by Jules

Wil! Thanks - THANKS - to google for leading me to your beautiful website this morning.

My husband and I have been living in India for 7 years. We're leaving this year and are in the challenging process of trying to decide where to live in the world.

Instinct (and a lifetime of happy holiday memories) are leading us back to Anglesey for a month this May to just 'be' and see how we feel about living there permanently after 7 years in Asia.

Your beautiful words and pictures have set the scene for me perfectly and taken me there already!

You refer to Tibetan prayer flags. May I ask if you hold any interest in Buddhism?

I've found one or 2 Buddhist groups listed on the internet for the island and a yoga class in Benllech.

I'd be interested in hearing about anyone else who is practicing yoga/meditation/tai chi - or any Eastern practices - on Anglesey.

With thanks again,


Dear Jules

No email address!!!

Thank you very much for your generous words from so far away.

That's the great thing about words, it doesn't matter that those writing them are removed by distance or by time. Words underpinned by common values reach across both geography and the centuries.

No, I'm not a Buddhist; however, I can appreciate that there are cycles within my own life that bring me back to the same unresolved issues.

As for Yoga and Meditation, I used to practice both with a group of astonishingly committed group of people in Bangor. Their Dru Yoga was as gentle or as mean as you wished it to be. I used to climb and so their yoga really helped with the contortions of serious rock climbing.

This group is called the Life Foundation. You'll be pleased to learn that they are active in many parts of the World, including India.

They can be found in upper Bangor where they have a wonderful shop full of wibbly wobbly stuff.

I'll ask my friends if they know any other courses.


Dingle, Nanty Y Pandy

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Jan 25, 2017
by: Al

I am at present reading buddhist books and am very interested in the ways of buddah,if there is any one out there that is like minded pleas can i be told. No e mail ad.

Jan 13, 2011
Buddha Dharma.
by: Drew, 'Yao Xiang Shakya'.

Itipiso Bhagava Araham Samma Sambuddho. Vija carana sampanno sughato lokavidu. Anuttaro Purisadhamma Sarati Sata Deva Manusanam Buddho lokasatti.

Having practiced much Pali chanting! I took the Refuges and Precepts also in Pali under Ven. Ming Zhen Shakya. We are very open.

I have sat much Rinzai and Soto Zen also. I had the fortune to meet Ven.Seung Sahn the teacher late of Korea. Also Roshi, Joan Halifax located in New Mexico.

I also sat with Theravada under the Ven Ajahn Wilert Bhante as a temporary monk.

I can answer some Dharma questions if need be.

Drew. May All Beings be happy'.

Jan 13, 2011
Anglesey Buddhism
by: Anonymous

As an Anglesey man into Buddhism - fully ordained within the Chan Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun under Ming Zhen Shakya and named Yao Xiang Shakya.

A smidgeon of some Hindu school practices I also enjoy. Sure, I hold a fantasy of simply living the rest of my life in a Buddhist setting on Anglesey.

There is a Theravada group of enthusiasts in Cemaes Bay under Frank Youngs (Forest Tradition - auspices of Ajahn Chah) and so I would say also Chithurst and Amaravati, late with and of the Venerable Luang-po Sumedho - now retired and a great teacher. In Hampshire area; affiliated.

What do you think?

Andrew Ware..ex-pat Llangefni.

P.S. There is also FWBO in central North Wales.

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