Wavecrest cafe, Church Bay

by Wendy Steele
(Bull Bay)

If you want 'to die for' homemade grub then you can't beat The Wavecrest. Penny cooks and bakes all day every day (except Tues and Wed) and you haven't lived if you've not had her 'All in One' scones.

They are about a mile high and filled with fab jab and loads of cream. The only other person that can make scones like Penny is my Mum!

Also brilliant if you are spending the day on the beach as you can go and pick the food to take out.

The Wavecrest cafe - Church Bay, Anglesey

Dear Wendy,

Nice to hear from you again and I hope that the Froglettes situation is sorted out soon - Newts and all.

I am in total agreement with you and believe the Waverest to be one of the very best placed little cafes on Anglesey.

I'll add a bit to your description and invite lovers and couples to stand at the nearby lookout at sunset. Even a fading romance will surely be rekindled.

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Jun 13, 2021
Can't wait for that scone NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm heading that way just for the scone... well maybe not just that, ha!

Rated it on a friends recommendation and other comments. couldn't bear to give less!

May 23, 2021
Wavecrest Telephone Number
by: William Gerwyn from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Hello there.

I believe that the number you need for the Wavecrest Café in Church Bay is 01407 730650.

Best wishes and keep safe and well.

William Gerwyn Anglesey Hidden Gem.

May 23, 2021
by: Anonymous

I am finding it difficult to find their phone number

Sep 24, 2014
A little Treasure!!
by: Alison & Chris Hall

This is one of those cafes in which you can't decide what to eat because it all looks so interesting and delicious!The home-made cakes I've tried have been fabulous..Coffee Gateau, Bakewell Tart, and of course the monster Strawberry and cream scone!

It has bags of character as do the lovely Ladies who run it, to whom nothing is too much trouble.

The beach is awesome at Church bay, but a visit to Anglesey isn't complete to me without a snack at the Wavecrest!!!

Feb 22, 2012
Lovely grub
by: Johnboy

Hi Wil,

The Church Bay Wavecrest is apotless little cafe within a stone's throw of the beach. Heaving in high summer and Bank Holidays and no wonder.

The Wavecrest is without doubt the best eatery in North Wales. Do not miss it on your wanderings.

John Boy

It'ss an Amen from me and my mates, Johnboy.


Oct 01, 2011
Scones to die for!
by: Alyson

Over the last 48 years I have seen this go from a little shop selling ice cream and buckets and spade in the 70's, to derelict and un loved, to now the most amazing , delicious cafe on the Island.

The cakes and especially the scones are to die for. Prices are reasonable and its always busy. The only problem is that now the whole of the country seems to have discovered my one very quite spot!

Its highly recommended!

Jul 11, 2011
Wavecrest Cafe
by: Wil

Oh Dear Me

So sad to report that I don't own the Wavecrest Cafe.

Wouldn't that be nice? I would be loved by all.

It's a brilliant little cafe located in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at Church Bay

Even better. Imagine owning both the Wavecrest Cafe AND The Lobster Pot

Church Bay Lobster 

I would be jolly happy and unfortunately fat. There again, I reckon I've worked hard enough.

Thanks a million Carol

Be well both of you


Jul 11, 2011
Even the locals love it
by: Carol Coates

Hi Wil

We live a few miles along the cliff path from Church Bay and a regular walk to the Wavecrest Cafe is a must for us.

I love the salmon salad, a mouth watering mix of beautiful fresh flavours, rocket, grapes, celery, onion, apple, peppers, etc. all compliment the fabulously fresh and enormous portion of salmon topped with home made mayo and dill.

Husband Barry usually has the gorgeous soft wholemeal baguette brimming with prawns in a delightful sauce and accompanied by home-made chips.

When we walk the long way round - a good six miles - we reward ourselves with a pud too.

Barry loves Granny Hudsons delicious apple pie while I go for the amazing scones filled with jam, cream and strawberries.

Your cafe is the icing on our cake.


Apr 19, 2010
introducing a Hungarian to Granny Hudson's
by: Graham Hill

Daniel, my daughters boyfriend is Hungarian.

Hungarian (Magyar) food is generally on the 'Substantial' side...about 10 portions of fish n chips = 1 Magyar portion of 'starters'.

So we took him to the Wavecrest Cafe.
Dan had the Med soup (a meal in itself), Roast Ham salad and chips (Granny Hudson portions) and a FULL strawberry and cream scone...not only was he full up, but he was mightily impressed with the quality AND quantity.

As for me, I'm an XXL, 6ft 3inch Northerner and could just manage the Fish pie (chips and salad) and 1/2 an 'all-in-one' scone.

Put a visit to ther Wavecrest cafe in the 100 things to do before you die list :-)

Mar 21, 2010
The Wavecrest cafe
by: Wendy Steele

I must have had a blond moment and forgot to add the most important bit when I was describing Penny's 'All in one' scones.

Strawberries, loads of 'em. How could I have forgotten them!


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