Such a Pleasant Discovery

Aren’t these images of Penmon Beach at high tide a pretty wonderful taste of Summer.

This beach - beaches, in fact - really is truly one of Anglesey’s Hidden Gems, hidden away to the east of Beaumaris and a mile or so from Penmon lighthouse at Trwyn Du.

Compared to other Anglesey beaches, it’s not a big sandy beach; however, it’s a magical place to chill out at the right state of the tide to achieve the right state of mind.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey

Further along you'll encounter what I call Flagstaff Beach, which is about half a mile of gently sloping pebbled beach.

Maybe not where you'd park your deckchair, but a lovely place nonetheless.


I’ve never been here. Never placed a towel on the soft sand and contemplated which of my Anglesey designed sand castles I’m going to build there.

I’m not all that good at building sandcastles, but who cares. It’s time passed very well indeed.

Talking of castles, you're not too far from Aberlleiniog Castle and a mile or so back up from where you come, you'll encounter the new local path that will take you there. It's on yor left as you come down.

Back to the beach, it’s quite easy to get to as well. The directions are at the bottom of this page and I’ve placed a Google Map to make it even easier for you. You’re worth it.

Check Out Anglesey Tide Timetables.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey


Penmon Beach is very well disposed for sunbathing when the tide is in. If you’re an angler – or is that fisherman/lady/person – again this is a well-disposed coastline. Check out the fishing blogs for details.

Fisherman’s Secret - there’s a gentleman who works in the garage on Gallows Point at Beaumaris whose knowledge and instinct about fishing on Anglesey is amazing I understand.

Remember to buy something if you do visit him. Quid pro quo, Agent Starling.”

Penmon Beach, Anglesey


For those of you who care to take your kayak with you on your days out to Anglesey then you have the added bonus to that the attraction of a lovely bit of very ancient Welsh historical Welsh coastline.

Penmon Beach is designated as a ‘rural’ beach and so falls outside of the usually designated Anglesey Blue Flag Beaches. Yet it was awarded a Seaside Award by the "Keep Wales Tidy" in 2006.

The fact that it falls outside of the same designation as Benllech, Llanddona Beach, Trearddur Bay, Llanddwyn Beach for Blue Flag status is good news for you. “Why?” I hear you ask.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey


Simples, as the wise Meerkat has it. No facilities whatsoever. It is an old-fashioned beach and you need to bring all your paraphernalia with you. No ice-cream! Personally, that’s a bit of a crisis. It’s a bit of a guerrilla beach day.

There again skilled compromise logic dictates that one carry out a cost-benefit analysis:

Absolute delight versus no ice-cream.
I can live with that.

Not many people know about this beach at Penmon. Like Traeth yr Ora, it is a secret little beach. You can drive along the road right above it and still not know it’s there.

It’s our secret, alright. So keep it under your sunhat.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey


Just a bit further on along the road toward Penmon Point you will observe yet another example of Anglesey’s industrial heritage. It is the Flagstaff Quarry Crusher house with its storage bins and the dock of Porth Penmon from where the quarried rock was shipped out.

Flagstaff Quarry is the sister quarry to that at Dinmor a few miles ahead and that at Din Sylwy. While Flagstaff faces the south of the Penmon peninsula, as I call it, Dinmor faces the north and can be seen to the left of Llanddona Beach as seen from Benllech beach.

You will also find a dock at White Beach from stone was also shipped out. Be aware and be respectful if you visit White Beach, because the car park is very small and is the property of the house which overlooks it.

White Beach Anglesey

White Beach, Anglesey

By the way, when you look at the stone from which the Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge are constructed, then know that it is a local stone from the Penmon quarries. The same locally quarried stone also built Caernarfon Castle and Beaumaris Castle.

So, while you sit her on Penmon Beach contemplating what a lovely place it can be, then, maybe, use the above knowledge to appreciate exactly where you are.

Appreciate that wherever you look Anglesey’s recent and ancient history confronts you.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey


Whether it is the ancient hospice of Penmon Priory, Beaumaris Edwardian Castle or the industrial heritage of this part of Anglesey. More contemporary is the Penmon Lighthouse and the now defunct Penmon Lifeboat Station.

But anyway, you’re here for a nice time on Penmon Beach, so just relax and enjoy another lovely day on Anglesey. The day may not last forever, but the memory surely will.

Penmon Beach, Anglesey

Flagstaff Beach at Penmon


As I write above, it's quite a straightforward journey to get here.

We'll begin in Beaumaris, as if we've just driven from Menai Bridge.

Drive straight through the town toward Penmon toward the village of Llangoed.

Just before you arrive there are two signs 100m apart indicating the right hand turning for Penmon Point.

Follow this road all the way until the Menai Straits are directly ahead of you. There's a very small layby here. A few hundred yards ahead is another little parking bay.

You've arived at Penmon Beach.

View Penmon Beach in a larger map

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