Times to come....

by Gaynor
(Mid Glamorgan)

I loved reading your memories, waxing lyrical over younger times. I wish my young times were something I wanted to remember.

But here I am, Mother to three wonderful children with all their experiences to be found ahead of them, relished and learned from.

We are travelling from South Wales up to Anglesey this August and I can't wait! As a fiercely patriotic Welsh woman who's caught up in an obsessive fascination of times gone by I can't wait to get tramping around this "Mother of Wales".

My kids will be on Benllech Beach building their mighty fortresses, body boarding and playing rounders and cricket and we will be making OUR memories.

I will be thinking of what I've read here. I can't wait!

Dear Gaynor,

Talk of the kindness of strangers. I thank you for your words and I hope that you and your kids have a wonderful time in Benllech.

Remember that it really is only an hour or so up the Anglesey Coastal Path past Moelfre up to Lligwy. Then how about around to the south for Red Wharf Bay and Llanddona Beach. Great running about beaches.

Why not take the bus and enjoy the view for yourself?

It's Market Day in Llangefni on Thursdays.

Holiday Rules are as follows:

  • Plan
  • Expedite
  • Then, Chill Out. Ahhhh....

    I'm sorry about your sad memories but LISTEN! All we ever have is NOW! You're not alone, decline the invitation to bring the past into the room.

    My Love to you and your kids. Have a FABULOUS TIME!!

    And, Happy Ice-Cream time to you all.


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    Jul 25, 2010
    by: Anonymous

    Dear Gaynor

    I am so envious because I'm going back to work tomorrow.

    Whoopy Bleedin' Doo!

    I'm glad that you're coming by campervan because, as Gordon below suggests, it has to be the best way for you and the kids to enjoy the Island.

    A new camping site and glorious views every few days. Excellent beach days.

    If it does rain a bit (semi-tropical obviously) then Beaumaris is a great place to visit. It's got the castle - get the kids to count the toilet chutes, as I lost count when I was there.

    I believe that you can get a Family Ticket. Same goes for the Gaol.

    Remember the Ancient sites as well. Shelter inside for a few minutes if it's damp and make up horrible stories about what the Druids did.

    As Gordon and I both agree, It all starts NOW!

    Have a Fabulously, Brilliant, Fanastic Time.

    Weeds should be regarded as Green Manure for next year. The stronger they are, the more nutrient there is.


    Jul 25, 2010
    ....It's me again!
    by: Gaynor

    Under a week to go until we set campervan to road up to Anglesey!

    I am the laughing stock of my family; I have been on the internet and collected all my information about everything and everywhere just in case.

    My kids freeze everytime I start with..."Right, listen here, I need to ...." retreating hastily from the room claiming the need to tidy up their rooms, revise Maths, clean the mice cage etc.

    I think they feel they've already experienced this holiday, bless them. Ok, so I admit I have gone on a bit...and a bit more and even a bit of a lot more, but I am EXCITED. I've found out as much as I can..forearmed and fore-ready and all that.

    So, if you see a short, dumpy dark haired woman on any part of Anglesey next week, with a huge, beaming smile on her face it'll be me.

    Once the intitial excitement is over I fully intend to slowly deflate, relax and become enveloped in the beauty of this particular part of my wonderful country.

    I shall see you all very soon and I just hope that I can bring myself to leave because I have an awful lot of gardening to come home to!

    Jun 11, 2010
    by: Anonymous

    I believe a campervan for a week touring the coast of Anglesey is necessary.

    On the south side of Benllech beach, was a large cubic shaped rock with pancake layers, I recall.

    About 1800 it was bashed about for its - Black marble ! All slog & exploit, like the Copper Mines were in the late 1700's. No cushy numbers then.

    Nothing we can do to change the past, but hopefully learn from it, and pass on your strengths to others who may benefit from your survival techniques.

    Dwell only on the good times. We only get one crack at life.

    Life is for Living - Hwyl i pawb.. Gordon.

    Dear Gordon

    Well said.


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