by Gordon
(new zealand)

 nol idea ...

nol idea ...

When we Pencraig boys decided what we were doing today, 'The Marshes' was a long day.

I am vague as to how we got there. Possibly via the street that had a small catholic church, where those of foreign heritage went (Chapel country see ).

It was boggy ground that went for some distance, up to a railway and up to the RAF base, where an old Gloucester Meteor decayed in the corner of the base for many years. It was set on fire for a fire practice later, as a demo for Prince Philip. Wonder what it would be worth today?

I believe The Marshes are badly polluted now, but far from it in our day. Unique wildlife was seen there for sure.

There was an old lime works, stone building, and two, short brothers used to live in it! Wonder what it was like in winter? They were short men, who wore leather spats up to their knees, like farmer types. One of their colloquialisms was - "Attaboy". I think they may have been called 'The Dunkirk Brothers' Why, I don't know.

Historians have Y Graig yn LLangefni having dŵr y môr (sea water) coming up from Malltraeth inlet, right up to the Graig Y Felin (Mill Rock). It's granite!


Thanks again, Gordon,

I've added a few images of Y Gors today. Just click each thumbnail to get a full-size image.

I always seem to end up visiting on a warm sunny Saturday evening for some reason or other.

I'll check out a few facts and get back in touch.


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Aug 12, 2010
Cors Ddryga - Malltraeth Marsh
by: Wil

Dear Gordon

Thanks very much for reminding me of the lime kilns on Y Gors outside Llangefni.

When my Dad came back from the War he worked for a while for Hughes Gray (Siop Gray). He was shocked when he checked out the store room in the middle of the town to find sweating gelignite and detonators loose on the floor.

He backed out slowly sweating more than the gelignite. Dad eventually oversaw the transfer of the explosives to one of the limekilns. It's the one near the A55 with the red brick blocked doorway.

By the way, the explosives were used by farmers clearing their land or quarrying for material for their walls.

Never knew that people lived in one of the kilns. Thanks for that.

Good news for you! The marsh is now very clean and managed well by Environmental Agency Wales. The photos I've already added show that it is clean.

Mind you, because the water is now controlled at the Cob in Malltraeth the sewage outfall about a mile from Llangefni does temporarily build up and generates a bit of a whiff! Getting rid of the slaughter-house has helped to reduce the temporary pollution enormously.

They've been working to re-introduce and breed once indigenous Bitterns further away from Llangefni for 20 years. Yet to hear the comic booming, though.

It's a fact that we do tend to allow perfection to be destoyed. But at least every now and then we recognise the beauty we are about to lose and get our act together.

Warmest regards


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