by Dilys

Hello - thanks so much for such an interesting read about Anglesey.

I am a big fan of Anglesey and have been since my childhood holidays camping their with my parents. We spent many years bringing our own 5 children to Anglesey for the whole of the summer holidays, camping at Red Wharf Bay.

We eventully sold our tent and bought a boat, and learnt to sail - starting off circumnavigating Anglesey before venturing further afield.

Anyway .. we have spent this summer in Cornwall with our children, but I needed to come home in advance for one of my children's exam results. We are planning a trip to Rhoscolyn Beach to surprise the rest of the crew, who have spent nearly 2 weeks sailing back up from Cornwall and will be anchoring off the beach on their way home.

I was wondering if you know if it's okay to use a small disposable BBQ on the beach?

We are very conscious of taking care of the environment and would never dream of leaving any evidence that we had been!

Thanks again for such a lovely informative website :-)

Oh by the way I do have some lovely photographs of Anglesey which I will forward if you would like them.


Dear Dilys

Hmmmm! Anglesey on a lovely Summer's evening.

I frequently amble barefoot along the Island's lovely beaches with my tummy turning bubbly, gurgly, hungry cartwheels at the delightful smell of marinated meats being cooked slowly.

There's the reassuring sound of joyful laughter and the tinkling of glasses or quality foreign bottled beers raised in toasts of goodwill to all.

As the Sun sets, the laughter subsides to gentle murmured conversations with those odd, extended moments of reflection on the Eternal as eyes look out to sea.

The only disturbance I've noticed is a sausage in a bun being handed across to a friend or family member, with the inevitable, "Thank you".

Casual beach amblers like me are always greeted warmly as I pass one little munching group after another.

Next morning, no people. Unless you'd been there the previous evening you'd imagine it'd been as empty, clean and tidy as it is in the morning.

Hmmm! Anglesey on a lovely Summer's evening.

Sorry. What was your question again?

Oh, yes. I'd love to have some of your photos. You sound lovely and I hope you and your sailor chums have a mutually nurturing lovely time.

No-one tends to disturb warm engaging people.


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Sep 04, 2010
Thank You
by: Wil

Dear Dilys

I am absolutely delighted that you managed to co-ordinate your warm and smoky fragrant welcome with the undoubted navigational skills of your family sailors.

The weather's changed a bit today, nonetheless, I have managed to get my cauliflower, savoy cabbage and leeks down before the rain.

So. Good news all round, then.

As for the photographs, Dilys, you must have a competent seven year old in the family who can take charge.

Keep in touch


Sep 03, 2010
by: Dilys Thompson

Thank you so much Wil for your lovely reply.

We have been to Rhoscolyn today and had a fantastic time and the weather was extremely kind to us.

Will post some photos when I work out how to do it!

Sep 02, 2010
de ja vous.
by: Anonymous

I remember an ex-Navy man Graham Thomas, a mate of Ken Booth the Judo man, both worked in Wells factory (not wells fargo ) in Holyhead.

Both had motorbikes, a Matchless and a BSA. Graham lived at Rhoscolyn.


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