by Eileen

Rhosneigr Village Beach

Rhosneigr Village Beach

Please, please, please - can anything be done about the increasing amount of deritus - in the form of 4x4s, jet skis, boats, and their associated paraphernalia such as tractors and towing equipement, etc - parked on town beach, Rhosneigr.

Only a matter of five or six years ago the beach was practically deserted, even in the height of summer except for jolly family groups.

Where are the old bucket and spade brigade? We welcomed and still welcome surfers - but cannot support the ghastly noise and stink of deisel fumes now permeating the peace of this little piece of heaven and squeezing us out.

Last year we even had to suffer for the whole afternoon the noise of 'music' relayed by loud speakers - the wires trailing from the surf shop across the beach down to the rocks - for the 'entertainment' of a group of surfers.

In fact, the whole group were down on the shore line way beyond hearing - the only people listening were the three guys who were operating the system! We were told when we asked for the 'music' to be turned down that they were bringing tourism to Rhosneigr. It turned out that the group had been refused accomodation in the area and had had to camp some other place further on north!

As to the welcome now extended to families - I see that the 'beach' has been recently 'refurbished' and extended up to and beyond Sausage Castle. But why should families be required to treck right up there - only to find less-than-suitable conditions for paddling and swimming (the Crygyll is VERY DEEP) - when the wine and wet suit brigade encroaches further and further into what was so pleasant a spot for us in the so
very recent past.

Further, whilst on the subject of families and children - when are we likely to see a ban on dogs (and, much more importantly, associated dog deritus) on Rhosneigr beaches?

And, please, would the person who allows his lovely black dog to roam the beach all day every day have some consideration? Last year we had a terrible incident of a little dog running off a lead biting a child to the distress of both families - the owner of the child as well as the owner(s) of the dog.

Despite the above - we will, as we have done for the past 30 plus years - see you all again this Summer!!!!

Dear Eileen

Your concerns are legitimate. Rhosneigr has been developing nicely over the past decade, from a dead-on-its-feet little forgotten seaside town.

However, and it's your However, progress reaches a point where one has to reflect on what it intends to become.

There is a project being considered by the Rhosneigr Village Company to concrete the rocks to the south and create a boat pool.

As you can imagine there's fair bit of local and visitor opposition to this. Once you fiddle with the character any item, then you lose a small but essential component that makes up the beauty of the whole.

I love Rhosneigr and the walk from Cable Bay along the beach to the village and back is one of the most pleasant walks on Anglesey. During the evenings everybody gives you a wave or a 'hello'.

Anglesey draws visitors because it is essentially untampered with. It's what welcome visitors love.

May I respectfully propose that you send a little message to the community website. The link is below. I shall mention it to individuals I know.

www.rhosneigr.org/contact us


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Mar 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

What's the deal with this Sausage Island business? The name of the island is Ynys-Las...

Surely 'locals' should be doing their up most to preserve the correct Welsh place-names rather than promoting silly made up nonsence? Or are there not enough real locals left to fight for the preservation of their heritage and language?

Very disapointing...

Aug 03, 2013
Just returned from wonderful holiday
by: Karen, Rhosneiger fan

Dear All

We have just for home from Rhosneigr, after spending a magical week on the main beach.

Our children are 11 and 9 and spent their days sandcastle building, swimming and messing around in rock pools.

There were many people involved in water sports setting up on the beach, but there was room for everyone and I found them to be very considerate of the many family groups around.

This is our second year holidaying in the village and we'll be back again.

I'm sure the bay has changed over the years, but I enjoyed seeing the kite surfing etc and look forward to keeping my guys entertained with the promise of these activities as they get older.

Best wishes


Hi Karen

Rhosneigr really is a brilliant place isn't it. Seven beaches good enough for weeks and weeks of walking upon, picnicking, canoodling and - most important of all - BUILDING SANDCASTLES!!

I hope your entire troop has a fabulous Christmas. All the best for 2014 and if you listen carefully you can hear the ice-cream calling out to you.



Aug 18, 2012
Stephanie's Little Oasis
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Stephanie,

I've just checked the weather forecast for Monday August 20th and it looks pretty good, with sunshine.

In the few weeks I've managed to take off this summer I have spent an enormous amount of time walking between Cable Bay and Rhosneigr village.

More good news is that the ice-cream van is open at the bottom of the beach road.

When I walk from Cable Bay, I generally take my shoes off when I reach Ty'n Towyn Beach (before the big houses). I then wade all the way to the village and back here.

It's curious but I feel an almost spiritual need to walk in the sea. I have to wear a suit - which I hate - for my job and walking in the sea is the only way I know to wash away the responsibility that comes with it.

