Newborough and Llanddwyn Beaches

by Caroline

Llanddwyn Beach toward Abermenai Point, Anglesey

Llanddwyn Beach toward Abermenai Point, Anglesey

Hello Wil

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Anglesey, what fabulous walking and tremendous views!

We love Llanddwyn beach and the island, and have a couple of questions, if you don't mind please.

When we walked onto the main beach from the parking area we turned right towards the Island, we noticed that if you turn left you can take your doggie with you during the summer time, but not if you turn right.

If we were to go onto Newborough Beach (beyond the Island) would we be restricted from taking our spaniel there during the summer time too?

Also is there any way you can park a bit closer to Newborough Beach?

Final question, are you allowed to spend time on the beaches on the island (ie for the day with picnic etc)?

Thank you so much,

Hi Caroline

I can well imagine that you had a fabulous time walking and spending time on Llanddwyn Beach and can understand your desire to walk with your fine doggie to Llanddwyn Island, as it is enticingly close and one of Anglesey’s finest Nature Reserves.

The reason that a person’s best mate is not allowed to the right and onto Llanddwyn Island is simply the wildlife, particularly nesting birds that nest on the ground very close to the designated paths.

Between May and September the birds are particularly vulnerable and there are very frequent signs along the Island’s paths reminding you to stay on the path.

I think that the reason for not being allowed on Newborough Beach (the other side of the Island) in Summer is the same.

The designated paths through Newborough Forest bring you out right by the crossing to
Llanddwyn Island.

That’s why you can’t take your dog on the beach at that point. In a sense, these parts of these beautiful Anglesey beaches are the greater exclusion zones.

There are no regulations to stop taking your dog for a walk through Newborough Forest any time of the year, however, in Summer you are not allowed to bring the beast out onto the beach.

Now, to your question about parking close to Newborough Beach. There is none. Either you take the Newborough Forest walk or pootle along the beach.

It’s a 45 minute walk. Please try it and spend time listening to the ravens and the wind through the upper branches of the tall pines.

Sorry to confirm what you already understand. As you say, it is the same on a number of other Anglesey beaches during May and September. Click Here for Anglesey Beaches Dog Restrictions.

Yes. A big YES! You can spend time on a number of small cove beaches on Llanddwyn Island. These are pretty obvious. As you can see from one of the above images, it looks fabulous. It is generally soft shingle which sneaks through your toes.

Those beaches you cannot get to are clearly designated. People spend time sunbathing and fishing here. AND, bring a picnic with you.

However, Keep An Eye On The Tide. Check out my Tide Time Table page for that info and leave plenty of margin of error.

Llanddwyn Island is a wonderful place to spend quality time. Have a look at my Newborough page to see what else is available here.

I love it and glad that you do.

My very best wishes to you and give Doggie an affectionate scratch behind the ear from me.


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May 22, 2021
Arrogant dog owners
by: Angry man

I have been visiting Llanddwyn Beach and Newborough Warren for many many years. Firstly with just my wife then when we had children and now with our Grandchildren.On my last visit Wednesday 20th May this year I was extremely disappointed to see dozens of dogs on the restricted area of the beach despite the notice informing people that dog restrictions apply.
I firmly believe this was due to the arrogance of dog owners choosing to ignore the restriction notice. However, when I returned to the car park I observed that the notice regarding dog restrictions was quite small and hardly conspicuous.
I am of the opinion that if the notice was much bigger and bolder and more of them were displayed then this may have some impact to the responsible dog owners.
However, unfortunately there are dog owners out there who would still choose to ignore notices no matter how large and conspicuous there were.
I understand there are Rangers on the beach.Surely they should have the authority to enforce dog restrictions.
Believe me, when your 3 year old Grandaughter steps in dog excrement on this beach because some ignorant and arrogant individual has not only chosen to ignore dog restriction notices but to not clean up his or hers dog excrement, it does make my blood boil.

Sep 07, 2017
Dog accessibility
by: Kevin

Just replying to Caroline,

If you look on the link for Dog Ban area on this page it does show that along with dogs being allowed on the beach if you turn left from the car park, there does not seem to be any seasonal ban in force if you walk through the forest and access the beach to the west of the path to the lighthouse.

May 31, 2017
Crossing to Llanndwyn Island
by: Wil


From high to low tide on Anglesey is about six and a half hours. That is your main guide.

Because the beach is above low tide, the spit of sand is clear early. I will not give you exact times because I must leave you to exercise the appropriate degree of caution.

Generally in weekends, you'll see it quite obvious when the right time is to cross. I can assure you that there is plenty of time. It won't be a mad rush or panic.

There will be plenty of time to visit and peruse this lovely island. Buy a tide time table. It's only a couple of quid.

Llanddwyn Island is a truly wonderful place to be, whatever the sky presents. Enjoy yourself.


May 31, 2017
Walking to Llandwyn Island
by: Anonymous

How long after high tide is it before can you cross to LLandwyn Island?

Sep 27, 2015
by: Ron

For us there's no place like Anglesey, especially Newborough and Llanddwyn. The parking fee is well worth £4 with all the facilities. We're looking forward to returning after Oct.1st and walking with our Lhasa Apsos to Llanddwyn. If there's just one thing that spoiled our day (Sat 26th) it was the incessant noise of light aircraft and 'flying lawnmowers' it's difficult to find anywhere to avoid them these days.

Apr 09, 2014
Dog friendly beaches
by: Laura

Hi Wil,

I have just been reading your thoughts and comments for Caroline and I just wanted to say how helpful they have been as we also have a Springer Spaniel who loves the beach. We were about to book a cottage next to Newborough beach for that reason so will think further and Any good ideas would be appreciated

Kind Regards


Apr 21, 2012
Thanks Wil
by: Caroline

Dear Wil

Thanks so much for the information!


Dear Caroline

I am delghted that you have been able to make use of the information and stories I put on Anglesey Hidden Gem.

I think it must be pretty obvious that I love the Island of Anglesey very much and invest it with as much of own experiences as possible.

It is my hope that you are a frequent visitor, if not, I hope you become one.

It's an exchange you know. You come here to enjoy yourself and it adds, penny by penny, to the local economy. It's a Win-Win situation.

Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

Write back any time and feel free to share your stories.

My best wishes to you and those dear to you,


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