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Let me throw a bit more petrol on the conflagration.

A few years back we received a complaint from a bee-keeper who nurtured his hives (as it were) and had a lovely little sideline selling honey.

A serious problem had manifested itself on his delicate and subtle palate. The honey had started tasting bitter and he blamed ...YOU GUESSED IT!!.

The bee-keeper stated that his honey could tolerate a residual hint but there had been a proliferation of the plant along the A55 Expressway across Anglesey.

It would grow along the sides and central reservations of the road between the twice-yearly grasscutting.

Much credit to the County Council Highways Department because they had - and still have - a merry band of pickers with their tired looking old Landrover collecting and disposing of the plant.

The problem now lies in the fields and lovely meadows on either side where the bees can get at it.

Buggered up his honey, though I have to admit I haven't heard from him since. Must have developed a taste for bitter tasting honey, I suppose.

There's no shame in enjoying bitter tasting honey.

It's certainly odd, though.

Below is where you can vent your spleen. Feel free.

I know most swear words in about four languages, so keep it simple and direct.

Do You Love or HATE Ragwort?
Got a view you want to share?

What do you think? Is the science solid?

Do you think that it's a lovely plant that makes Anglesey look nice and summery?

Or are your animals suffering from some careless or lazy so-and-so who allows it to proliferate with deadly abandon?

Should ragwort be Anglesey's County Flower?

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Oh No! to Ragwort 
Hi Wil Such a dangerous plant to horses humans sheep cattle. Can't believe anyone likes it apart from moths! Don't let ragwort flower and seed. …

The Ideal Plant For The Lazy Gardener. Not rated yet
Hi Wil We know ragwort is poisonous to cattle, horses and sheep but it does brighten up the landscape! For those who can't be bothered to do any …

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