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Beaumaris White Lion Hotel

I'm sure you'll agree with me that there could be nothing nicer than arriving on your Beaumaris holiday to park and forget about your car for a few days.

More or less everything you need is in the town or very nearby.

General shopping in little local shops, a family butchers that’s been there all my life, quality eating in cafes, bistros and reassuringly expensive Fine Dining.

Take a bracing walk along the promenade to settle your satisfied tummy or to build up a healthy appetite.

If you don’t watch it you’ll be planning your holiday break as an eating campaign starting one end of Castle Street and gasping your way to the other.

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Beaumaris Castle









UP FRONT AND CENTRE it should be stated that Beaumaris is an entirely warm place to visit and have an enjoyable time. Warm in welcome and .. sort of ... NURTURING warm. I hope you understand what I mean.

As I write on my page on Beaumaris page this lovely little town engages you directly with its friendly aspect.

Just wandering down Castle Street brings your attention to one reputable restaurant and cafe after another.


Let's not beat around the bush, you are in ICE-CREAM CENTRAL.

You'll need the TARDIS to find a better ice-cream parlour beneath our particular portion of sky than THE RED BOAT.

Beaumaris Facilities

I know it sounds a bit daft but there's such a thing as an Ice Cream University.

You really do need to have a committment and a deep love for all things Gelato to study at Carpigiani University of Italy. Ice-cream is an art form and a boundless imagination is essential, as demonstrated by Tony and Lyn.

Pop in for a Sandwich, Panini or sit outside on a sunny morning to wonder where you are. There's always a new Ice-Cream of the Month.

The welcome is warm and the ice-creams so cool. If Tony's there, please do take the time to have a chat. The passion is obvious.

Remember, though, Talking Time is the Thief of Ice-Cream Time.

Beaumaris Facilities

Beau's Tea Rooms

Expect a robust welcome from Nigel Black and remember to duck.

The ceiling of this mediaeval building generously comes to meet you, pleased by your attendance at last.

The best table is in the left back. Go as a family or a bunch of friends. The food is good, straightforward, soup excellent and staff attractive and genuinely welcoming.

Beau's offers you a wonderful sense of place that'll bore your friends silly during Winter reminiscences as much as your waxing lyrical about ice-cream.

Beaumaris Facilities

Sarah's Coffee House

Turn up off the main street by the Butchers and just opposite the Post Office is Sarah's.

Stand and gaze through the window for a while, anticipate the atmosphere, embrace the Menu and enter.

For Anglesey, Sarah's is delightfully european in that it's a deli shop with a little restaurant.

Or is that a little restaurant with a deli shop.

Sarah's, here in Beaumaris, and Stafford House in Menai Bridge demonstrate quite clearly that there's an appetite (quite literally) for this shop model. We need more.

Though the hairy pig leg in Stafford House intrigues. I believe that it was 'bequeathed to science, who took one look at it and bequeathed it straight back' - Douglas Adams.

Beaumaris Facilities

Ye Old Bulls Head Inn

Fine dining in this award-winning establishment. Expensive enough to make it a really special evening. Make sure he or she's the 'Right One' before you invest this much.

A fabulous old, nay, ancient bar, that is at its best when the fire is lit.

The ambience of the Beaumaris Bull's Head Inn is reassuringly what you expect it to be and David Robertson runs it with such professionalism and ambition. Both he and his chef have come a long way since their excellent little bistro, The Seahorse in Portdinorwic so many years ago.

The Bulkeley Hotel

Anglesey Menai BridgeThis striking looking hotel has been a resident of Beaumaris since 1832 and is served with a decent restaurant.

It's a good place for a decent pint of an evening and the view of Snowdonia from its back is astounding.

Did you know that the Bulkeley Hotel holds a monthly Tea Dance for charity.

You'll find details on my Community News page. Please Click Here.

Bishopgate House Hotel

I believe that I'll employ the words of a visitor to Anglesey Hidden Gem to describe this step into another more elegant age.

Esther from Crouch End obviously enjoyed her visit to the Bishopgate for a meal with her friends. Click here for the lovely lady's report...

