Fishing Rhoscolyn

by John Rogers
(Runcorn, Cheshire)

Silver Bay Silver Coast

Silver Bay Silver Coast

Dear Wil

I have fished around the Rhoscolyn area for over twenty years , having had a caravan on Silver Bay for most of that time . Sadly, this year the caravan is too old, so we would have to buy a new one. Can’t afford!

But that won’t stop me visiting the area . The fishing off the rocks or in a boat can be fantastic. On the boat we have had tope to 80lb- with plenty around 50 to 60 - cod to 10lb Pollack to 8lb, Huss to 15lb, rays to 15lb and of coursemackerel by the ton - if you can find them .

Off the rocks can be just as good spinning for Pollock and mackerel can be at times fantastic.

Bottom fishing for Huss, conger, and dogs can be good especially after dark. OR, if you want some fun then, just use a small lead and size 2 hook baited with ragworm tossed into one of the many gullies. It will keep you occupied catching multi-coloured wrasse. Boy can they go. Don’t give an inch or he will be lost.

To give you an idea of how good the fishing can be, there was last June. We launched from Silver Bay and the mackerel were about. We got a couple of dozen for bait, but could have filled the boat.

We then drifted an inshore reef and my wife dropped a set of feathers down with six hooks and got six cod ranging from 3 to 6lb. It was like that all day on every reef we fished.

I ended up fishing with a spinning and jellworm on had some great sport with the Pollock. At the end of the day we caught a few fresh mackerel for tea as most of the fish we caught went back in the sea.



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Aug 18, 2015
Reply to the article
by: A Friend

Great article, Wil

My family have been at Silver Bay for 25 years. Although we had to give it up last year. Sounds like you had a better fishing experience than ever. Really enjoyed your article.

Best place for biggies, just off the beach of Rhosneigr (think that's how you spell it). Our lot caught a 20lb huss and 17lb thornback. Great place to fish.

My uncle said he was heading out to the Irish sea, apparently 3 or 4 miles out, they said they had a Porbeagle trailing the boat! Apparently about 8am. Great article, love if you did another one!

Jun 03, 2013
Silver Bay - locations to fish please
by: Bren Harrington


Great reading on this page.

I am new to Silver Bay and a virgin to the rock fishing. If possible can anyone give me any tips as to where I can fish on the headland next to silver bay beach or near Rhoscolyn.

What method and what bait is preferred? Any help would be much appreciated.

I am not after racks of fish, just the sport of it. Also i hear good reports about the four mile bridge.

Thanks in advance. my email ad is



Mar 05, 2012
"Protein from the sea"
by: Drewy bach..

Some big eatin' fish!! Nice one.

Pollock is good stuff. Ask any Stella Seal here in Alaska.

And after that, any Great White Shark - Cadbury's 'Shark'olate'..

Mar 04, 2012
Nice Fish !
by: Anonymous


The fishing sounds great. I have to go further out to sea and stay out longer. Foreign trawlers sieving the seas dry.

Got one Tope recently although mainly cod, salmon season at the moment. Have not caught one for some time now, due to not giving it a go.

Biggest fish I caught was a large shark off-shore - far too heavy- , the 5 footers were okay as long as you had a helping hand.

Biggest salmon I landed was 12 lbs, biggers I lost was in the 30+ lbs.

Tight Lines

Gordon of Pencraig, Llangefni.

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