You are looking forward from a distance. I live only twelve miles away and I also share the same anticipation.

There are plenty of good eating places in Rhosneigr today and the village feels buoyant when the outside tables are full.

Have a blinkin' brilliant time and do let me know how it goes.


Aug 18, 2012
Rhosneigr. My Little Oasis
by: Stephanie

I didnt know Rhosneigr existed until I met my husband in 1980. My husband's mum and her brother owned a couple of cottages (not at once), we had a young family and it was the most unspoilt, idyllic place to be, with beautiful beaches and unspoiled greatness. Don't need to dress up, felt in my comfy slippers.

My mother-in-law and her family have been going to Rhosneigr since she was a tiny girl (she is now 80 this year),and we know so many people that still go, she took my husband and his two sisters, and we took our two children. The last time we went was 2007, but I, probably more than my husband, have withdrawal symptoms.

We are going on Monday 20th August for 3 days in a B&B and I am like a child with a new toy and I am 54. Three days in a wonderful haven. Might even play golf. I never want to miss this little oasis. It ovbviously depends on how you perceive a holiday, but my perception is to chill and this is the place to chill. Staying in a B&B on the High Street.

Will let you know how it goes x

Feb 02, 2012
Worried - A Respnse For You
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Anonymous

Please don't be worried.

Rhosneigr is one of Anglesey's wonderful beach villages that has been receiving a make-over in the last few years.

The only problem that I personally have with Rhosneigr village beach is just how ridiculously busy it can get in fine weather. It's the boats that are parked at the very top of the beach that sort of mess the lace up.

But they bring in most of the money into the village. Sooo ....

There was a proposal to create a boat parking area on the south end of the beach - sadly this has come to naught.

There's a great local group who are developing the village gradually and very well. Hopefully, the beach parking of boats will eventually be sorted.

If it's too busy then I head north for Crigyll Beach (200 yards away to the north) or just walk through the village to Broad Beach.

With an ice-cream in hand, if you head toward either of these beaches for a bit of sandcastle building, sunbathing and safe splashing then you'll arrive still eating the same ice-cream. That close!

In fine weather the village beach can get a bit too noisy during the afternoons. Mornings and evenings, it is a delight.

Crigyll Beach and Broad Beach back onto sand dunes and the beaches are wide, long and flat. The latter beach is a favourite with families with very young children. They can run and excite themselves into Mummy and Daddy pleasing exhaustion.

Rhosneigr village beach is brilliant sand and black rocks. The other Rhosneigr beaches are just sand.

One of my favourite walks on the whole of Anglesey is from Cable Bay to the village beach, grab an ice-cream and head back.

I love it. But would choose to enjoy my beach activities on Broad Beach because it always allows you space for privacy.

I love this place. I am equally certain that once you've been here you'll keep coming back.

Your children will have some of the best memories of their childhood formed here.

Stop worrying and just start packing.

My best regards to you and your family.

Please do let me know how it goes.

Confidently yours,


Feb 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Wil

I and my family have recently booked a holiday in Rhosneigr for the first time. We are - or rather WERE really looking forward to our holiday.

However, having just read the comments about the noise, detritus etc., I'm feeling rather concerned that this isn't going to be the relaxing holiday we had anticipated!

Has anybody got any positive comments to make as we are staying in a house that backs on to the beach?

Jul 02, 2010
Rhosneigr Beach
by: Wil

Dear Eileen

I've been making enquiries on your behalf and come up with a few local Rhosneigr views that agree with yours.

The immediate village beach does indeed become very packed with trailers and vehicles in high Summer. Many locals dislike the situation as much as you do.

The project I mentioned about building a boatpool on the corner between village and Broad Beach now seems to be a very good idea. It pays to ask questions, otherwise opinions can become regarded as facts.

A concrete area to hold boats and trailers would mean that the owners would have a safe place on land and away from stormy weather overnight.

I understand that they used to have a serious problems with boats on the beach, roadside and verge at Porth Diana, Trearddur Bay. You go there today and you'll find it a very tidy area with boats kept safe at all times.

Building such a boat pool at Rhosneigr has the intention of delivering a simlar solution. Many of the trailers and boats would be taken off the beach and clear it up once again.

As I mentioned in another message there appears to be some opposition. As I also wrote - incorrectly - it might be part of a piecemeal plan. It's not. It's a very good idea and I hope that it is realised.

Beaches are for sunhats, screaming children, splashing, sandcastles and, most important of all, peaceful ice cream ingestion.

What say you?


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