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Village of Moelfre - Moelfre BeachMoelfre Beach

Moelfre has a very small bay with an aesthetically acceptable little pebble beach.

I challenge you to set up a stable deck chair or lie down to sunbathe without crippling your back on the pebbles.

But hang on! This is a very, very popular and thriving little visitor village.


So, it can’t be the beach that brings thousands of people here every year.

While the history and the beauty of this section of Anglesey's coastal scenery may well be sufficient to satisfy your soul's longing, this is still a very small village.

Consequently, the facilities are appropriate in scale if rather limited in number.

But this is the Isle of Anglesey and everything is either at hand or close at hand.



Sadly, there are no petrol stations in Molefre, but you don't need to travel very far for a fill-up.

There again, think about your Carbon Footprint and take the regular bus service. Buy a Rover Ticket (do they still sell them?)


• 6 miles south in Pentraeth village square.

Travel back up to the anchor roundabout, turn left and drive through Benllech eventually arriving in Pentraeth (after passing the potato sales lorry).

City Dulas:

• 3 miles north. Down the hill past the Pilot Boat Inn.

Travel back up to the roundabout and turn right.


In the Village: - Moelfre - Ann's PantryAnn's Pantry - Moelfre - Ann's PantryAnn's Pantry

Ann’s Pantry - Right over the pebble beach (beautiful tea and cakes and snack meals).

This is such a characterful … tea room, I suppose. This is a gorgeous place. - Moelfre - Y Rhen FecwsY Rhen Fecws

Y Rhen Fecws - ('The Old Bakery') Village shop  On your right just before you take the short road down to the beach.

I couldn't see any inflatable alligators which should be the appropriate sine qua non of beach holiday outlets as far as I am concerned. - Moelfre - Siop Twm PenstrydSiop Twm Penstryd - Moelfre - Siop Twm PenstrydSiop Twm Penstryd

Twm's Cafe - Twm Penstryd. (01248 410295) Renowned for Home Cooking, Cream Teas and Quality Coffees. Glad to say there is no tat to be found here. It is a lovely shop that also sells quality clothes and gifts (according to cousin Fiona - and she has taste).

Down the hill past the Kinmel Arms and up the other side. It's on your left). - Moelfre - The Coastal Café Fish & Chip ShopThe Coastal Café Fish & Chip Shop

The Coastal Café chip shop - On the main road just above the bay.

A word to the wise (from Dewi) who will travel from Llangefni to the Coastal café Chip Shop of a weekend to keep the lovely Mrs H happy.

This is a very popular chip shop - which is always a good sign - and there can be queues.

So... A word to the wise (from Dewi) who will travel from Llangefni to the Coastal Café Chip Shop of a weekend to keep the lovely Mrs H happy.

Dewi phones in his order from Llangefni, drives over and swans past the waiting hordes to pick up his order. This is our secret so don't tell everyone. Doesn't half make him popular. - Moelfre Beach Car Park CaféBeach Car Park Café

Beach Car Park Café. I love this café on a Saturday morning after being for a walk along the cliffs in the direction of the Royal Charter Monument on a headland to the north.

I return to enjoy a hot cup of tea and hot snack. It's a brilliant little place. - Moelfre Siwgwr LwmpSiwgwr Lwmp

Siwgwr Lwmp

I have not had the time to visit this place, but the number of people there last time I passed says something, I suppose.

There is a link at the very bottom of this page where you can let us know about your visit to Siwger Lwmp.

As if you haven't guessed yet, it's the Welshification of the English Sugar Lump. - Moelfre Ty Dderw Country InnTy Dderw Country Inn

Ty Dderw Country Inn - On your right on the road down into the village. Locally well-regarded. I am afraid that I have nit visited this established, but friends advise me it's a fine place.

Maybe someone can send me a report.

website: - Moelfre Kinmel ArmsKinmel Arms overlooking the beach

Kinmel Arms - Right over the beach with a large patio to sit and enjoy a pint and a meal.

I am a very casual driver these days but none of my friends are so I have never passed a pleasant summer evening here.

The place is usually crowded every time I cast a sad look in its direction.

I can't remember the last time I had a pint of Robinsons Beer. I think it was the Faenol in Nant Peris after a monster day in the mountains. I think the routine was Beer-Tent-Hangover. I'm too old for that these days. Beer-B&B-Hangover, maybe?


Loathe as I am to guide you away from the village, you'll be able to add to the degree of choice of shops and restaurants by visiting BENLLECH

A few miles to your south you will find Benllech, which has plenty of small and appropriate eating places and shops.

Click here for shops and eating places in Benllech.

 - Moelfre Feline WindvaneMeowlfre Feline Windvane

Do you have any questions you'd like to ask?

We'd love to hear from you.

Maybe you have questions you want to ask in advance of your visit?

Maybe you have special advice - or even warnings?




• Rowlands Chemists - On your left along the main street.

Anglesey Moelfre Coastal PathAnglesey Moelfre Coastal Path



  • Post Office in Y Rhen Fecws - The Post Office has an arrangement with most high street banks so you can probably draw money across the counter.

N.B. Thanks to Nick Ayrton for sharing this very important piece of information with me. Be well, Mr Ayrton.


  • Cashlink at the Tesco supermarket on the square - The petrol station in the square that was, is no more. 
  • Post Office in Tesco - You can ask for money across the counter if your bank's got an arrangement
  • You can also ask for Cash-Back in the Co-op and Spar a few hundred yards! down the road south toward Pentraeth/ Menai Bridge - Moelfre CataractsMoelfre Cataracts


  • In the car park above the beach.

Please be aware that these toilets are not left open all-year round.

This leaves some of us who can't plan that well with a bit of a dilemma with an uphill walk either side of the bay.


One small car park directly overlooking the beach. However, there is parking space along the road you drove along before turning down for the beach.

Just make sure that you keep the residents happy about where you park your vehicle. And don't tell them I advised you.

Moelfre Helen's Wool ShopMoelfre Helen's Wool Shop

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