Newborough Forest Toll Road

by Ewan

Newborough Forest to Llanddwyn Beach, Abermenai End

Newborough Forest to Llanddwyn Beach, Abermenai End

Hi Wil,

I have a few questions for you about Newborough Forest and Llanddwyn Beach.

  • Could you shed any light on the toll road itself? Is the toll applicable to pedestrians or cars?

  • Are cars even able to drive around the Newborough Forest?

  • Do you have any maps detailing the pedestrian/car areas?

    Best wishes


    Hi Ewan

    First of all, thank you for getting in touch with Anglesey Hidden Gem.

    Three of your questions I can answer immediately.

    The toll road to Llanddwyn Beach through Newborough Forest will cost you £3 if you are going to drive down. Walking is free. It's about a mile or so and a very, very enjoyable little trot.

    Remember to bring everything with you. Sadly, no ice-cream, but there is a water tap.

    The reason for the toll is to limit the number of cars that drive down to the beach. If you are planning to visit frequently, then you can buy a season token in the local shop or post office in Newborough. It's about £15, I think.

    Cars are not allowed to drive in the forest at all because it is private land made available by the Forestry Commission for the public to wander about and thoroughly enjoy.

    I've been trying to source a map for you but there's nothing obvious online. However, it's very difficult to get lost if you follow the routes signed Anglesey Coastal Path. These sign posts will lead you through the forest both North and South routes.

    You should find walking route maps through the forest in the Llanfair PG Tourist Office in the Edinburgh Woolen Mill (You can't miss it).

    There are fixed maps in the car park at the Malltraeth end by the Cob, in the Llanddwyn Beach car park and at the Abermenai/Newborough warren car park.

    Check out my Newborough Main Page page and you'll find all the details there.

    My favourite routes are under one of the largest rookeries in Britain on the forest road alongside Malltraeth Estuary and the other to the Abermenai end of Llanddwyn Beach. Don't forget to visit Llanddwyn Island.

    With all the signs getting lost would be so embarassing.

    Have an absolutely fabulous time and do get in touch if you have any other questions. That's why Anglesey Hidden Gem exists: to make it as easy as possible for people visiting Anglesey to plan their stay.

    Warmest regards


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    Sep 11, 2019
    Manned kiosk hours
    by: Anonymous

    Is the parking kiosk open from 9-5, and if yes, is that all year round or just March-November?

    May 26, 2013
    Walking legs
    by: Paul Barter.

    Hi there,

    I moved onto Anglesey on December 2012,into an old farm cottage near Dwyran.

    May I suggest parking your car at the wildfowl lake just before Newborough Village on the A4080.

    From there it's a beautiful walk,between the dunes and the forest, to Newborough Beach,and the parkings free.

    I've done this walk many times,come rain or shine.I'm 68 and I'll be doing it again tomorrow,I hope to catch high tide.

    Jun 28, 2012
    Nice Bears !
    by: Drew..

    Hi Wil

    Newborough sounds like a great safe place to help us relocate some of our Bears here in Alaska.

    Both Black and Brown, needing new homes. Besides, they can't get lost on an island can they.

    Can they?

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