A Church Bay Evening Walk
on Anglesey

It is at Church Bay that the Anglesey Coastal Path really begins to draw you in on the west coast of Anglesey.

The perfect balance of elements make you immediately aware of the plain fact that you are standing in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The cliffs are distinct in that they are either tall and make you nervous or they fall away gently down to the rocky foreshore and sea.

Church Bay Anglesey


The coastline northward lends a defined character as it leads you around and past Ynys y Fydlyn opposite The Skerries Lighthouse to Cemlyn Bay and finally just around the corner to Cemaes Bay.

The signs of population reduces to large farms and occasional cottages in the distance. In Spring the earth walls are surprisingly covered with yellow primroses.

Renowned for its Death Defying Bunnies Church Bay offers you the opportunity for solitude - if that’s your desire - or a nice meal at either of the best placed little café and restaurant on Anglesey.

You can be be both isolated and very well-served on this north west coast of Anglesey. This is another of the little joys of staying on a small island in the Irish Sea that really wants you to visit and to return.

Church Bay Anglesey


Church Bay Beach is an excellent place to spend your day, investigating little pools, building sandcastles or just sunning yourself.

I find it a lovely place to visit in the evenings, especially in Summer. Although in Winter it can be a really wild and romantic place.

Church Bay is one those wonderful patches of earth that unless you are told it exists then it doesn’t … as it were.

That sounds daft, but it’s a truth, nonetheless.

It is also quite difficult to find and requires drivers to keep their nerve as the road from the A5025 gets narrower and narrower.

Once found, however, never forgotten. Have a look at the comments posted on the Church Bay page.

Church Bay Anglesey


By the way, these images were taken a couple of weeks back during a lovely spell of weather that compelled you to be out of doors. It was evening and I hankered more for solitude than investigating the beach with the tide out.

I’ve never walked south of this lovely Anglesey beach along the Anglesey Coastal Path. No particular reason for this other than, I suppose, a preference to move away from the busier parts of this coast and northward for a bit of peace and abundant natural beauty.

Each little headland that comes into view offers a new objective to head for. This particular little world divides into three portions for pleasant reverie: undulating rolling cliffs that are sheer or gently undulating, there’s the sea and then there’s the sky.


Sandy-BeachTo the south are wonderfully busy or quiet golden and rocky beaches.

It's nice to have a choice.

Try Sandy Beach where there's a lovely little shop in the Sandy Beach Caravan Park.

North of here, you have Trefadog Beach, which is down a narrow road off a narrow road near Llanfaethlu.

Then, into Llanfaethlu and down to the coast and you have the unsuspected Porth Trwyn Beach, sandy and rocky. It takes a brave soul to venture into the surf in early Summer.

Then along the road north and you're at Church Bay.

Cemlyn Bay

Cemlyn Bay

Pack your sandwiches, a tartan flask of tea and your camera and from here you can trek northward to Cemlyn Bay and then round the corner to Cemaes Bay.

What an absolutely lovely day out?


If one were to sit long enough specks resolve into objects far away to which we can apply our imagination and shift perspective to view the cliffs from out at sea.

An hour’s walk along the cliff is more than enough for me this pleasant evening. Had I come earlier in the day then I would have timed my visit to coincide with the opening times of the Wavecrest Café.

Church Bay Anglesey

Church Bay Anglesey

I’m not generally suitably attired for the excellent Lobster Pot Restaurant on my evening jaunts. It just takes a bit of planning on the long run.

There again, the joy of living on an island of the size of Anglesey is that I can be spontaneous and head of in any direction and changed my mind half way and head elsewhere.

I scan the horizon from wherever I am and head for the lightest and brightest portion of Heaven.

Swtan Cottage at Church Bay, Anglesey


I always seek to visit Swtan Cottage before leaving and stand in the garden maintained by the local Women's Institute group.

Here I gather the stories I have heard about the hardship and abject poverty and listen for ancient voices.

Church Bay Anglesey

Swtan Cottage Outside Lavatory,
Written Instructions and a Crash Helmet

Church Bay Anglesey

Church Bay Anglesey


Whether you are a daytime walker or happy enough to engage in an evening's gentle promenade, there is a walk on Anglesey to suit you.

With that in mind please have a look at my Pleasant Anglesey Walks page.

You may even choose the get there by choosing one of the Pleasant Anglesey Drives.

Church Bay Anglesey

Church Bay Spooning Benches

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Happy Holidays in Church Bay 1957-1967 
Hi Wil. My family spent our holidays at Church Bay from 1957/1967. I have so many happy memories. My parents had a tiny caravan which we put …

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