Gateway to Anglesey & Ireland

Holyhead is located halfway up on Anglesey’s beautiful west coast and has served as a landing point between Ireland and Britain for almost 4,000 years.

A once thriving town serving the thousands that travelled on the ferries, it now finds itself challenged by economic circumstances.

That said, it is a town of enormous character and warmth with unique Maritime History, Walks in Staggering Coastal Beauty and Fabulous Beaches.

Silver Bay - Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem

The town is the largest on Anglesey and stands on Holy Island aloof from the rest of the island. The Island is joined to the rest of Anglesey by the Cob Causeway between Valley and Holyhead and the bridge at Four Mile Bridge.

But all of that is a general description of the very warm and social town that is the heart of Holy Island.

Please allow me to tell why I have a deep affection for Holy Island. Again, it’s the beaches and the fabulously rugged cliffs rising from Rhoscolyn to Mynydd Tŵr (Holyhead Mountain).


The Coastal Path Starts and Finishes on Holy Island at the archway entrance of St Cybi Church in the town centre.

The highlights along the Coastal Path around Holyhead are:

The Breakwater Country Park

North Stack Fog Signal Station

South Stack & Lighthouse

Trearddur Bay

Rhoscolyn Beach

Silver Bay Beach

Holyhead Breakwater

Rocky Coast.

Holyhead Breakwater Park on Holy Island, Anglesey Hidden Gem


Bounded by the Old Quarry, the Brickworks, Mynydd Twr and Rocky Coast, this once unofficial home of old sofas, wrecked cars and exhausted washing machines has been transformed into a fascination and most enjoyable and Award Winning green space to visit.

Most of Anglesey’s coastline has been designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, punctuated with a number of SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest).

Is it any wonder that Breakwater Country Park also shares this wonderful acknowledgment of its gloriousness?

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North Stack Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem


The Fog Signal Station at North Stack has served sailors sailing up and down the west coast of Anglesey for around 200 years.

Other than its primary function as a fog signal station, North Stack, just south of the Port of Holyhead, offers you astonishingly beautiful views of Anglesey’s coastline.

The views are truly breathtaking, whether viewed from above South Stack Lighthouse or this fabulous site. The coastline is famous worldwide for its bird and marine life, its beauty and maritime history.

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South Stack Lighthouse on Holy Island - Anglesey Hidden Gem.com


For those ships approaching Holyhead on an easterly route to the Port or beyond toward Liverpool Port South Stack is the first lighthouse they will encounter.

It’s importance as a guide to navigation is on the evidence of a history of hundreds of shipwrecks on the rocks.

This dangerous stretch of Anglesey and British coastline is highlighted further by a fog horn at North Stack a few miles to the north and within sight of South Stack.

The lighthouse is open to the public, though it’s about 400 uneven steps to the bottom and then across the suspension bridge to the lighthouse island.

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Trearddur Bay on Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem.com

Anglesey's Mediterranean

Imagine a hot sunny day with the tide lilting gently against the rocky shore.

The sea is smooth, silky and so inviting. You could be anywhere in the world and You Haven’t Spent a Fortune on a Mediterranean Holiday.

You may find yourself sitting on a rocky outcrop of HOLY ISLAND meditating on how wonderful the world can be and contemplating on the variety of TREARDDUR BAY beaches.

At any moment you can choose to remain silent, transported away from your daily life pressures.

There again, you could choose to pootle back to the main beach to immerse yourself in the lively laughter and banter of similarly pressured individuals who are ... ‘Just Letting Go...’.

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Rhoscolyn Beach on Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem.com


Rhoscolyn is another Anglesey beach that's brilliant for families and lazy beach loungers.

People come to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, as well be active and quite clearly Sailing a major preoccupation.

You will find plenty of warm, soft sand at the back of the beach and an abundance of rock-pools to explore.

At Rhoscolyn the Anglesey coastline really begins to get tough and rugged and the sandy beaches of Holy Island stand out as gems among the rising cliffs.

This is a family beach that’s also ideal for sailing and fishing, with the Anglesey Coastal Path meandering along rolling greenery above stark, vertical cliffs.

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Silver Bay Beach on Holy Island Anglesey Hidden Gem.com

Beautiful Beach and Fearsome Surfing

SILVER BAY is undoubtedly a beautiful, isolated and perfectly-formed, sandy Anglesey beach.

Being isolated lends it a sense of freedom and space.

If you have a need for some solitude from the masses, then this sandy beach is ideal for you. Mind you, it's a bit of a struggle to find.

The beach nestles comfortably against a conifer plantation and is bound by low rocky headlands. The beach is wide and sandy with rocky outcrops to clamber upon and avoid when surfing.

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