Beaumaris Facilities

The Spinning Wheel

I have never visited the Spinning Wheel, which I am assured is my loss. However, it's where my Mum and Dad always visited for a tea and cake or sandwich on their regular afternoon jaunts around Anglesey.

It's spacious and airy iside and the Menu Board outside really sells an eating establishent like this. It is decent food at very good prices. If it was good enough for my Mum and Dad, then it has to be a reliably good place.

Maybe one of its regular visitors would care to offer me a review. Please Click Here because it's very easy to do. If you've got a picture then why not add it.

The Castle Restaurant

This is a very affordable restaurant that seems to be always busy at lunchtimes. This, I'm sure you'll agree, is a pretty positive sign. You'll also find a Castle Restaurant in Holyhead, though Beaumaris seems to have 'nailed it' good and proper.

I've mentioned The Neptune on my Beaumaris Town Page (link at the bottom of this page)

I remember taking part in a charity walk from the Britannia Bridge outside Menai Bridge to Beaumaris a few years ago. And did it rain?

All that kept me going was the good companionship as I moved backwards and forwards through the marching line. Well, that and the thought of 'ultimate comfort food': a bag of chips. They went down well.

I felt great until I sat down and discovered that even my undies were soaked.

Pier House

A very well-placed little cafe right opposite the Pier Kiosk. Sit inside or out on a warm afternoon and enjoy the glorious view over a meal.

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Beaumaris FacilitiesWhy not entirely change your perspective of Beaumaris and the coastline along the Menai Straits?

Right at the entrance to the pier you will find two little booths belonging to highly competitive little boat companies.

Have you ever sailed around Puffin Island and seen the basking seals on St Seiriol's Island? If you haven't then you have been missing a truly fabulous Anglesey holiday treat.

You could also enjoy a pleasant little trip down the Menai Straits. Have a look at my Menai Bridge page for a lovely Summer's evening picture of a lovely little blue ferry.

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Beaumaris Facilities


  • BagitAll - Clothing and leather goods shop near the end of Castle Street near Beaumaris Castle.

  • Ena's Newsagents - A lovely little shop for your newspapers and sundry items.

  • The Wishing Well - Souvenirs and miscellaneous items. Same side as Ena's. Just a bit lower down.

  • Castle Bakery - Next door to the Castle Restaurant. Most of the confectionary and bread is baked by this well-established and highly-regarded little company. So you'll be supporting another local business

  • Spar - The usual mini-mart of a decent enough size and ideal for your shopping if Menai Bridge is just a bit too much effort.

  • Oriel Janet Bell Gallrey

  • Family Butcher Stanley & Sons - This shop has been here forever. It even sells Crab Bait. That'll be the fat balls you hang over the pier.

    Beaumaris Facilities

    Pretty Things - Pethau Tlws - Just one of a handful of similar fancy goods, clothing and treasure trove shops, just behind the main street.

    Amble along the main street untilm you see the arch that leads to the pier. Look up the road opposite and you'll see the Bold Arms and the George and Dragon opposite each other.

    The little retail enclave is behind the latter tavern.

    Menai Bridge

    A similar enough town for shopping as is Beaumaris.

    However, there is the Co-op just back from Thomas Telford's Suspension Bridge. Please not that this supermarket will soon be a Waitrose.

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  • HSBC Bank - By the Red Boat. Half way down the street on the castle side. Limited hours but with a cashpoint outside.

  • Nat West Bank - You'll find this little bank about 200m down from the Bulkeley Hotel heading away frm the castle end of town.

    Menai Bridge

  • In the town square you'll find three banks and cashpoints.

  • There's also a cashpoint outside the Co-op

  • There's another outside the garage on the roundabout just down from the Co-op.

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  • Rowlands Pharmacy - 17 Castle Street

    Menai Bridge

  • Rowlands Pharmacy - 19 High Street

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    Castle Garage - Chapel Street. That's the street directly behind the main street (inland, as it were).

    Turn up at the butchers shop and take your first left after 50m. Follow the road and it's on your right. Say hello to the nice Francis Roberts.

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    March up the main street as if you intend to take possession of the castle. At the end of the street turn left and its about 50m up on your right. PHEW!!

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