A View From the High Ground


Gentle Reader,

You’ll know that I’ve mentioned previously that Anglesey is quite a flat piece of real estate on the whole?

Well, that’s not entirely accurate - Sorry to mislead you.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not about to suggest that there a hidden Massif range on the Island.

However, if you travel to the North West and North East corners of Anglesey, then you’ll discover that we do indeed have a bit of verticality.

-Dulas Drive

CLICK HERE to go direct to the route plan.

Mind you, it can also be a glorious three hour walk to Pengorphwysfa and beyond, if you’re so inclined. But could you resist the pull of the Anglesey Coastal Path down and to your left. I doubt it.

So if you’re a bit too tired to walk, yet still eager to enjoy as much of Anglesey as you possible can then do take the time out from your beach days.

Engage with this very rural route up to Pengorphwysfa and the unique beauty of Anglesey that unravels from one sharp corner to the next, or as you rise out of each steep dip in this pleasant little road.



First of all, I will show you the route in distinct little steps.

In terms of a drive it's something you can achieve in about twenty-five minutes. However, I urge you to take your time and enjoy the view. Every now and then please stop the car to be embraced by the absence of noisy daily life.

If enjoyed fully then this little drive can extend into an entire afternoon's fresh air and pleasurable discovery of the unexpected.

I have placed links at various steps of the route to and from Pengorphwysfa. These will take you to some description or general personal observation.

The links will take you different pages on the Anglesey Hidden Gem website, although most information is on the Dulas Drive Page (Link at bottom of this page).

Just click back and forwards as it pleases you.


  • Follow the A5025 road to Amlwch along the coast from the Moelfre / Benllech road until you reach the garage roundabout. Turn right here and follow the road to its end.

  • Follow the signs for PORTH AMLWCH You could stop here in the dip and enjoy a little walk to the SAIL LOFT Café.

    There again, you can always come back tomorrow.

  • Continue through the village until you come out in the country. You will eventually see LLANEILIAN CHURCH a short distance ahead.

    There’s a brand new carpark just below, so that you can tarry a while and investigate the church. Click Here for More ...

    Llaneilian Mountain has come into view ahead of you and there near its summit is Pengorphwysfa.


  • Before setting up the hill that is ahead of you follow the road all the way to its end at a tiny roundabout above LLANEILIAN BEACH (Porth Eilian).

    The parking is generally along the side of the road. GOOD NEWS! There’s a seasonal County Council toilet just up from the beach. Click Here for More ...

    Not about the toilet, Silly.

    Llaneilian Beach - Point Lynas

  • If the weather is pleasant - and you feel fit enough – then the track to your right (facing the beach) will take you up toward POINT LINUS LIGHTHOUSE.. Click Here for More ...


    Well worth a traipse, as it opens up the gently undulating coast to the west. You’ll pass the old Pilot Houses on your right.

    A bit further ahead cut to your right across the heathland. This will take you toward FRESH WATER BAY, with its excellent mackerel fishing later in the season.

    You’ll also come across the old PILOT DOCK. The pilot boats are now located in Porth Amlwch. The lighthouse is now privately owned and I believe that it’s out of bounds, for that reason.


  • Back to the car and back up the hill from the beach, you’ll pass the toilets and the white rounded cottage.

    Just ahead on a sharp right corner is a TURNING TO YOUR LEFT. Take this.

  • Continue along this road. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO TURN LEFT.

    You’ll arrive – after a tortuous fast rising narrow road – in the hamlet of PENGORPHWYSFA with Shiloh Chapel on your left and then a junction. Click Here for More ...

    Pengorphwysfa-Dulas Drive

    The last building on your left used to be SIOP HERBERT, where my Aunty Elin moved to in the late 1930s after farming at Cochwillan Farm on the Llys Dulas Estate.


  • The road from here is interesting, narrow with plenty of sharp corners.

    Take the time to stop and view Point Linus and the village of Llaneilian.

  • You are next going to come across a sharp set of corners and the last is beautiful because it releases you from constriction, as the road literally falls away from you.

    The countryside and coastline now opens up and you are gazing down the East Coast of Anglesey.

    For many drivers this hill can be quite intimidating BUT YOU CAN’T TURN AROUND! You can do it. You can drive ahead. I have faith in you. Click Here for More ...

    Pengorphwysfa-Dulas Drive

  • Ahead of you along the coast is DULAS ISLAND and its sanctuary tower. Beyond is what I call MOELFRE BAY where many a ship was wrecked in the numerous Hundred Year Storm that strikes Anglesey between the fifth and sixth decade.

    The Royal Charter was destroyed 1859 and The Hindlea one hundred years and a day later.

    Pengorphwysfa-Dulas Drive

    Pengorphwysfa-Dulas Drive

  • No more to add, other than follow the road and take no right turnings. DO TAKE YOUR TIME.

    After a couple of miles you’ll arrive at the LLYS DULAS Estate Woods you should be able to park on your right.

    I mention this because there is a fabulous little walk through the fields and down to the shore.

    If you’re lucky you’ll spot some of the many Dulas Island Grey Seals.Click Here for More ...

    Why not bring a picnic along with you? Please take care during lambing season.

  • Once you’ve got back in your car then ahead of you lies the interesting drive of a couple of mile miles back to the A5025 at Llaneuddog.

  • You’ll pass a junction on your right that’ll take you down to LLANWENLLWYFO CHURCH and the dead end which will place you precariously balanced over DULAS BEACH.

    Best to park by the church and amble down.Click Here for More ...


  • Once you’ve re-charged your spirit with the gentle peace of Dulas Beach and slumbering shipwrecks, them back to the car and up to the junction.

    Turn Left and then left again at next junction a few hundred yards away.

  • Follow the road for about a mile to the main A5025 Coastal Road. To your left is Moelfre and Benllech. To your right is the road back to Amlwch.

    Pengorphwysfa-Dulas Drive

    The lovely thing about travelling along any route is that the view is entirely different when you go back.

    Pretty obvious statement, I know. But true. Because you can't look over your shoulder when you drive.


    View Pengorphwysfa to Dulas Beach Descriptions.


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