Metal Detector Licence and Tide Times

by Mike

Hi Wil

Love your site, Anglesey Hidden Gem!

I've got a couple of questions for you, as I'll be visiting Anglesey soon.

1. What are the tide times for Porth Dafarch, Trearddur Bay?

2. I have a metal detector and I'd like to know if I will I need licence. If so, where can I obtain one to use on the beaches of Anglesey?

Kind Regards


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the very kind words. It's nice to know I'm making sense to someone about Anglesey.

Right. to answer your questions as best as I can.

1. The Tide Times for Porth Dafarch should be reasonably straightforward for you to calculate. You need to get hold of the Liverpool Tide Times booklet and make the calculation based on Holyhead. Probably only about ten minutes difference for Porth Dafarch.

Here is the UK Admiralty EasyTide Prediction site which will guide you around the coast of Anglesey.

2. Do you need a permit for metal detecting on Anglesey? That would be a Crown Estate permit, if my research is correct. That only applies to any foreshore not in private hands.

The only private foreshores on Anglesey at a rough guess are at Plas Newydd along the Menai Straits, Newborough Estate to the south of Aberffraw and a small length of north east Anglesey coastline at the Llys Dulas Estate.

Listen, we don't have specific Metal Detector Police on Anglesey and I have seen many people with metal detectors on popular Anglesey beaches over the years.

The Treasure Act 1996 only kicks in if you discover treasure. If you're expecting or have knowledge of where major finds are located then I would get a permit. Otherwise it might oompromise any money that's up for grabs.

There was a major find a few years ago, I understand at Llanddona. Google that one and make your decision based on likelihood and ambition.

That's what I think anyway.

Any thoughts you'd care to share?


Check out the specific Crown Estate page.

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Aug 20, 2017
Coming in
by: Hermione

Hi, I'm moving to Anglesey, are there any metal detectorist clubs there?

May 10, 2017
bronze age axe
by: Anonymous

Andy, would you be able to pinpoint on a map?

Aug 31, 2014
Metal detecting Benllech Beach
by: SAS steve

When coin hunting on Benllech Beach with my metal detector, I was approached by a beach "Warden" who said Benllech beach is an ordinance beach and there could be live ammunition. He told me I was breaking the law metal detecting and would be done for murder if I disturbed an old bomb and killed someone???!!! Is this "Warden" a complete loony or does his ridiculous view have any basis for concern? After all, if this were true then there should be warning signs not to dig and build sandcastles for risk of explosion!! How silly!!!! Beach Wardens should have training in facts not bossy nonsense!! I was looking for coins NOT IEDs

May 28, 2012
Bronze Age
by: Drewy.

Hi Wil

I found a Bronze Age axe-head when I was about 14 yrs old 1963.

Anglesey was a centre for such a craft. It is now exhibit No. 13 (Bronze Age axe-heads) in Cardiff Museum.

It was found in Ceint outside Llangefni between an extinct railway line (no rails there now). That was the area and towards a semi derelict farm space.

(Alaska - Llangefni)

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