Washi Bach - Yr Arwydd, Amlwch

by Donald Glyn Pritchard
(Pentre Berw /Llannerchymedd)

Washi Bach - Papur Bro 'Yr Arwydd'

Washi Bach - Papur Bro 'Yr Arwydd'

Helo Wil.

My name is Donald Glyn Pritchard. When I was Headmaster of Ysgol Penysarn, one of the pupils brought me a photo of Washi Bach that his mother had taken of him at Twrllachiad.

I then wrote that article in the local paper, Yr Arwydd and I'm proud to declare that such was the interest in Washi Bach that the issue for that month was a 100% sell-out.

Never achieved before or after.

Over the years I have collected several stories about him and other tramps that had adopted Ynys Mon.


Donald Glyn

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May 23, 2018
by: William

Ni'll dau o'run fro ac yn amlwg gyda'r un atgofion.



Oct 28, 2017
Washi Bach
by: Rhian Medi

Dwi'n cofio Washi Bach yn ymweld â phentref Rhostrehwfa yn y 60au. Plant y fro i gyd yn gyfarywdd gyda fo yn cerdded o gwmpas y lle.

Byddai’n gofyn am banad o de a rhywbeth i fwyta. Dwi ddim yn cofio neb yn ei wrthod. Byddai dipyn o gyffro ymysg ni’r plant pan fyddai’n cyrraedd!

Apr 21, 2015
Blue Bell - Amlwch
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Jean Bell

Thank you for getting in touch.

If you check out the contributions to the Washi Bach pages by Des Harrison (formerly of Amlwch) then you'll see that he is pretty familiar with the Blue Bell pub in Amlwch Port.

May I suggest that you have a look at the other articles on the Bottom of the main Washi Bach page and the one about Figgioni's chip shop. Why not leave a message there for Desa and he'll be advised that you've done this. Hopefully he'll get in touch and we can learn a bit more form him about the Blue Bell.

Best wishes


Apr 20, 2015
The Blue Bell pub in Amlwch Port
by: Jean Bell

Hi Wil

My grandmother owned the Blue Bell in the port and we we have been trying to find any information about it for ages.


Jul 22, 2012
Pob lwc, Donald Glyn
by: Wil

Annwyl Donald Glyn

Clywais heddiw eich bod yn mynd i mewn am lawdriniaeth ar eich clun cyn bo hir.

Pob lwc am wellhad buan iawn.

A brysiwch yn ol i rannu eich straeon gyda ni. Mae'r wefan hon yn cyrraedd Cymry ar draws y byd. Y rhai o Sir Fon yn arbennig.


Jul 19, 2012
Diolch o Galon i Chi, Donald Glyn
by: Wil o Anglesey Hidden Gem

Annwyl Donald Glyn

Thank you very much indeed for not only writing in to share your story with us all, but also for writing that remarkable piece in 'Yr Arwydd'.

I came across this copy when I met a young gentleman in Porth Amlwch who had his own family stories to share about Washi Bach.

I was in the village east of Amlwch looking for The Blue Bell, the pub that was converted to a home for passing tramps.

This is where I heard the story that Washi Bach showed a paybook to the gentleman's Uncle that indicated quite strongly that Washi Bach had worked for the White Star Line.

Washi Bach also had a bit of a temper as well, I learned, that when he was turned away from a local farm he theatened to burn it down. He didn't though.

It's fascinating how my own pages and the messages of kind contributors like you who remember the tramp have reached out to so many people's past.

This month - so far - the statistics for my site reveal that the main Washi Bach page and related stories received more than 4,500 visitors.

Are you associated with the Gaerwen-Amlwch railway project?

Os oes gynnoch chi unrhyw straeon hoffech eu rhannu a cymaint ohonom peidiwch ac oedi cyn ysgrifennu.

Mae hanes eu fywyd yn trasiedi a dim ond caredigrwydd yr hen bobl achubodd o.

Diolch o galon


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