Name that Beach!

by Vixykins

Hi Will!

During one of my visits to Anglesey in 2006 I took a wrong turn and ended up at a delighful beach that has eluded me ever since! I'd love to find it again now I have 2 kids to bring and enjoy it too!

I camped mid-island and couldn't really say whether I went north or south as I did a lot of travelling then so cant help there.

It was down a minor road and had an oblong car park running parallel to the beach and you passed a cafe/shop at the head of the car park where the beach entrance is.

There was an incline down to the flat of the beach but we took a coastal path along the cliffs and climbed down rocks to the far end of the beach (opposite direction to car park)

The rocks extended out to the sea so its a cove or bay but leaning towards a cove.

When the tide went out it left a lovely lagoon for the kids to splash round in and my OH caught a little octopus!

Thats all I know, it was out of the way with convenient car park, one shop and loos I think and was sandy with rocks up top end near the cove.

I think there might have been an island visible out to sea - but not 100 percent on that - and it was near a caravan park.

Completely non-commercial (i.e. No proms or anything like that).

Any ideas as Ive looked over and over on google earth!


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Aug 20, 2013
Heavenly place - Lligwy Beach
by: Judith

Lligwy Beach is an amazing place, Wil.

Problems and worries melt away, walking or sitting and taking in the views brings about a glorious feeling of well being.

I can't explain what it is about Lligwy Beach that brings on this feeling of peace and contentment but it never fails to revitalise myself and family.

Best wishes


Jul 11, 2011
Found it, indeed!
by: Wil

Dear Vix

Haha! I was right.

Check my page and stuff in my previous message.

You must visit and also, on a warm Summer's evening, just as the Sun goes down, there's the Evening Amble at Dulas Beach I've mentioned on another page.

Click Here for the link.

Here's a picture to entice you,

Dulas Beach Evening Walk - Lligwy, Anglesey

Now that mystery's been laid to rest you just gotta visit.

I am absolutely delighted to have been of help to you.

Be well


Jul 11, 2011
by: Vix

It was Lligwy Beach!

Jul 11, 2011
Where did you found/find it, Vix?
by: Wil

Hi Vix

Where is it? Tell me!

Had a quick scan at my Ordnance Survey map and can't spot it.

Mind you it's late and I'm a worn out.


Jul 10, 2011
Found It!
by: vix

Hi Wil

I've just this second found it!

Not sure what its called but its near the cottages at Dafarn Rhos and Tyn Rhos caravan park on Google Earth.

I seem to remember it smaller, but tide must have been in more and the island is there too :)


Jul 10, 2011
Name that Beach eh?
by: Wil

Dear Vixykins

Now you've got me thinking. Let's take this a step at a time. The clues you offer are:

  • A narrow road
  • A carpark parallel to the beach
  • A little shop/cafe
  • A coastal path walk
  • A traditional caravan park
  • An island in the distance

    Right. Thinking Cap on. There are two significant and intriguing islands off Anglesey that may be the one.

    Each is on opposite sides of the Island (east and west), each has a little cafe, a ramp down to the sea and an island in the distance.

    The first is: Lligwy Beach, which incorporates all the above requirements.

    Could this be the island you remember?

    Dulas Island

    If so, it is Dulas Island or Seal Island as named by visitors.

    The second island in the distance, again with cafe, carpark and caravan park is Church Bay.

    Church Bay Anglesey Beach

    If there was a lighthouse on an Island to the north then this is your beach. The island is called The Skerries.

    I would put my money on Lligwy Beach. Because if you walk to the north there are some fabulous beaches - Traeth yr Ora - which are separated from each other by ... can't remember ... man-made lnegths of rock boulders to protect the beach.

    Dulas Beach and Portobello House would bring you even closer to Dulas Beach.

    I'm intrigued.

    Dear Vixikins consider these, check Google Earth and let me know.

    If neither of these beaches is the one, then I would highly recommend a visit anyway.

    My best wishes to you


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