Allt Goch, Red Hill, Beaumaris

by Al Ginnelly

Whenever I vist Anglesey I stay in Beaumaris and have got to know the area quite well, one street name that has me curious is Allt Goch, or Red Hill.

I looked up the origins of the name and found three trains of thought on why it was named this.

The oldest version is connected with the Roman Invasion of Anglesey, possible but to my mind unlikley as I was always taught the Romans crossed the straits in the vicinity of Brynsiencyn from Caernarfon.

The second possibility I found was, that there was resistance to the removal of the people of the village of Llanfaes in the time of Edward the 1st, this was to prevent an uprising of the Welsh against the new Beaumaris castle.

They were moved to a new borough to the west of the Island (Niwbwrch?). The resitance supposedly resulted in a river of blood flowing down the hill. Again, I find this unlikely as the villagers moved, had there been resistance I doubt anyone from the village would have been allowed to survive.

The third possibility is that it was named after the blood spilt during Siege of Beaumaris in the English Civil War in 1648, the commander was General Thomas Mytton (A parliamentarian)

I have no clue as to which of these is correct but I'd be more inclined to go with the Civil War version as it is most recent and a viable option.

If anyone has more accurate local knowledge could they please put me out of my misery?

I'd be interested to hear any other possible origins as well.

Many Thanks


Intersting question, Al.

Give me a moment or two to think about this.

By the way, please send me a picture or two of Beaumaris or even of yourself. In the UK or better still, Santiago, Chile.

Thanks for getting in touch again. Much appreciated.


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Apr 18, 2012
Allt Goch
by: Wil

Hi Al

I have just heard that there is a farm called Allt Goch above Beaumaris off the Allt Goch Fawr Road to Pentraeth.

Tried to find it on Google Maps. Can find Allt Goch Bach Road as well.

Need to keep looking, I suppose.


Mar 30, 2011
Red Hill
by: Anonymous

I live in Beaumaris and was brought up to believe that Red Hill was named as such because blood streamed down it after a battle.

Jul 09, 2010
Allt Goch Beaumaris - Good Question, Al
by: Wil

Nice to hear from you again, Al.

A good question indeed about Allt Goch. I can't offer you a full answer and I hope there are other readers out there who can offer advice.

First of all, look at the world during each of the eras of which you write. Turbulent times with an easy proclivity to extreme violence as a matter of standard response to any form of disobedience.

After Agricola's final and decisive invasion the Romans would have flooded across to decisively conquer and destroy all opposition on the Revolting Isle of Mona.

Edward 1st was a canny general and again hated all opposition in Wales because it messed up his plans for conquering Scotland.

Remember, he was also in trouble in France and, if I remember correctly, in the North France/Belgium area. Terror and absolute defeat is achieved best with an axe, a sharp sword and frequent public demonstration.

Same goes for the Civil War. May I refer you to my Aberlleiniog Castle link below and an interesting character called Tomas Cheadle who kept his head and his job in Beaumaris, despite being a Royalist.

So, consider the hill as a point which the plebeians thought they could defend.

You?ll notice that a cat always goes back to the same spot because he knows the mice will always be there. One generation never remembers anything of the past and have no education in cats other mostly terminal squeaks.

Carl Jung and his Collective Unconscious means nothing for these little critters.

So, hundreds of years apart, it would seem a good idea for an uneducated mob to defend such a spot. I posit this for your consideration and response.

Click on the link below and it?s take you to Aberlleiniog Castle in Llangoed. Here you?ll find links to the Roman invasion, Edward 1st and a comment on the Civil War. Violent Anglesey

As Mr Bryn Ellis used to say in History lessons at Llangefni Secondary School ?Debate the above.?

Let me know what you think, Al. And anyone else out there who can help us both do get in touch.


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