Can I take my dog onto Llanddwyn Island?

by Sara

Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island
Newborough Forest

Hi Wil

I am considering renting a cottage on Anglessey next year.

I live in North Wales and will be bringing my well behaved dog. I wondered if most of the beaches are dog friendly.

The cottage I am looking at is Hafan Deg near Porth Eilian and Church Bay. I would appreciate your advice.



Dear Sara

Thanks for getting in touch.

The answer to your qestion is a definite 'Yes' and 'No'. Bear with me and don't be put off.

A handful of beaches have severe restrictions between 1st May and 30th September each year.

A couple of reasons for that being a matter of hygiene in some cases and rare nesting birds in the other.

The restrictions are partial in some areas and these are signposted. At others like Llanddwyn Beach and Llanddwyn Island then these restrictions are quite severe because they are Nature Reserves.

Be aware though, walking dogs is a part of Management Plan for Newborough Forest and the little dears will competely and joyfully exhausted without getting near the beach.

Have a look at this Anglesey County Council Page for guidance: Dog Restrictions.

Best wishes


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May 01, 2019
Llanddwyn Dog Walking
by: William Gerwyn

Dear Contributor

Thank you very much for writing in with the update.

Most kind of you.

Best wishes

William Gerwyn

May 01, 2019
Updated info for clarity
by: Anonymous

Dogs are allowed on the island, just not on the beaches. For the latest restrictions to LLandwyn please see the latest ordnance

Apr 22, 2016
Dogs on Llanddwyn Island
by: Geoff

We took our German Shepherd on on to the island in March 2015 and we weren't the only people with dogs there. We were aware that dogs are not allowed on the beach nearby May- September because the signage says so.
But nothing visible that said dogs not allowed on the island. So either the information on this page is wrong or you aren't making the information obvious. If you don't have visible signs then any ban is ineffective because it is unenforceable in law.
How is a dog on a short lead a hazard to wildlife? Considering that you have ponies grazing and trampling I would have thought a better bye law would be to insist on leads.

Jun 18, 2015
Entrance charge for Dog owners
by: Ross

On a recent trip I visited the Beautiful Newborough forest for the first time. We turned up at the gate and a pleasant young lady at the gate said it would be a charge of £4. As we had been looking forward to seeing Llandwyn island for a long time we agreed this was a worthy charge for what we were sure was to be a beautiful day.
We had with us our two dogs which the attendant could clearly see in our car. After parking we decided to set off through the forest towards the Island. On our arrival at the information board at the entrance to the Island it clearly stated that dogs were strictly not allowed on the Island. We were of course extremely disappointed after coming so far so we went in anyway feeling that after paying £4 without any notification at the gate that dogs would not be allowed on to the Island. I understand the conservation area thing but surely the council can restrict the rules to dogs on leads at all times and must stick to pathways. Otherwise offer the information to dog walkers at the payment entrance as the main reason for a lot of people going there is to see the Island I feel that dog walkers should at least be offered a half price entrance fee as realistically we can only access 50% of the main features of the park.

Sep 26, 2014
Thanks for such a quick response.
by: Elaine

Thanks Wil,

That's great,

I'm sure we will enjoy even if we get rain !.

Sep 25, 2014
Bringing my dog in December
by: Elaine

Hi Wil,

We too had a lovely time on Newborough beach and the Island in May this year. It was quite spectacular . We were fortunate enough to have beautiful blue sky's and white fluffy clouds. We had such a great time we have booked to come back in December but this time will be bringing our little Westie.

Do the summertime restrictions on dogs still apply the same?

We realise the importance for the nature reserve, and know there are plenty of other great beaches around to walk on but, Newborough is quite special.


Dear Elaine

Thanks for getting in touch and I am so glad that you Have enjoyed your visit to Llanddwyn, Newborough and Anglesey.

The restrictions and regulations for the popular Anglesey beaches are seasonal. Llanddwyn has strict Spring and Summer restriction that extend from May 1st to September 30. So the Newborough beach is fine for your little Westie.

However, Llanddwyn Island is out of bounds all the time for dogs. As you say, it is a very special Nature Reserve.

There are plenty of places to visit on Anglesey and I hope that the weather is good for you.

Be well and do get in touch if you've any more questions.


Sep 23, 2013
dog restrictions Newborough
by: Paul

The Link to Anglesey Council - Council has no details of restrictions for dogs on beaches at Llanddwyn & Newborough.

It's not enough on this page to say there are restrictions without saying what they are, ie banned altogether for particular period, or whether can be on lead & what geographical area restrictions cover, otherwise as above you can have a wasted trip.

It's astonishing that it's well nigh impossible to get this specific info on any of the Anglesey websites I've checked.

Hi Paul

Sorry to be tardy in replying. Family health problem.

The rules are quite simple. Restrictions apply 1st May to 30th September each year.

The restrictions are quite simple. Dogs on a lead during that period and clean up any dog poo.

At the Llanddwyn Beach car park there will be a sign telling you where you can and cannot take your dog.

Llanddwyn Island. Because of its status as a Nature Reserve dogs are banned all year round.

The link for others interested in such matters is

Best wishes fro the Christmas Holiday and for a good 2014.


Sep 28, 2012
Llandywn Island Dog Restrictions
by: Anonymous

I found the comments re:"The little dears" in Newborough Forest extremely patronising and insulting to one's intellligence! I agree with the last comments, we too are very responsible dog owners and our Border Collie is well behaved, I suppose you have to take the lowest common denominator though!

Sep 10, 2012
by: Jackie

We drove 120 miles each way to visit Llandwynn Island but when we arrived we were told we couldn't take the dog.
I'm sure the point of the previous comment is not for the dog to visit the Island for exercise but for an owner to be able to have their dog with them when THEY visit.
Dogs don't care if they walk in a forest or a beach but if the owner has a great desire to see a beautiful place they will be sadly disappointed as we were.
We always clear up after our dog so no hygeine problems and if there are nesting birds she would be kept on a lead.

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