Best Beach To Take Children Rockpooling

by Lee

Cable Bay , Rhosneigr - Termionally Stunned Crab

Cable Bay , Rhosneigr - Termionally Stunned Crab

Cable Bay , Rhosneigr - Termionally Stunned Crab
Porth Nobla Beach, Rhosneigr
Broad Beach, Rhosneigr
Treath yr Ora - Dulas Beach

Hi Wil,

I will be visiting Anglesey for the first time with children and was wondering the best place to take them rock-pooling


Lee Knowles

Hello Lee

A brilliant question. After ice-creams and sandcastles, this is one of the most important questions a parent can ask.

Especially when the weather's not at its best a bucket of beasties can be fascinating, fun - and creepy if you've got a magnifying glass.

Oooh! Where to start? The best for me I hope will be the safest, best, most accessible and most variable for you. I’m imagining that you have five year olds and slightly upwards so will direct you accordingly.

Right, of course I offer the advice that one should always keep an eye on the tide.

  • Cable Bay - near Rhosneigr. On the right hand side of the beach you’ll find excellent rock pools. Not too messy and within your reach for a slipping child.

  • Just round the corner to the north – again toward Rhosneigr – you’ll find Porth Nobla.

    It’s a bit too sharp on the left of the beach after the tide’s gone out, but on your right you’ll spot an outcrop that can become cut off at high tide. It’s right on the beach and worth a good bit of exploration.

  • Again at Rhosneigr. Head for Broad Beach. However, just to make it easy for carrying paraphernalia I would encourage you to park in the big carpark about half a mile from Cable Bay.

    Step onto the beach and head to your right for the outcrop and houses (see above picture). At lowest tide you can walk right around this little headland separating Ty’n Towyn Beach from Broad Beach.

    There are some clear sandy, messy
    paths through the rocks. This is a good place and you can also collect small shells and stuff on the gravelly sand if the tide’s in.

  • In my mind I’m now working my way around Anglesey thinking up the safest of beaches for you. For young children you’ll find plenty of sandy beaches but nothing spectacular unless you want to inspect the beaches at Trearddur Bay.

    Though to be honest, I’d head elsewhere – unless other readers care to offer alternate advice. Possibly Porth Dafarch

  • In my mind I am now right on the other side of the Isle of Anglesey and at Traeth yr Ora and, like the other links I’ve posted here, you’ll find instructions on how to get there. It’s right by Lligwy Beach, where you can buy vital ice-lollies and drinks ‘n stuff at either of the car parks.

    The coastal path to the north is an easy little walk and you’ll know you’ve arrived at Traeth yr Ora because of the headland across the Afon Goch (Red River) and the little reef there.

    At low tide there is a fascinating and quite a large reef full of fascinating beasties. It’s also the final resting place of countless crabs. Traeth yr Ora is a beautiful beach and sand reaches flat all the way out.

    I think those are the very best rock pooling areas for children.

    I leave the naming and stories of the beasties up to you. Remember, they’ve got families to get back to like you so pour them all back.

    I hope you have a blinkin’ brilliant time full of squeals and yuks!

    Be safe out there. Watch for tides and slippery surfaces with excited children.

    Please let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear.


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    Sep 04, 2011
    by: Jo

    Hi Wil

    Just back from a fanttastic week in Anglesey. We rockpooled in Church Bay - Fantastic! The cafe won cafe of the year. What more could you want?


    Hi Jo

    How about more holidays?

    Glad you had a lovely time here and, as our cousins across the Pond keep saying, Don't you be a stranger?"


    Apr 11, 2011
    The Sands of Ynys Mona.
    by: Anonymous

    I always liked Trearddur Bay, near Holyhead best.

    Seemed to have all one expects from a beach. I am, and was, accustomed to a beach entirely to myself, and admit I am selfish here in this regard!

    The beach poetically was a place of solace at one time, still is here in New Zealand... I guess I'm spoiled.


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