Anglesey Beaches
Disabled Access Information

by Wil
(Anglesey Hidden Gem)

Annwyl Naomi

Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem here.

You ask a very important question and I must apologise for being remiss in not furnishing visitors to my site with that information.

So, until I write a specific page please allow me to offer you a temporary list of the disabled facilities and accessible beaches for you. I will also add another non-beach but fabulous location for wheelchair users as well.

I must first of all commend Anglesey County Council for the work that they are gradually undertaking to make to the more popular beaches of Anglesey accessible to as many people as possible. The limiting factor, as ever, is the financial component.

I have placed appropriate links for further information and pictures. Here we go then.

  • Benllech Beach: Here is an excellent promenade stretching along the main part of the beach. There’s also a ramp leading down to the beach. I am uncertain about wheelchair use and request your guidance on whether it is possible on beaches.

    At one end of Benllech Beach you’ll find a fabulous ice cream kiosk, which serves you with massive cornets. No artificial flavour sauces last year though because the proprietor despises it. The ice cream stands alone but melts if you’re not quick enough.

    At the other end of the beach is a little cafe/restaurant Benllech Isaf with a balcony overlooking the beach. Food and drinks served here as well as snacks and tea in The Wendon.
    A disabled toilet in the car park.

  • Traeth Bychan Beach: Right at the bottom of the road there is flat ground where one can view the beach.

    A bit limited really in area and the road back up to the Dive-In is exceedingly steep. Snacks, pop, tea and ice-creams available there though.

    There is a County Council maintained toilet in the carpark above the beach with disabled loo. I think you’ll need a key. It’s a Radar Key I think, isn’t it?

  • Moelfre: It’s a rocky beach that is located in a steep dip. Don’t be discouraged though. The Kinmel Arms pub may be accessible from the back.

    There is a small carpark above the pebble beach with a food kiosk there selling tea and snacks. Great place first thing in the morning. If you drive up the other side of the beach then it is possible to take the excellent path immediately above it. This will take you past Dic Evans Lifeboat VC sculpture to the lifeboat station.

  • There are lovely beaches to the north. But sadly, as you anticipate, they are very awkward to manoeuvre and the County Council hasn’t got these yet.

  • Cemaes Bay: Here you are on the north west top of Anglesey. Again, there is a long excellent promenade but access down to the beach will need strong mates in tow to lift and assist.

    There’s a little food kiosk in the carpark in the holiday season.

  • Working our way down the west side of Anglesey, there are no beaches above Valley with easy access to the beach and facilities.

  • Holyhead Newry Beach: No sand, but it is has a top and lower promenade overlooking the Inner Harbour and Holyhead Breakwater.

    There’s a loo halfway along the beach and on the opposite side of the road. An old loo so I need to check on whether it has a toilet for the disabled.

    I believe that there is an obligation because
    of the DDA that new builds must have a toilet for the disabled. There is a lovely little bistro with balcony area attached to the Holyhead Maritime Museum.

    Excellent museum and bistro accessible and most on a single tier.

  • TREARDDUR BAY: Brand new promenade built here. There is a County Council toilet in the carpark behind it.

    The promenade is excellent and there’s always the ... I think it’s still called The Waterfront right above the beach for a meal and drink. There are almost always two ice-cream vans on the south side of the beach.

    Sadly, the other two excellent beaches at Rhoscolyn and Silver Bay are not accessible.

    However, while at Rhoscolyn you have the fabulous White Eagle Pub. Easy access, excellent outside area and fabulous food and pint. You may spot Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton here so it is rumoured anyway.

  • Next further south, is Rhosneigr Beach. There’s a road right down to the beach though access will take you onto soft sand. Ice cream stand on your left outside the windsurfing shop.

    Please take time to go through the town. Bali HI for excellent Chips and Fishcake and other places as well.

    The road will take you along a lovely road around to Broad Beach. Again, to quote Confucius, you’re buggered if you want to take a wheelchair onto this fine beach.

  • Llanddwyn Beach: Now I mention this only for the adventurous wheelchair user. The road will take you down through the forest right to the beach carpark, where you’ll find appropriate toilet facilities.

    Access to the beach is far from easy and you will need some strong friends in attendence. I don't think a wheelchair-user would manage alone.

