November 2010

Wendy Steele's Bullbay Rainbow View


Let us gather together as a little group at the threshold of Wendy's garden and contemplate on the changing of the seasons.

This November garden report is being written at the tail end of the month. Here on Anglesey Winter has fallen upon us with a malign viciousness.

The days of Summer now seem to belong to someone else's experience and not our own. It is with that in mind that I have - beggin' your pardon, Wendy - chosen to attach some of the lovely luscious images you have sent me.


By Turdus_merula_-Manchester,_England_-male-8.jpg: Pete Birkinshaw from Manchester, UK derivative work: Snowmanradio [CC-BY-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Blackbird image courtesy of Pete Birkinshaw from Manchester

Who's that, tap, tap, tapping on my window?

I know that winter has now arrived as ‘my mate’ the blackbird is back for his third winter and it is he who leads the way for the other birds to call at our backdoor for the raisins, sultanas and suet pellets.

We now daren’t go into the kitchen or the back bedroom as the birds, namely the blackbirds, thrushes and robins seem to spot us a mile off and come and sit on the window sill. Either that, they wait on the patio table and chairs appealing to our better nature and waiting to be fed.

Talk of emotional blackmail, they stare us out and don’t move until either of us goes to the back door with the food.

There is a pecking order of course but never the less a mad rush of the little darlings waiting for their elevenses, afternoon tea or evening meal.

We do not know how something so small can eat so much in a day, that’s as well as the food that goes on the ground feeder and bird table.

Wendy's Reflective Woodland Friend

Looking to the Fuschia

The greenhouse is now full of all of my three million fuschias - Well that’s what it seemed like when I was carrying them all in.

The wormery is going into the garage this weekend to protect the slimy but necessary little devils from the cold temperatures. The window boxes and flowers in the garden are only a dim and distant past.

It is Our Silver Wedding next year and Mum has paid for us to have some decking built complete with stairs at the top of the garden.

Up there is nearly all granite with about an inch of soil so it is very difficult to garden, yet the view of the sea over the top of the bungalow is to die for. A wonderful present methinks.

Wendy Steele's Vegetable Garden

Strange Fruit

I now have some raised beds for vegetables and so my attempt to be the next Medwyn Williams/Alan Titchmarsh is probably somewhat optimistic. Anyway, Heh Ho! if you don’t try you don’t get, as someone once probably said!

So not being one to do what others already do, I decided to not only have a go at growing sweet corn but growing blue ones to boot. Hopi Blue I think they are called, if my memory serves me right.

Judgement Day - Wendy Steele Bull Bay Garden

A Verdant Paradise

Up in the woodland part of the garden I am in the process of digging out tons (well a few) of ferns that are growing bigger each year. They are okay in their place, though not when they decide to grow where I’ve not given them permission to grow.

So they’ve gone, never to be seen again I hope, and in their place are some Hellebores and Cyclamen, which should really take to their new home and look fabulous through Winter and Spring.

Wendy Steele's Frog & Froglette Pond

Wendy's Pond & Site Of Last Spring's Froglette Disaster

The pond is still a serious work in progress, though the fish are all swimming in slow-motion and the majority are staying at the bottom of the pond where it's a tad warmer.

Having said that. there was a mega noisy frog croaking away last week when I would have thought that he/she should have been well tucked up under some mud or under one of the walls. Perhaps frogs get dementia too!?

I’m sure that’s enough talk for this month; however, I’ll be in contact soon.

I'd love to hear from you as well.

Let me know what are your biggest, best or worst jobs in your garden this time of year?

Even better, what are your best memories of your garden Summer?

Get in touch and send me some photographs as well. You can do it below.


Do you have any questions for Wendy
or want to share some thoughts?

It's good to share, especially if you can spare someone's feeble back with your magical advice.

I am so delighted that Wendy has decided to write her articles and to share the challenges and delights of her gardening adventures.

So if you have any questions about how to engage with Nature to transform your garden into the best room in the house, then do get in touch.

If you have any photographs then we'd love to see them.

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