August 18th - HAPPY RAGWORT DAY! Anglesey's County Flower

by Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Horsies Consider Their Options

Anglesey Horsies Consider Their Options

Wil here again.

Celebrate Anglesey's County Flower.

Yup! It?s that time of year when Anglesey finds itself dotted with lovely spangles of golden bloom and you wonder just how stupid famers and horses can be.

At least the horses have an excuse because they're not designed to be irresponsible, while...

As is my wont at this time of year, I have travelled far and wide across and around Anglesey seeking the best local display for you visit and appreciate and it's time to embrace the horror.

"It's like a godamm Greek tragedy!" You might as well draw up a chair and enjoy the 'will-it-won't-it' Horsey Armageddon of the curious, lovely golden ragwort bloom and painful demise of aforementioned horsey.

So I want you to get in touch with me to share your news about the best Anglesey Ragwort display you encounter.So far the road from Brynsiencyn to Dwyran is best. Bless them.

Being the generous soul that I am, I also present you with a world of relevant Ragwort Information and introduce you to my hero, Alun Michael MP, former Minister for the Horse. CLICK HERE.

Furthermore, I also present you with THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE on whether you think Anglesey?s County Flower, the Ragwort, is a beauteous natural manifestation or a HIDEOUS FIEND IN DISGUISE. CLICK HERE

A bit like Emergency Ward 10 all this

Best wishes

I appreciate your vote


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Aug 24, 2011
Latest Anglesey Horse and Ragwort News!
by: Wil - Anglesey Hidden Gem

Me? I'm as sane as Gadaffi.

Some good news for those who hate ragworts and love horses.

I took the photgraph of the field full of Anglesey's unelected County Flower and the two horses last week (August 17 2011).

Imagine my surprise when I drove past a few days later. No Ragwort! All gone. Sadly, no sign of the horses horses either. We can only hope they are well.

I take it for granted that someone saw me stop and get out with my camera.

Friends! If that's all it takes, then let's all do it.

Let me know about your areas.

As Burt Kwouk said in 'The Water Margin' many years ago,

"Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say that he will not one day become a dwagon."

Best wishes to all and thank everyone for your votes.


Aug 19, 2011
Happy Ragwort Day
by: Anonymous

I have no doubt that all readers of Wil's missives (there must be at least three of us!) will share my concern.

Wil's latest post, purporting to be - ahem - research into ragwort and his unilateral declararion of Ragwort Day, is not only evidence of a gentle slide into the surreal, but also of a coded call for help and we must all respond accordingly.

Join me in petitioning Alun Michael. We ask him to sponsor a "Wil Needs Help(Public Safety) Order 2011" that can swiftly deal with this sad cultural equivalent of an outbreak of rampant ragwort on the Island we all love.

Once the Minister for the Horse is on the case he will surely have Wil back to harmless reminiscenses about Anglesey past, and of present Angleswy beauty in no time at all!

Meanwhile, Wil, keep on with the tablets; help is at heand.

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