Beautiful Beach and Fearsome Surfing

SILVER BAY is undoubtedly a beautiful, isolated and perfectly-formed, sandy Anglesey beach.

Being isolated lends it a sense of freedom and space.

If you have a need for some solitude from the masses, then this sandy beach is ideal for you.

It's a bit of a struggle to find, unless you’re fortunate enough to be staying at the SILVER BAY HOLIDAY VILLAGE.

Silver Bay Beach View - Anglesey

It's a very pretty and very pleasant escape. It can be your Secret Beach ...



The beach nestles comfortably against a conifer plantation and is bound by low rocky headlands. The beach is wide and sandy with rocky outcrops to clamber upon and avoid when surfing.

You can approach the beach by a number of routes.

The most pleasing for me is through the eerie forest to arive suddenly on a few wooden steps down the welcoming sand. I'll guide you this way further down.

SILVER BAY offers an excellent view of the RHOSNEIGR BEACHES.

In fact it is an extension of that same excellent stretch of sandy beaches separated by the sometimes deadly tidal channel of CYMYRAN BEACH.

Silver Bay Blue Coastline

If you’ve been to the Rhosneigr beaches then you'll have seen that this beach shares the same sandy and rocky character as those beaches.

The sand is excellent and stretches down cleanly to the low-water mark.

Silver BayWhere else would it stretch?

This beach IS isolated, as I said above; however, it does have a mobile phone signal - for Vodafone, at least.

If you don’t have a mobile phone then maybe you’d better bring a few carrier pigeons with you.


Well? Is this your faourite Anglesey beach?

Please tell us all about your favourite Anglesey beach because we'd really like to know. Wouldn't we?

If you've got stories or thoughts you'd like to share with other visitors about this or any other Anglesey beach then please CLICK HERE.

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Like the Rhosneigr Beaches it lies very close to RAF Valley. So it could be very noisy and irritating for very young children. However, everyone seemed to be having great fun on my last visit.

"So investigate the source of the noise!"

Hop onto the rocky outdrops at the Rhosneigr end of the beach and you can pass some time watching the planes and helicopters taking off and landing.

Living next to the Mona aerodrome in the centre of Anglesey, I've long ago learned to filter out jet noise. We just stop a moment to enjoy the view.

There are No Facilities whatsoever. That’s why I love it. Peace and quiet.

Silver BayThe simple and obvious route to this secluded beach is to walk through the Silver Bay Holiday Village.

Sadly, this is a private road, as a sign proudly states.

No parking, either. So you'll have to lug your surf board and sandwiches quite a distance.

So, the news is, unless you have a caravan with you then you’ll have to carry everything on your back.

And it can be a long way round if you want to arrive as a family. You'll be gauging how much the kids can carry.

Don't make them carry the beer though. It's not polite.

South Stack Lighthouse


HOLY ISLAND. (Holyhead Island) finds itself attached to the rest of Anglesey by the bridge in Fourmile Bridge and by the Cob at Valley.

There are a number of beaches that are well worth discovering on a solo jaunt or as a family. The sandiest beaches are at TREARDDUR BAY and here at Silver Bay.

It all gets much rockier and steeper as you head north for South Stack.

On HOLY ISLAND, Silver Bay is the most secluded and most awkward beach to get to.

There again, you haven't tried to get to the beach car park in RHOSCOLYN yet.

Silver Bay - Anglesey


I'll state my case once again: THERE ARE NO FACILITIES.

At least not withing casual walking distance. It's Shank's Pony back to the Rhoscolyn Beach carpark through the Silver Bay Holiday Village or along the Anglesey Coastal Path.

Well, you could always pay a visit to the absolutely wonderful WHITE EAGLE PUB at the top of the Rhoscolyn beach road. It has FABULOUS REPUTATION for food, beer and the warmth of the welcome for couples and families.

If you're lucky there could be an ice-cream van down in Rhoscolyn carpark - no promises, though.

The general advice is to bring your sandwiches and squash bottles with you.

Plan your beach day stay to end up at the restaurants in Trearddur Bay, Fourmile Bridge, Valley or Holyhead.

Not all the above are family friendly, though. Noisy children could be met with a disdainful look at the Trearddur Bay Hotel and the Anchorage.

You Pays Your Money And You Takes Your Choice.


If you're looking for other eating and shopping places during your Anglesey holiday then CLICK HERE FOR ANGLESEY FACILITIES


Holy Island is such a popular holiday location on Anglesey that there is always plenty of accommodation available to meet your needs.

BayYou won't be able to wander very far along the coast without encountering well-aspected caravan parks designed to welcome tourers and campers.

The number of registered caravan and camping sites is growing year-on-year, which makes Anglesey ideal for that off-the-cuff holiday.

Coastal and Rural cottage rental offers you choice accommodation from the simple to the de luxe. There again you might be looking to buy a coastal or rural property.

Anglesey Windsurfing


No-one comes here to windsurf or kite-surf for the simple reason that it's just too far to lug all your gear.

So, you've really got to ask yourself if it's worth the effort when other glorious Anglesey beaches are racking up nicely.

However, this beach bears a fearsome reputation for surfers and has left its mark on many who overestimated their skill level.

There again, it’s these types of breaks that feed ambition.

N.B. Remember that even when the waves are good you could well find yourself alone on this beach. SO TAKE CARE ALWAYS.

