by Shan Clarke

Hi Wil

My father came from Anglesey and we made 3/4 visits a year to his parents and brothers and sister.

As the returning granddaughter I was probably spoilt rotten (well as much as the working class did in the early/mid 60s. We stayed in my grandparent's house in Cybi Cottage in Holyhead. My Nain was a wonderful generous no nonsense woman and Washi Bach always came to see on his Spring/ Summer rounds.

He'd come up the path and she'd say Washi 'your back again I see' and he'd say 'nice to see you Mrs Owen' He must have had a schedule. He's eat stew,cakes, lots of tea out of a 'billy can' and take some with him.

All the family knew him and would tease my Nain about her boyfriend.

It was just accepted that he would return for another visit either later in the week or on his next visit. No one seems to know anything about him and there was no judgement (even my grumpier Taid didn't comment) to use a newer phrase 'It was what it was'.

He was a bit gruff and to a child between 4 and 8, I knew he was a bit 'Different' but I never found him scary.





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Apr 09, 2019
Washi Bach.
by: Anonymous

Great reading and a wonderfully Nostalgic reading at that of course.

Very uplifting and very compassionate.

Thank you for this wonderful account of your aunt and Washi Bach.

Apr 08, 2019
To Shan Clarke
by: William

Dear Shan

Thank you very much for writing to share your memories with us.

It's curious that I was thinking about Washi Bach the other night, about his later life and how much he depended on the kindness of so many people around Anglesey.

Even thought there was an inevitable wariness about his approach in some people's hearts, I have only one story on this site that showed him having a bad temper, and that was in Porth Amlwch and there must have been a good reason for it.

So Anglesey to call him your Nain's Cariad.

My very best wishes to you Shan

Call by again and warm our hearts with kind stories.

William Gerwyn

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