Washi Bach

by Bob aka Robin Hughes
(NE England )

Hi Wil

This article is incredible,

I remember Washi Bach very well and was absolutely terrified of him. Strange seeing his photograph after all of those years. I remember his hair being longer, as was his beard.

We lived in Llanfachraeth and moved to Liverpool in 1961 as dad was a chief engineer at sea.

I was told, by my grandmother, that Ynys Mon was a centre for tramps, as there was some type of bequest that gave them a small income each year.


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Jan 03, 2012
Washi Bach part 2
by: Bob aka Robin Hughes

Hi Wil

Told my Mum and sister about Washie on your website.

Mum would give him a cup of tea, bread and butter and some money. Mum felt as I did, that he may have had a bad war. She is from Merioneth and said in the 1920's and 30's there were many tramps in the area, who had a diffult time in WW1.

I could remember him sitting by the pond (it's now dried up) below Parlwr Farm in Llanfachraeth.

My sister also reminded me that he used to sleep in the farm buildings of Aber Alaw Farm. The farm house was derelict and he used to sleep with the cattle.

Sue my sister believed that he came from a family that had some money, as there were times when he seemed to be more affluent.



Hi Bob,

Wil here.

Yes it could well be World war One that did the damage. He was of the right age. In one of my earlier responses I have written about him poaaibly having served on the White Star Line.

Also, if you go to the Home Page and use the Google Search and put in Washi Bach and White Star Line or LLynfaes or Ruthin/Rhuthun, then you'll turn up a fair bit of history about him.

It is thought that he was a doctor's son, which could account for the money your sister Sue talks about.

Have a good scan of the messages from others and comments attached and you'll hopefully learn more about this sad individual who is to us today an enigma.

The Terrible Twins, Gordon and Andrew Weare remember him very well and write about him.

My best wishes to you and your family and I hope you've put lead weights in your shoes for this stormy weather.


Dec 30, 2011
Anglesey Hidden Gem
by: Wil

Hi Bob

Sut mae.

I wonder if it was that story about Washi Bach having worked for the White Star Line that brought to mind your family story.

Responses from all regarding Washi Bach seem to reflect your fear of the strange man who was always talking to himself or singing for his supper.

There is also, in retrospect, a well-defined pity for the eventual tragady of the man's life. Our own existential experiences, perhaps?

Would we allow respite to such characters these days with tea and a few slabs of buttered bread, you think?

Good to have been a stopping off point for you this Christamas holiday.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i ti. A Happy New Year to you and your family.


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