Washi At Pentre Berw

by Donald Glyn Pritchard

Helo Wil,

I was born and bred at Pentre Berw.

During the 50's Washi would come on his rounds. When I was Headmaster of Ysgol Penysarn I collected many stories about Washi and published them in the local paper called Yr Arwydd with pictures of him. This issue was a sell out.

Over the years I have collected many personal stories about him. When the news of his death came to to Pentre Berw six months later I wrote this poem.

The Autumn leaves were falling
Like confetti from the trees
Whilst the moon with his woeful features
Was racing the clouds with ease
And Washi bach came striding
Crunching the coloured leaves

He'd an army coat to protect him
From the dew and the cold of the night
His well worn boots were heavy
And his cap was pulled down tight
As he walked Lon Dwll,Pentre Berw
Under the pale moon light

He stopped on the bridge to listen
To the tale that the stream had to tell
Of the Drovers that herded their cattle
To the market at Newborough to sell
And the wandering gypsies and millers
That quenched their thirst at the well.

Washi Bach by Donald Glyn Pritchard

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Feb 24, 2015
Tristwch Cyffredinol am Fywyd Washi Bach
by: Wil o Anglesey Hidden Gem

Annwyl Gillian

It was nice to hear from you writing about a common emotion that seems to prevail in most of the messages I've received from across Britain and the world about Washi Bach.

As I wrote elsewhere, the pity was obvious in how people treated him. The reality of the bygone age we speak of is that falling off the ladder and poverty were common aspects of life. Consequently, his arrival was inevitably anticipated once the wandering season came around and I suppose people were glad that he had survived.

It was a desperately sad life that ended in the old Stanley Hospital in Holyhead, where his name and image are now displayed.

Anyway, thanks for your contribution which I hope will draw a response from others.

Keep warm. It's a bit cold right now.



Jan 12, 2013
by: Gillian Lewis

Annwyl Wil

I remember Washi coming to our home every September and he would ask my Father if he had some clothes.

We lived in Llys y Gwynt an old home. All through the year things would be put to one side for Washi

My Father would have a good talk to Washi for some time while I stood to one side feeling scared until I was a bit older.

I felt so sad seeing him walk away with his new clothes under his arm. Children used to call him names.

I wonder what his real name was, and what his real story was. We all remember Washi.



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