Bus Services to Anglesey Beaches

by Wendy Hayler

South Stack Lighthouse, Holyhead Anglesey

South Stack Lighthouse, Holyhead Anglesey

Dear Wil

We will be visiting Anglesey in early June and wonder if you could advise us about the buses.

Could you please tell us if there is a bus service from Holyhead to South Stack lighthouse and return, the times and where to catch it from.

Also is there a bus service from Newborough to Newborough Beach. If not how much would a taxi cost or how far would it be to walk.

Finally, is the Wavecrest Restuarant still there?


Wendy Hayler

Hi Wendy

Thanks for getting in touch.

1. South Stack Bus Times: The bus stop is at Summer Hill in Holyhead (or Holy Island) and is at the end of the High Street and easy to find.

If you’re arriving by bus then just ask the bus driver where Summer Hill is. Holyhead people are generous, just ask someone.

The bus you require is Bus 22 and it stops at the RSPB Information Centre at South Stack.

Outgoing bus from Holyhead Town at 10:45, 14:30 and 17:00.

Return times from South Stack are 11:00, 14:45 and 17:15.

Hope that's useful. South Stack is a lovely place to visit for scenery, the lighthouse and the birds.

2. Newborough Beach: Good News / Bad News on this, I’m afraid.

I assume that when you say Newborough Beach, you mean Llanddwyn Beach. Newborough Beach is even more awkward to get to if you are travelling on foot.

The No 42 bus stops on the main street in the village of Newborough. One might as well assume that there are no taxis in the village. If you come across one then it is pure chance one is passing through.

It is a big walk to the beach from here if you are bringing your
gear with you. There are no facilities at Llanddwyn Beach apart from the toilets and a freshwater tap.

If you are bringing children with you then it’s going to be a tiring walk to the beach. Add a pleasant weariness at a wonderful beach and an even wearier walk back to catch a bus.

You’ll find the road to the beach opposite the village shop in the square. It’s a mile to the forest and about a mile and a half down the forest road to the beach.

Follow this link for the Newborough us times: Number 42 Bus Services to Newborough.

3. Alternative Beaches at Rhosneigr: If you have children or don’t fancy such a long walk then I would highly recommend you take the bus to Rhosneigr.

The village is a great place for cafes and ice creams and there are plenty of beaches you can choose to make an enjoyable day.

Follow this link for the Rhosneigr Bus Times: Bus Services to Rhosneigr

4. The Wavecrest Cafe in Church Bay: Good news for you on this question. The Wavecrest Cafe is still there and has a staggeringly good reputation.

Church Bay is a great place and this gem of a cafe adds immeasurably to the general delight.

Find the search option on my Home page and type in 'Wavecrest Cafe' and you'll see what I mean. I think it is the most complimented eating place on Anglesey. Excellent food and well priced.

Dear Wendy,

You may not make it to Llanddwyn Beach but there are plenty of wonderful alternatives. Check out my beaches links.

My very best wishes to you and your family,

I hope you rally enjoy your stay here on Anglesey and if you have any more questions just get in touch.


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May 07, 2012
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Hi Wendy,

Me again, thanks for your for your email and kind words.

I've been thinking about your visit to Newborough Beach by bus. I believe there is a very reasonable way to get you and your children down to the Beach and then onto Llanddwyn Island.

Bear with me, I'll get back to you on that in a while.

2. Right, the Wavecrest Cafe at Church Bay, Anglesey. I visited it this evening to check out the distances for you.

First of all, the Wavecrest Cafe is only open Thursday until Monday, so plan accordingly.

The bus that you need is the Number 61 to RHYDWYN run by Lewis y Llan bus company. Really check the timetable here.

This bus drives through the village of Rhydwyn and the bus stop is just up a hill off the main drag.

Walk down from here and walk the mile or so down to Church Bay. It's a pleasant walk and not too mcuh for the children. The view of Holyhead (Holy Island) that reveals itself is truly memorable.

What makes this walk worthwhile is not only the view, the beach and the Anglesey Coastal Path but the certain knowledge that the Wavecrest awaits you.

2. I have just checked my notes on Newborough Beach. It's a 45 minute walk down to the beach through the glorious forest and a short step across onto Llanddwyn Island.

There is a bus stop right at the top of the forest road. Check with the driver before you get on.

NB Do check my Anglesey Tide Timetables Page to ensure that you don't end up stuck on beautiful Llanddwyn Island cut off by the tide.

The walk through Newborough Forst is very easy. Just follow the road until you spot the beach through the trees. Listen out for the ravens on the way down.

Bring your drinks and sandwiches with you. The only sustenance down there is for the heart and the soul.

Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if you wish to check any more stuff.

Be well


May 06, 2012
by: Wendy Hayler

Thankyou so much for this information.

Not sure if we will be able to make it to Llanddwyn Beach. Glad to hear Wavecrest is still going.

Went to Angelsey every holiday as a child before moving to Australia when I was twelve. Now bringing my kids back for a holiday.

Unfortunately we won't have a car so will be reliant on bus and feet.


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