The Dingle

by Al Ginnelly
(Santiago, Chile and Bradford, Yorkshire)

Dingle Llangefni Fish Ladder

Dingle Llangefni Fish Ladder

I'm from Llangefni and I lived in Isgraig, then moved "Upmarket" to Maeshyfryd as the family expanded. Then later, as my older sisters and Brother married off, we "downsized" and moved back to Isgraig.

Some of the lads I'd get into trouble with were Walter H. "Twll" Dean. Ger Curry. Nigel Mark, Owain John, John Ifan, and many more.

The place that sticks with me is the Dingle. As has been said in other accounts, the tradition of a rope swing was still going strong in my day.

We used to either throw a rope over a tree next to the river Cefni and then try - rarely successful - to stay dry. Or we'd go to "Dingle Bach" behind the St Cyngar Church vicarage where the slope was steep. A decent branch was found where we would be about 30 feet (well, it SEEMED like 30 feet!) above the ground at full swing.

I always seemed to manage to fall off, and was a regular at the X-Ray Department in the C&A Hospital in Bangor every school summer holiday.

Ribs, knees, arms were checked out, but amazingly never broke a bone - although I always fancied a plaster cast!

Then there was Llyn Pwmp in the Dingle and swimming in the Summer. The water was always ice cold because it was so deep and we'd be shivering getting dressed because we didn't plan on swimming.

It was an impulse dip or a dare, so we never had towels with us to dry off - and still
I didn't get Pneumonia, as Mam had promised I would!

In those days we would be gone all day, fishing or doing whatever, and only go home when it was dark, cold, or we were hungry, and nobody was worried about us. A freedom sadly lacking in this day and age.

I left at the age of 17 to join the Army, that was back in 1983, but I go "home" regularly to visit the family, which has expanded even further.

Things change, sometimes for the better, as with the Dingle, yet it's still the people I enjoy when I'm there.

The humour is fantastic and you only appreciate it when you've been away.

Al Ginnelly

Hi Al,

Your family is known to me and I see your brother Hugh about the place regularly. Always a wave and a hello.

To take things a step further your Uncle Arthur (or Arthur Mary as he was known in our house) was a great friend of my Father's. Taught him how to fish salmon off Llyn Pwmp with a gaff he kept hidden beneath the pump house.

The Mary in Arthur's name is that of his mother, Mrs Mary Roberts, a very kind lady who died in 1947. She had been hoping to see my mother with her new baby (Gareth) but died the day before he came home from hospital in John Plisman's taxi.

So wonderful to hear from you.

Andrew and Gordon Weare (The Terrible Twins) share the same joy of the Dingle in fond memory.


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Aug 25, 2011
roberts family
by: anon

I'm in Llangefni today thursday 25th August and would like to meet up with anybody with family history and more than anything photographsof Roberts family 12A Iscraig. I'm not on facebook

Aug 24, 2011
12a Isgraig
by: Anonymous

Hi Wil,

It used to be the Roberts family, Idwal Roberts, Cathy's father.

He was killed in an accident in Benllech when a wall collapsed. This would be about 40 years ago give or take.

Al Ginelly

Thanks Al,

I'll check the family history with the Oracle - my Mum - and probably Uncle Arnold (Arnold Gibson).

Be well and be safe. As Arnold would say, "Cymera ofal, fy ngwas i."

Thanks for the work you're doing,


Aug 23, 2011
12A Isgraig?
by: Wil - Anglesey Hidden Gem

Hi Al

Popeth yn iawn fan hyn.

I was trying to work out who lived in 12A. Is it down in the culd de sac on your right as you look down?

Not teulu Don Don?


Aug 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Apologies, I didn't leave my name, it's Al Ginnelly

Syt mae pethau Wil?

Aug 22, 2011
Dear Anonymous Identify yourself
by: Wil Anglesey Hidden Gem

Annwyl gyfeillion

Please identify yourselves.

I know Isgraig - used to deliver Sunday newspapers there for Mr and Mrs Douglas Taylor of 1 Maeshyfryd. I can't remember the numbers, though. So 12A Isgraig is too vague. Is it the late Mr Arthur Roberts' family?

I reckon my Mum's memory could be vitally important here.

Hwyl am rwan


Aug 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Cathy,

Add me on facebook, I have a photo of you, Mary, Idwal, Wil and Linda as children, I was out in Llangefni with Idwal last weekend.

Aug 22, 2011
by: cath

Hi Wil

Does anybody have any memories of a Roberts family who lived in 12A Isgraig?

I,Cathy, being the youngest am trying to piece together a family history.


Jul 19, 2010
Hands across the Oceans
by: Wil

This is absolutely lovely and the perfect triangulation.

From The Dingle to New Zealand
From The Dingle to Chile
Now from New Zealand to Chile.

Is that a Haiku?

Keep in touch guys.

Pob dymuniad da i chi'ch dau.


Jul 19, 2010
Hi Gordon
by: Al Ginnelly

Annie Mary's doing fine.
Drop me an email and I'll update you

Jul 09, 2010
Eels, eels! Nothing but eels !
by: Gordon


Do you remember the zillions of eels - sliwans - coming up the steps & stones in massive numbers. Handfulls we use to toss in the air!

I remember the Isgraig area okay. How is Annie Mary? Tell her we are asking for her ok?

And Mary Roberts and if possible - John Trevor Owen.


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