The general guidance notes are as follows:

• This beach works best with Offshore NE Winds and a SW swell that Breaks Left and Right

• If you catch it in condition then you're in for a pretty exciting day because it's an exposed beach.

• It can be unreliable, so it's a bit Hit and Miss.

• It can be just a bit too risky for beginners, because of the rip currents and the rocks.

• If you're just beginning then head for CABLE BAY or RHOSNEIGR BROAD BEACH.

• If there's nothing happening on this coastline and it's been blowing NE or NNE for a few days, then you could always join the experts at LLIGWY BEACH.


There is a boat storage unit on the Silver Bay Holiday Village and it appears to be an excellent launching site. You'll probably need to come to some fiancial arangement with the owners - telephone 01407 860860.

Anglesey Launching FeesIf you're just out for a day's sailing or general motoring around then you could, more sensibly, choose to launch from RHOSCOLYN, RHOSNEIGR across the bay or TREARDDUR BAY.

The County Council requires you to register powerboats over a certain horse power and also lists the required qualifications.

Please CLICK HERE for all the above information and about launching fees on other Anglesey beaches and slipways.


Think of this coastline as fishing from Cymyran along to Rhoscolyn Head.Pining Angler

The Rhoscolyn area is the home of the wrasse and pollock, like TREARDDUR BAY. is home to much-loved doggies.

The cod fishing is not too hot, though you may catch the odd tompot blenny ...

For more information about fishing in the Rhoscolyn area and other Anglesey marks please have a look at my Fishing Tips page. PLEASE CLICK HERE.


• There are no County Council dog restrictions for Silver Bay beach; however, the Silver Bay Holiday Village places its own restrictions. It doesn't own the beach, so I imagine the rules are for its own customers. Argue your case.

• There are Seasonal Prohibitions on dogs on other Anglesey beaches.

• Always bring a doggie poo-bag with you because the little dears can't always help themselves.

• The main concern regarding dogs on Anglesey beaches is a health issue. Doggie poo can blind for life.



Anglesey Sand Wishes When I'm on the beach and a profound desire strikes me, then I pick-a-stick and write the thought or desire in the sand to allow the sea to carry it to the world to be brought back fulfilled.

This all works on the same general principle as Tibetan Prayer Flags. It's a theory under development, but it's got great potential.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to learn the SAND WISHES theory. It's all very technical, yet simple


How do I even begin?

First of all, I’ll bring you safely to the Rhoscolyn Beach carpark.

People who have come to walk the headland generally park their cars by the church. It's just a lovely ten minute walk to the beach from here.

Rather than re-type what I've already put down elsewhere, I'll guide you to my Rhoscolyn Page for instructions on getting there to Rhoscolyn Beach (Borth Wen) carpark ... EVENTUALLY.

CLICK HERE and return back for the remainder of your lovely journey from Rhoscolyn back here.

Rhoscolyn Beach



Now, to get you from Rhoscolyn Car Park to Silver Bay Beach.

This is where it gets a BIT complicated. Whichever route you choose it will take you about a twenty minute walk to get to Silver Bay Beach.

Route 1:

The EASIEST ROUTE is to park near St Gwenfaen's church and walk back down to the turning for Silver Bay Caravan Park.

Smile nicely as you walk through the caravan park. If anybody asks, tell them you're going to see someone in G43.

Route 2:

At the little bungalow next to the car park the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path is signposted.

Follow this path takes you on a lovely amble around the headland.

I must admit that I got lost the first time I tried this route.

Please have a go because it is offers you fabulous views of the mountains and you'll soon forget about daily life.

  • Follow the path behind the beach until you see a pale blue gate before you.

  • Go through the gate and follow this narrow path until you arrive at a track. Follow this for about 50m and take the right turning. This will bring you out on the open ground of the headland.

  • Follow the path ahead and stick to the path that circles the headland to Silver Bay.

    Route 3:

    This route takes a bit longer and rural. It finally brings you to the southern Anglesey Coastal Path approach.

    To begin,

    • Imagine that you are arriving from the Four Mile Bridge end.

    • A few hundred yards from the village hall is the sign for Silver Bay Caravan Park. Turn in here.

    Be aware there is no place to park your car and you cannot drive your car to the beach.

    • A few minutes along this road you will encounter a dead-end turning to your left on a sharp right hand bend. Turn Left and take this road.

    This road gradually deteriorates after a mile.

    • You will pass over grating through a white gate onto farm land. You will see a ‘Private Road’ sign. The road becomes a track from this point on.

    • Greet the cows and head straight for the ruined outhouses half a mile ahead of you.

    There is a white house next to it on its right.

    • Arrive at the decaying outhouses and pass through the gate. The Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path is signposted here.

    • There is no obvious path, so Cross The Field on a Diagonal To Your Right. You will see another Coastal Path sign a few hundred metres away.

    Silver Bay• You will come to a small wooden bridge. Cross this and enter into the coniferous plantation.

    If it’s been raining in the last few days it will be very muddy.

    • Follow the track through this very pleasant plantation and be wonderfully surprised by suddenly coming upon the beach.


    It’s a long way, but it is most certainly worth the effort.





SunsetDo you have any questions you'd like to ask? I would love to hear from you.

    Maybe you have questions you want to ask in advance of your visit?

    Maybe you have special advice - or even warnings.

    Please feel free. ASK YOUR QUESTION by CLICKING HERE.

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