Porth Swtan ... A family connection.

by Peter Richards
(Mariestad, Sweden.)

Aerial view of Porth Swtan and Richards farms.

Aerial view of Porth Swtan and Richards farms.

Dear Wil,

My Great Grandfather, Robert Richards, (1849-1928), lived at Clegir Mawr near Porth Swtan, raising a family of 10 children. (He was one of 14 children).

The aerial view of Porth Swtan shows the position of Clegir Mawr and other nearby farms that were, later, occupied by some of his children. My Grandfather, Thomas, (1875-1934), lived at Penllain farm.

Visits to the numerous relatives in the area always ended with a rush for the bus to Holyhead, loaded down with butter and ham and fresh eggs. Following a long tradition of large families, (I was one of 14), those war years and after were devoid of anything that was, "off-ration". Early photos show me as a well-fed and robust child and I believe that our visits to the Richards families of Llanrhyddlad were responsible for that.

Another connection to Llanrhyddlad is more tortuous, involving Sir William Thomas, (1836-1915) the famous local lad that took himself off to Liverpool and became one of the richest ship-owners in Britain.

The Grandfather of Robert Richards, (mentioned above), had a son, Robert, (1811-1887. His grand-daughter, Anita Elizabeth married George Henry Thomas, ship-owner,the son of Sir William Thomas. They were married in 1907 at Llangefni.

Ten minutes north of Bonw Farm is the monument erected to Sir William. He was responsible for the building of Bethel Hen Chapel in Llanrhyddlad.
Happy days .... a long, long time ago.

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Aug 28, 2015
Porth Swtan A Go Go
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Hi Peter,

Lovely to hear from you and I find myself appalled and jealous of your journey.

I'm sat here in the Bangor Hospital next to an elderly parent and glad of your distraction. Porth Swtan (Church Bay) brings back many memories and I'm glad some of our visitors have brought names to donkeys, farms and farmers' wives from the 1960's.

For those of you who remember Wally I saw him again this week. Long shiny grey hair and his cycling uniform. I've worked out how to look like Wally when I'm in my 80's. The answer is simple, start when I'm 18, which means I've had three goes and still less fit than him.

It's a bit of a journey from Holyhead (where I saw him on Tuesday) to the area of Rhydwyn where he lives but off he goes on his bike.

We should all have started earlier. I still dream of being a womaniser. Still time I hope.

Have a lovely weekend. We've got a Bank Holiday on Monday. Yipee! In all likelihood I'll head for Mynydd Bodafon this weekend to look for blackberries - don't tell everyone it's been a bad summer for them and sloes.

I send you my very best wishes, Peter.


Aug 28, 2015
Porth Swtan and beyond.
by: Peter Richards

Hei from Sweden,
Mariestad seems to be where the tides of time and the waves of life have now left me, "high and dry".

Five wives and globetrotting adventures in 36 countries can do that for you and who can blame me for enjoying every moment of it.

A big "congrats" on the quality of your website.

Regards from Peter.

Aug 02, 2015
Wonderful stories from history.
by: Drewy bach.

Thankyou Peter, that was a wonderful account of the farm and people around Porth Swtan..Much appreciated.. Amazing stories..

Aug 01, 2015
Porth Swtan - Church Bay
by: William

Dear Peter,

Thank you so very much for writing to Anglesey Hidden Gem to share your warm memories of your very happy childhood in Porth Swtan. As you have already read, this remains a magical place in the memories of so many people.

I am so glad that just a trot along the tortuous avenues of the Internet has brought you here and inspired you to write to us all.

My very best wishes to you.


PS just a thought, how did you find yourself living in Mariestad, Sweden.

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