Llanddwyn Island

by Emyr

Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn Island
Llanddwyn Island - Unwrecked Sailing Boat

Hi Wil

As a young lad some fifty one years ago I bought a little Royal Enfield motorbike from J O WILLIAMS in Llangefni.

That changed my life and I went around Anglesey to places I'd heard about but never knew where they actually were.

One evening reading the HERALD MON (defunct) local newspaper) I came across these magical words, "Llanddwyn Island", and the following sunday the two wheels was set in motion to find this magical place.

I found it, I did, beyond the vast sand dunes of Newborough Beach. What a beautiful place.

I then walked over to the island.

As i was about to climb the footpath onto the island, took a look to my right over Malltraeth Bay and i could see the old masts of a shipwreck.

I walked around Llanddwyn Island taking everything in and felt that this was indeed my island and I am its King. Don't our minds wonder when we are young.

Before I left the island i sat down on a rock and set my sights once more on this old ship wreck. I wondered whether there were any lives lost. What was this old ship? How long ago was it wrecked?

My mind was racing with so many questions and do you know, Wil, I never did find any of the answers.

A few years ago I returned to this magical island and sat on the very same rock as years before to look out over Malltraeth Bay. Sadly, there is no sign of the old ship.

Did this magical place play havoc with my mind, I wonder?

Oh well, as everyone tells me, there are more questions than answers. These questions have been on my mind for years but sadly still no answers.



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Apr 20, 2018
Happy to help!!!
by: HAM 50N

Hi Em, I'm glad to have helped a little with regards to the ship wreck.
I too echo the comment about a return visit to Newborough and Llanddwyn when you come back for your reunion.....who knows you might feel the urge to once again set roots in this beautiful island of ours.

Mar 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi Em. I'm glad you got to find out about the ship. Maybe when you are over on Anlgesey you can pop down to Newborough and see if you can see her again.

I hope you enjoy your reunion.

Mar 28, 2018
puzzle solved
by: em williams

Thank you so much Ham about information regards the old ship on malltraeth beach,it took 57 years to find out about her.I trawled the net to find out more and the joy was all the mariners was saved by llanddwyn brave life boat men. Happy ending to a tragedy.Had an ivitation to go to a reunion from hogiau llanddeusant in june its 52 years since I left Anglesey, but I can hold my head high I will be able to speak welsh with them.And thank you WILL for this good web pages brings tears to my eyes at time

Mar 27, 2018
Still there
by: HAM 50N

Hi Em, I think the ship you are referring is still there at low tide. The ships name is the Athena.

Mar 13, 2015
by: ralph

Wow.. That sounds like you had a trip of your life. I can very well imagine that trip you had in your Enfield. Travelling to remote areas like this would be so awesome that tripping to some popular tourist destinations.

May 05, 2012
nos da nostalgia.
by: Andrew Weare

Wow, Emyr, that was a great reminisce !.. Beautifully put...great 'mind-pictures' evoked.

Thanks ! Diolch yn Fawr unte..

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