Places to stay near Dulas - TRAETH YR ORA BEACH

by Adele

Dulas Lagoon near Traeth yr Ora Anglesey

Dulas Lagoon near Traeth yr Ora Anglesey

Dulas Lagoon near Traeth yr Ora Anglesey
Dulas Evening Amble
Dulas  Abandoned Fishing Boat

Hi Wil

I love your site. As children, our family used to camp in a farmer's field just before you go down the narrow path to Traeth yr Ora beach. It was very basic, and in fact had just a stand pipe and a pit to empty the loo, but we went there for years and loved it and were often the only people on the beach.

The farm in front of this field had a little shop and kept the most fearsome geese - you had to the gauntlet of these feisty creatures to get to the beach most days.

I and my three brothers and sisters could wander for hours, pretending we were in the 2nd World War, as we played in the lookout towers in what is now the coastal path before coming home to eat mussels we'd harvested from Red Wharf Bay. I even remember swimming in our jumpers when it was extra cold.

Very happy days! We always come back to Anglesey every year, often for the day - to celebrate someone's birthday or just because.

I was reading the piece you've written about the path down to the beach at Dulas and you mention a little field on the right with about 8 caravans hidden from the world. Do you happen to know if these can be rented out as I am planning a big family reunion, ideally as close to our old field as possible.

This is a really long shot, but I don't suppose you know who owns the farmer's field - looking on google maps, there appears to be a single static caravan on there now so they may even let us camp?

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the lovely insights to the island.


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Aug 28, 2016
by: Pippa


Did you ever find the caravan site as that's something we would like to do.

As a child we always went to Traeth yr Ora beach and I went back this summer. You used to be able to park on the lane when I was little. The beach is as lovely as ever and it was lovely to read about it on your Web page.

Hope to hear from you.


Jan 18, 2016
Dulas / Traeth yr Ora
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Adele

Thank you so much for your kind words. It really is not difficult to write about these places once visited and I'm glad they bring back memories for you.

Dulas really is a lovely place for its ambience and Traeth yr Ora Beach a pleasant place 'To BE' for a while, to recharge those exhausted batteries.

Just to confirm were talking about the same caravan site. I've also had a look at the Google maps to confirm and the caravans I have in mind has seven or eight caravans and it's there on the track down to Traeth yr Ora. Same one?

I've tried to carry out an online check on the campsite above Dulas without much luck. A bit busy with family health stuff at the moment and so can't get away to have a look in person.

I reckon I will have to check it out with one of the people who know the area well.

I'll be in touch.

Be well
Nos da from Ynys Môn - The Isle of Anglesey

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