If you want to catch some Wrasse

by Stewart malcolm

I am not a Sea Angler as such,I live in central London and most of my fishing is done in the lakes around the capital,over recent years I have been bored stiff by carp angling and the hype and numerous methods and baits that go with it.

To cut a long story short,I was in Anglesey for the first time last week,I took along a 10ft telescopic rod and a few hooks and lures just to pass the time,I was really only looking to pass a few hours relaxing and taking in the scenery.

I was staying at the Trecastell Hotel,Bull Bay.Anyway after a couple of days I I thought I,d wander down to the rocks and have a look around,I couldnt help but think there has to be Fish in this area,not easily accesible but just looked promising.
I tried a bit of spinning with a few different lures but no luck.

Next day I was in Amylch and visited TELBOYS TACKLE.I asked the guy working what the best bait locally was,he advised some Ragworms wich I duly bought.

Next day just as tide was turning out i when to same spot and first cast caught a 3lb plus Wrasse,for the next 2 hrs I pulled out one after the other various sizes and colours.I was not using any fancy rigs or tackle,20lb main line,2x 6" hook lenghts rigged about 2ft apart,a simple 4oz bomb.ans two micro barbed brown Carp hooks,Oh and was putting about 2-3 worms on each hook.

For sheer pleasure of catching fish it was amongst the best 2 hours I have ever spent,only pity was i had to leave the next day.

I thought I would pass this on to you as not all Anglers want to catch specimen fish.

The exact location is pretty easy to find,from Amlych just leave Village and just before you get to Bull Bay there is a little off road car park(not the one on main road)its literally at end of village,walk across the meadow following footpath signs,you go through a couple of stiles and as you head down to Sea you will see a artificially created walk way on rocks,ignore this and follow shoreline for about 400 yds. Now its not easy from here but if you take minimal tackle and clamber down rocks(they are not to steep here) get your Ragworms in and catch till fed up!!I know that like all fishing I may have been lucky but with hardly any sea fishing expierience and using cobbled together tackle it was a real pleasure,if you want to know more please mail me back.

Hope this was informative and Good Fishing.

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