    This is where the adventure bit comes in – and you’ll need a bit of decent suspension on your wheels. Look below the toilets and you’ll see a single bar gate.

    It’s about a 15 minute walk from here to a place where you can view Llanddwyn Island. A bit of effort needed here and you will need some strong friends in attendence. Don't do it alone.

    No ice creams or anything here just a drinking water tap.

  • Menai Bridge: No beach. But there’s an excellent little road that’ll bring you under the Thomas Telford Suspension Bridge.

    There’s also the Coed Cyrnol Woodland Path that will bring you down a pretty steep path at the end right down to the Menai Straits and Church Island. Takes about 5 minutes. You can visit the island with a wheelchair.

    It’s a steep little pull to start with back up the carpark. I apologise but I’m not sure about appropriate toilet facilities. I think you’ll find one just off the town centre at the bus stop. Fabulous food places in Menai Bridge.

  • Beaumaris: Absolutely fabulous long promenade path along the Menai Straits. An accessible pier and ice cream kiosk.

    You’ll need to head up the road on the left of the Castle (as you face it) for the loo.

    Now not all cafes accessible in Beaumaris but those that are ... are excellent.

    A bag of chips from the Neptune and you can access the pier area easily and munch away while fighting off seagulls. Makes for a great time.

    Dear Naomi,

    I think that this will furnish you with what you need to know for a long weekend or a week's stay on Anglesey.

    Please let me know where the deficiencies are. In the meantime, I’ll set about filling my own information gaps.


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    Disabled Access Information

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    Dec 28, 2021
    Anonymous Temporarily on Crutches
    by: Anonymous

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write to express your kind thoughts on the disability access information on Anglesey Hidden Gem.

    We live in troubled times, yet I am glad that we are able to begin to dream about our summer holidays again.

    I hope you enjoyed a decent Christmas a I wish you all the best for the New Year.


    William Gerwyn

    Dec 28, 2021
    Mobile Scooter Access
    by: Anonymous

    First of all, I hope you enjoyed a good Christmas and I wish you and those dearest to you all the best for the New Year.

    It is not possible to travel to Beaumaris on a mobile scooterfrom Benllech. It is too far and with too many fast bends/blind corners. It is too dangerous.

    Beaumaris is a lovely place to visit, so do it by bus or your own car, but definitely not by mobile scooter.

    Take care and stay safe.

    William Gerwyn

    Dec 28, 2021
    Mobility scooter access
    by: Anonymous

    Hi. We will be staying in Benllech in the summer. Will my husband be able to travel safely on his small mobility scooter to Beaumaris. Is the coastal route flat/ wide enough or the road safe? Thanks

    Jul 24, 2021
    Thank you
    by: Anonymous

    Am visiting Anglesey and am temporarily on crutches/in a wheelchair. This info has been really helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce it.

    May 22, 2021
    a huge thank you
    by: Vacancière

    I was delighted to read so much information as I am a wheelchair user for any distance and it's so frustrating to arrive at a beautiful beach and not be able to access it.
    Thank you for such detailed info which will enable us to plan our holiday to Anglesey and not be disappointed. Great job!

    Jan 23, 2020
    by: Anonymous


    Thank you for doing this page. We hope to holiday this year on Anglesey. I am in a wheelchair with a dog as well it is so difficult to find places to go.

    I am looking forward to visiting your list

    from the Penningtons

    Sep 25, 2019
    Accessible walkways
    by: Steve

    The Dingle at Llangefni has a wonderful accessible footpath through woodland, leading over boardwalks and flat paths across around 2 miles to Cefni Reservoir.

    May 15, 2017
    by: Kay

    Dear WIll, I was very pleased to find this information. I wonder whether you have any updates to this page, or any more pages with information for disabled people? Info on disabled toliets is always welcome!

    Jul 11, 2014
    Disability facilities
    by: Anonymous

    could anybody tell me if there are c
    changing facilites for people with disabitites near Beaumaris castle.

    Jun 30, 2011
    Disabled Beach Access
    by: Wil

    Pleased to assist.

    I do hope that you have lovely time. The weather certainly seems to be improving, anyway.



    Jun 30, 2011
    Thanks Will
    by: Shell

    Dear Wil

    Great information. Visiting Anglesey today with Mum (waiting for hip surgery) just the info I needed Best info I've found anywhere -thanks so much.


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