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In fact, I like ALL squirrels because they seek to exemplify Nature's imperative to obtain resources to aid their individual survival.

Thereby they aid their species' survival.

However, we have once again performed that special thing that we Humans specialise in: WE INTERFERED!.

At the turn of the last century we British introduced the cute looking Grey Squirrel onto estates where they proliferated. They expanded their territories with devastating effect for the indigencous squirrels and killed them off in their hundreds of thousands by the Parapox virus.

Here on Anglesey we are blessed by the endeavours and successes of dedicated agencies and individuals who have literally dragged our Red Squirrels population from the abyss of extinction.

As written, the Mynydd Llwydiarth colony is doing really well and it appears that a couple of these little beggars from Newborough (or somewhere) have managed to make their way across the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Straits. Hopefully a colony may now grow in the Treborth Woods.

However, it is one of life's tragic ironies that in order to save the indigenous squirrels from extinction we are obliged to destroy the Grey Squirrel populations.

Also, while the Anglesey Red Squirel Project has made great leaps it looks like the Forestry Commission at Newborough are intent on following EU Directives to reduce the forestry by 40%, which could well have a detrimental effect on the new colonies.

In the words of Lord Cledwyn of Penrhos, there may well be, "Pros and Cons in Favour and Pros and Cons Against."

We would love to learn your Views, your News and any local important information you feel you need to share.

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Do you love our lovely little red friends and would like to share some opinions about the Red Squirrel Project? Do you have news of meetings that readers could attend?

Maybe you're uncertain about the Grey Squirrel cull?

Whatever your thoughts on the matter I am sure we'd all love to hear from you.

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Red squirrel in Pentre-Berw.  
Dear Wil A red squirrel has been visiting my garden most days for the last couple of weeks. I have mounted a squirrel feeder but so far he has ignored …

Red Squirrel Sighting 
Hi Wil Just spotted a Red Squirrel on the Coleg Menai site in Llangefni Anglesey 05/07/12. Warmest regards Rob

Red squirrels of Penrhos Nature Reserve Holyhead Under Threat! 
Dear Wil Will you please publicise a matter that is of the greatest concern to many people in the Holyhead/Holy Island are of Anglesey. The Friends …

On The Mainland! Squirrels?! 
Hi Wil Surprised a Red Squirrel 15.7.11 deep into Nant-y-Coed. We could not believe our eyes. Are they on the mainland now in any numbers …

Red squirrel Not rated yet
We are here on holiday until Friday, and we were driving back to Llandonna from the main Pentraeth road yesterday. A red crossed the road in front of …

The Reds at risk in the Marianglas area Not rated yet
Yesterday 7th Jan 2017 I saw the second dead squirrel on the road just as you approach the 30mph sign as you enter Marianglas from the Llangefni direction. …

Am seeing red squirrel in City Dulas area Not rated yet
I have just arrived on Anglesey and am delighted to keep seeing red squirrels in the City Dulas area. I saw 2 together so it is not just 1 loner.

Red Squirrel at Parc Cybi, Holyhead Not rated yet
Hi Wil We saw red squirrels on the 1st and 9th of June 2013 on the land belonging to the old Anglesey Aluminiun …

Grey Squirrel on Anglesey Not rated yet
Dear Wil We've been looking out for Red Squirrels in Mynydd Llwydiarth at Pentraeth for a couple of years. Haven't seen one yet but we did see a …

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