by Ruth


I am training for a 10-mile Sea Swim Challenge that I am doing in September. I am looking for some good, safe beaches that I can swim in, preferably that have some coves and coastal path too so that my boyfriend and dog can keep themselves entertained while I swim.

So, dog friendly beaches are a must. We would look to camp nearby, so any recomendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

We went to Newborough last weekend, it was absolutely stunning there, the woodland and the penisular, but sadly no dogs in the Summer.

Any recommendations you can make would be much appreciated.

Dear Ruth,

Blinkin' Flip! but you must be fit and tough. In addition to being lovely, quite naturally.

First of all, I wish you to be swimming in a safe and appropriate environment, even though I admit to knowing nothing about the kind of conditions you require for your training.

First of all, you have individual beach pages on that you can inspect. However to help you narrow down the beaches quickly then I have this link below.

Anglesey Beach Dog Restrictions.

Click on the above link and it will immediately inform you where you can't go. The page opens up in a new wondow, by the way.

Secondly, then go and have a look at my beach descriptions without attending to the banned beaches.

Thirdly, having decided on a beach that you believe is suitable, then may I direct you to the local Coastaguard Station for their specific guidance. That link is: Holyhead Coastguard. Again this will open in a new window.

PLEASE let me know how it goes in case other people are after similar information.

I have enormous admiration for you because you are dedicated in your sport and care for the wellbeing of your dog and boyfriend. Adjust the order of affection as appropriate.

Best wishes



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Apr 28, 2010
Doggon it.
by: Gordon

There are far too many dogs in UK, its an epidemic trait. Put flippers on the dog and claim its a dogfish ? If it barks then say its a seal-cross. Dogs were once bred for a real purpose, sure they're good companions, but a dog is still a dog. Attitudes and values vary worldwide on dogs as anything else does. Let me whisper in your ear.. Downunder here, Never take your dog to another persons home, its not done. Don't keep a large dog in the house ever. Aussies & Kiwi's won't visit your home, if you have a dog inside, here dogs are removed before or after you enter.. manners. Dogs are not allowed in the cities or towns, and never in any shop,illegal, always been that way. Don't let your dog, slobber or jump on a visitor, here its the height of bad manners - but Brits find it funny or cute, not here - its offensive ok. I tell new Brits this, just to let them know... And never allow your dog onto a farmers land, as you'll never see it again.

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