Rhosneigr Library

by Eileen

One of the first places we visit as a family on our six-week Rhosneigr summer holiday has always been the library.

Such a wonderful resource not only for books, videos, CDs, the internet, spontaneous coffee breaks, childrens' competitions and activities, local interest and art exhibitions, but 'the in place' to catch up on the latest news and put your feet up in a comfy corner for a quiet browse - and all this supported by the ever-helpful Judith and her sturdy band of volunteers.

How sad then to hear that, of the four libraries targeted for closure, Rhosneigr is the one chosen. Particularly as the building is practically new with superb facilities, offers an enormous range of services to local people and visitors alike and cost so little per annum to run.

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Sep 10, 2015
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by: William J. Young

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Aug 20, 2015
Useful tips
by: Anon

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Jan 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so very glad to hear that the library is saved from closure. It is excellent news for Rhosneigr residents and visitors - who can now apparently look forward to enjoying many more happy hours pursuing even more 'non-library' activities than we ever did before (despite Chris' condemnation of such decadent indulgence).

Grateful thanks must go to Judith and her team in maintaining over many years so welcoming an ambience. To Judith in particular we would like to extend our thanks for the kind and cheerful interest and support she has given to me and my family by making this exceptional Rhosneigr resource a true haven.

Well done everyone. We simply cannot wait for the summer to come to see you all again. So, put the chairs out - and the kettle on?!!!! - and get ready to be 'invaded' once more.

Jan 20, 2011
Library Saved for Everyone
by: Mandi Abrahams

I am delighted to tell you that the Friends of Rhosneigr Library have won their campaign to keep the library open. We will be working with the Council to develop the services we have here to include visitor information, more exhibitions, a heritage collection and hopefully a coffee bar and book shop. The library will be open more hours with volunteer help, and we plan to have more computer access as well.

You are all more than welcome to come in and put your feet up or hide from the rain at any time. This is a very exciting opportunity and hard won at a time of devastating cuts to all our public services.

Yours, Mandi Abrahams
Chair, Friends of Rhosneigr Library

Nov 22, 2010
Rhosneigr Library
by: Anonymous

I think you have missed the point (although I got yours, including the saracasm). My point was kindly meant - Rhosneigr library is an integral part of our Anglesey holiday. No doubt ... as you say ... we will survive without it as will other visitors.

However, it is also an integral part of the life of Rhosneigr residents. So, I ask, what about all those residents who currently depend on the library - and the multitude of services they offer whether 'legal' or otherwise - many of whom are unable to use public transport (for whatever reason) to visit those libraries which remain open. I think the nearest will be either Holyhead or Llangefni unless the axe has already fallen on them.

Oh, I forgot!!!!!! Llangefni is presently undergoing major REFURBISHMENT - so that's OK?

Nov 22, 2010
Closing Rhosneigr Library
by: Chris


I am sure they're having to close libraries in Warwickshire as well.

If they are, those that serve visitors who just want to "to catch up on the latest news and put your feet up in a comfy corner for a quiet browse" will hardly be at the top of the priority list to keep open!

Cuts are here and they are going to hurt.

I feel your pain - and it's not much, really! You'll still have a good holiday on lovely Anglesey.


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