Newborough Forest & Malltraeth

Llyn Parc Mawr Is a man-made lake located just on the opposite side of the road to the massive Newborough Forest on Anglesey’s south west corner.

It is less than a mile from the village of Newborough and a few miles from the glorious long and beautiful Llanddwyn Beach.

A straight line walk along the main forestry road will bring you over the sand dunes to Llanddwyn Island.

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Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 

Simply put Llyn Parc Mawr is a man-made habitat alive with an abundance of seasonal birdlife.

The lake is surrounded by lovely gentle forest walks that allow plenty of opportunity to stop, listen and observe.

Unless you have a finely honed skill for getting lost, then you don’t need to worry while wandering about the lake and small annexe to Newborough Forest.

Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 


It is limited in that there is only one excellent concrete path that leads you to the south end of the lake.

Given adequate support then wheelchair users can undoubtedly have an excellent adventure following the natural forestry paths. Make sure you have that support if you are a wheelchair user.

Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 


A car park at the entrance has adequate room for about 30 cars. If full then just proceed to the Newborough Forest a few hundred yards toward the Malltraeth Cob end.

Follow the path back toward the Llyn Parc Mawr entrance and cross the road


Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 


The land belongs to the Forestry Commission and the creation of this beautiful shallow lake among the inland sand dunes was undertaken under the guidance of the RSPB in the 1985.

The lead body of the project team was the Forestry Commission Wales. The project was the Welsh Commission’s project for European Year of the Environment in 1988.

There was local support for naming the lake the Newborough Scrape.

Llyn Parc Mawr was opened in October 1988 by the Marquess of Anglesey.

Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 


The main intention was to create a habitat that would attract countless species of birds. It is a fabulous attraction for everyone who wishes to enjoy the full natural beauty of the Newborough Forest area.

A number of well-defined paths meander hither and thither through the woodland and offer pleasant moments for reverie and observation.

The Forestry Commission panel in the car park will show you the short and longer walks available for your undoubted pleasure.

Bring your Binoculars with you, even if you’re not a bird watcher

Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough 


Go back a few years and you would have only been able to view the lake through holes in a large wooden hide.

Nowadays, there are no hides and the lake is thankfully open to be viewed in its delightful glory.

Binoculars are still a necessity for detail, as the southern end concrete-laid path terminates a distance from the lakeside.

I imagine there used to be a hide at the north end of the lake as well. No longer, though; however, there is a viewing point.

Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough Forest

How you choose to act when you arrive here is entirely up to you. I like a closer look but am always wary of creating the slightest disturbance to the lovely little birdies.

  • Ssh! Follow the concrete path that leads out of the carpark.

  • Follow the obvious forest track northwards.

    It’s a lovely path through the trees and some of the photographs above reveal this.

  • You will eventually (about 300m) come out onto a forestry dirt road. Turn right.

  • Follow the road until it turns sharply left. Step off here and walk ahead along the disused road for about 100m until you notice a worn fence on your right.

    From here you can view the lake


    See the bird feeder below? Keep a close eye on it. Not now, silly. When you get here.

    Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough Forest

    Imagine the worst scenario possible. I come around the corner back into the car park from my gentle walk with my camera in my hand. A head pop around the bird feeder with a beautiful red bushy tail.

    Camera in hand. Red Squirrel twenty feet away. Where’s the picture then, Wil?

    Obstacles to obtaining the perfect cute squirrel picture are as follows:

  • Photographer wearing a very bright red shirt.
  • Photographer employs a handful of thumbs.
  • Camera upside down.
  • Can’t find the button.
  • Smart red squirrel.
  • Bushy tail scampers up the 80-foot pine at a rate of knots and across the canopy from tree to tree and away.

    I have a solution for next time. There’s a picnic table not far away. Sit and read book, meditate on patience and wait.

    I understand that this picnic site is one of those magical spots where you have a far better chance of seeing a Red Squirrel than anywhere else on Anglesey.

    If you manage to get a photograph of one of these bushy tailed rascals, please, please, PLEASE send me a copy.

    For more information and news about the fabulous Anglesey Red Squirrel Project Please Click Here...

    Llyn Parc Mawr - Newborough Forest


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    Have a fabulous time at Llyn Parc Mawr and when you’ve had your fill - and hopefully seen a Red Squirrel - make sure to visit the Malltraeth Cob and Newborough Forest.


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    Llanddwyn Beach

    Llanddwyn Island

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