A Delightful Evening Walk

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain Triangulation Point and Glorious Views

Bodafon Mountain

Monday Evening May 2nd, 2011.


Bodafon Mountain was discovered in 1486 by itinerant Serbo-Croat artisan arc welders passing through the Island on their way to a Rancid Beer Festival in Ireland.

The discovery came as an enormous surprise for the locals because they hadn’t noticed the mountain was there.

Subsequently, the entire local population of 14 had to receive counselling in order to accommodate this astonishing discovery into their perceptual world.

For a century and a half everyone walked around with their heads down, which led to the medical condition known worldwide as the Bodafon Mountain Stoop.

Later on, you’ll of course know that it was a famous concert Punk dance recreated by Sham 69

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain and Glorious Views

The Hamlet of Mynydd Bodafon with its lovely lake

Eventually their psychological world settled down and they stopped inspecting each other’s dirty feet and in-growing toenails.

Today, the people who live on Mynydd Bodafon (Bodafon Mountain) walk upright and feign distinguished nobility.

They are embarrassed to be associated in any oblique way with Sham 69 and the Punk Era.

I’m certain that you’ll find interesting details about this aspiring Anglesey mountain-ette elsewhere.

I will, however, deign to tell you that the peak is called, Yr Arwydd (The Signal or Sign) and is 178 metres high (or 584 feet in old money).

All I want to do here is to reveal to you this beautiful viewing point on Anglesey’s east coast overlooking Lligwy Beach and Dulas Beach.

Almost as beautiful as Pippa Middleton. Ahhh Pippa...

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain and Glorious Views

The Path to the Bodafon Peak of Perfection


I wish for you to know about Bodafon Mountain and to visit while you’re here on Anglesey.

Respectfully, I recommend an Anglesey evening when the sky is big and blue with the pink sunset beginning to invade its western edges.

It was gone 7:30pm when I called my cousin, Fiona and proposed an evening walk as an appropriate end to the Fourth Bank Holiday of the week. Next day was work. Yuk!

It was one of those golden Spring Anglesey evenings as we turned up for Clegir Farm and the red carpark.

What a delight it was to encounter friends from Llangefni who had brought their pack of dogs for a ramble and run.

And, so it turned out, to reflect on the past.

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain, A Pleasant Few Moments to Reflect on Family

Friends Gather Their Breath and Thoughts.


I think there were four spaniels – it could have been more because they were never still long enough – and their beautiful, placid greyhound with the sad eyes.

Phew! My cousin and I thought as we stared up at the summit. It’ll take us all of six and a half minutes to get to the top.

Should have brought foil-wrapped soggy tomato sandwiches and a sensible tartan decorated flask of sour tea.

Despite this we set off, tripping over the now fourteen spaniels darting everywhere busily hunting for the famous Bodafon Bunnies.

The countryside that falls away to the distance from Bodafon Mountain is an abundance of greenery stretching all the way across Anglesey.

That reminds you, yet again, of our astonishing rural beauty on Anglesey.

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain Glorious Views

The Indisputable Mark of Spring on Anglesey


Sitting on top of Mynydd Bodafon, I learn from my friend that his mother was born and brought up in this small community.

I remember her well as an open and very kind lady and I am so surprised to learn that it’s already fifteen years since her passing.

I’ll be attending my second funeral within a week in a few days and am brought up short once again by the stark realisation that life is so astonishingly brief.

We have a duty to ourselves to ensure that we live lives of quality that embrace and enhance the lives of others.

Easily said, I know, but breaking out from the habituated norms. Visiting lovely places like Bodafon Mountain can offer sufficient recharge and perspective about the real ambitions and objectives.

A happy heart and a quiet mind should be high on our list of vital priorities.

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain, A Pleasant Few Moments to Reflect on Family

A Time to Remember Those Gone Ahead


My friend loves this area for the strong emotional attachment.

Being here again I rediscover an inevitable attachment build inside my own heart again.

On such an evening as this the view is quite breathtaking and make sure that you inspect the triangulation point stone.

There is an etched panoramic representation wrapped around it telling you what you are seeing in each direction.

I believe that a view is always greater if you can put a name to each significant point.

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain Triangulation Point and Glorious Views

Can There Be Anything More Perfect?


Quite simple, really.  Just expand or contract the Google Map below to bring you to Bodafon Mountain.

If you're arriving from past Bodafon Lake (Llyn Bodafon) then you'll see a road at the east end of the lake. Move past this.

Move past an unexpected little chapel on your left. Immediately past this is a rough track to your left.

There's a hand painted sign bearing the legend: Clegir Farm. Turn up here and use the little carpark on your right.

Choose the Google EARTH map for a very good view of Mynydd Bodafon.

View Mynydd Bodafon Evening Reflection in a larger map

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