Best Express Visit of North Anglesy

by Corine and Remy
(Chester & France)

Llynnon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey

Llynnon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey

Llynnon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey
Cemlyn Bay, North Anglesey
Church Bay, North West Anglesey
Wavecrest Cafe at Church Bay

Hello Wil,

Thank you for the information showed in your web site.

My wife and I are French and we actually leave in Chester, Cheshire since about two and a half years, and we really enjoy our life there.

As our youngest daughter, husband, and grand daughter are coming to visit us at the end of July, we would like to show them some nice and wilde places.

We're not fond of tourists and crowded places. We rather like natural and quiet places.

Could you please tell us what would be the best place to visit, knowing that we will only have one day to do so?

Is there any place which combine nice beach, old church or abbey, and small fisherman village with good and affordable food? Maybe that's too much to ask. Maybe not

Someone told us that the north of Anglesy would be more the type of place we'd like compared to the south.

Looking forward to your answer and receive dear Wil, our very best regards.

Corine and Remy
The French Couple from Chester, Cheshire

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Feb 25, 2015
by: Kraken

Now this is one place where you could spend half a day with your family for the weekend. It is indeed a nice and serene place to relax and enjoy with wind blowing over your hair. It would indeed be nice.

Jul 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

My wife and i have walked the Circular Walk at Moelfre twice now and it's so spectacular.

Moelfre Dic Evans

You can purchase "Circular walks on Anglesey" book as we have and choose your preferred walk from there. We have issues 1 and 2 now and find it easy to follow. It takes you to places that you would probably never visit.

Each walk has its mileage chart too so you can predict how long you will be on the walk for.

Best wishes

Jul 16, 2011
The Very Best Express Visit Pour La Famille
by: Wil

Dear Corine and Remy

Nice to hear from you. Oh Dear Lord, I must go back for a visit to the beautiful Sud and Canal du Midi.

Anyway, back to your little trip. I think that I'll offer you a nice circular little route in the north west of Anglesey. The pictures I?ve placed above your comments show some of the places I have in mind for you.

If you have the time then you can take in: Llynnon Mill, Cemaes Bay, Cemlyn Bay, and Church Bay.

You mention in your message that you don't really like touristic centres. I understand that. Same for me.

Maybe you can leave Cemaes Bay out of this trip; however, I would encourage you to make the effort on your next visit. You can visit this little village and concentrate on the Anglesey Coastal Path North that will bring you to St Patrick's Church and about a 40 minute walk to the eerie, romantic and deserted Porth Wen Brickworks.

  • Travelling north along the A5025 from Valley will bring you to Llanfaethlu and from there you can visit the beautiful working windmill called Llynnon Mill. Click the Link to see it.

  • Back on the main road north and before Cemaes Bay is the beach (not sandy) at Cemlyn Bay. On a big blue sunny day this is a very interesting and beautiful place to visit. Click the Link for more information.

  • Now head south along the A5025 and just make sure you follow the signs for either Church Bay or Lobster Pot . Church Bay is the type of rocky beach I know you'll love. It's a steep path down to a sandy beach embraced in a rocky cove and below high cliffs.

    Right. Food The very best and most affordable eating place you'll find anywhere on this side of Anglesey is the Wavecrest Café at Church Bay. I have received personal testimonies on Anglesey Hidden Gem that the food is both affordable and excellent. Click Here for those raving fan testimonies.

    I think that's enough for a one day visit. If I have to recommend two places so that you don't rush about, they are Llynnon Windmill and Church Bay (The Wavecrest is de rigeur, naturellement).

    Let me know how it goes or whether you need more information.

    My very best wishes to you for a lovely trip to Anglesey with your family.


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