varying coastline: from the decidedly rugged cliffs on Holy Island to the gentle rocky fishing shelves at Moelfre

Prince William & Miss Kate Middleton


Where else do you think that Prince William learned to land an aircraft so softly, as not to disturb his English pishyn?

Anyway, we are well used to seeing princes here on the island.

Members of the Royal Jordanian family have trained at RAF Valley Fast Jet Training Station. The late King Hussain himself was a frequent visitor, flying in to see his son.

If you’re driving across Anglesey along the old A5 through Gwalchmai toward Menai Bridge, you will notice a large landing strip on your right. This is RAF Mona which used to be a training base during the Second World War.

It’s still a training airstrip for the RAF with almost daily comings and goings with trainee pilots landing and taking off in fast jets.

Every week or so, you’ll see the large yellow Sea King Helicopters carrying out their own training.

Why not stop (safely) and give a ‘loud wave’. You never know. You might get a thumb’s up from the pilot: ‘His Nibs’.

Menai Bridge - Island Beauty

Menai Bridge Evening Beauty

Môn Mam Cymru


You folks are already so lucky because you know where Anglesey is. Now, I get the impression most of the world knows where we are now.

Wales, England! Don’t you dare. Wales is a principality with its own prince. The Prince of Wales, Charles obviously the principal referred to. Wales is one of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom, in addition to Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

We are unique among the Celtic nations because we still speak our language and manifest our own culture. We were the boshie lot who saved the Scottish people in the 12th Century.

Hard as he might try Edward the First could barely control the Welsh. Edward’s ambition was to subdue the Welsh, then the Scottish and finally set off for the Holy Lands in a Crusade.

Anglesey played a particularly significant role in undermining those ambitions by growing and feeding the rebels.


Charles, the father of Prince William studied for his degree in Aberystwyth, Wales and full credit to him he learned the Welsh language. And it’s not an easy language to learn.

Credit to the Old Man, he once took part in an interview on Welsh television speaking Welsh.

Hey! He didn’t have to. I’m glad that Welsh is my first language. I wouldn't like to learn it. I admire each and everyone who makes an effort.

When Prince Charles ascends to the throne then Prince William will be the Prince of Wales. I wonder if he’s taken the time to learn a few useful Welsh phrases to endear himself to his subjects.

Useful Phrases for Prince William:
  • Pishyn (pea-shin) – Bit of a beauty.
  • Peint o gwrw, plis (paint o guru, please) – A pint of beer, please.
  • Sut ‘da chi (sit dach ee) (‘ch’ as in ‘loch’) – How are you?
  • Iawn, diolch (ee-a-wn, dee-all-ch) – Fine thank you.
  • Tywydd yn braf (tuh-with un brav) – Nice weather.
  • Tywydd diwaledig (tuh-with dee-owl-edd-ig) – Bloody awful weather.

  • Prince William & Kate Middleton
    on Anglesey

    So there you are. The story's out there at last and the handsome prince has asked his beautiful lady to marry him.

    I think that's so sweet. And to find Anglesey, my Island Home being central to world focus for a while is lovely.

    So here's where you get in touch with us to share your views about the engagement and upcoming mariage.

    Also. maybe you have ideas of where they should go to on Anglesey to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet - while they can.

    I look forward to hearing from you


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    Hi Wil I think it's been great reading about the responses from world leaders at the news of the Royal Engagement. It's the same, yet different. …

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