Poem about Washi at Lon Dwll,Pentre Berw continued

by Donald Glyn Pritchard
(Llannerch y medd)

Sut mae Wil, oeddet ti yn Ysgol Llangefni 1954 i 1961?

I'm sorry I couldn't get the whole poem in when I contacted you a few days ago.

Last verse...

And still on an Autumn's night they say,
When the moon floats through the sky
And the playful wind makes a rustling dance
With the leaves all crumbled and dry.
The drovers, the gypsies, the millers and Washi,-go tramping by.

Donald Glyn Pritchard

When you visit Pentre Berw (Holland Arms) go down Lon Dwll, the old drovers road by the Hotel (there is a road sign) and you will see the bridge over the stream Nant Ferw that used to turn the water mill built by Thomas Holland in 1610.

It was called Melin Isaf due to the upper mill at Felin Ferw. To the left of the bridge between the gate and the stream you will find the well with it's icy, cold, sweet water running from the pipe.

Edwin Jones our local tramp fell ill in this clearing and died later after local lads kindly carried him on to his bed.

Edwin was very afraid of Washi Bach. Lon Dwll was part of the main road between Rhosyr (Niwbwrch) where there was an important market and Llanfaes. (Biwmaris).

Long before the bridge was built at LON DWLL, travellers and animals had to walk across Nant Ferw. This crossing was called Sarn Ferw (Berw Ford).

The hill on the other side of the A5 on the road towards Penmynydd is called Pen y Sarn (Top of The Ford.)

Wil dos yno i weld y lle. Enjoy your visit there.
Diolch am yr atgofion.

Donald Glyn.

Helo unwaith eto, Donald Glyn.

Mae'n ddrwg gen i am yr oedi cyn ymateb.

I thank you for your kindness in sharing memories and your captivating poem.

I will visit Penre Berw next time we have a bit of sun and take photos to attach to this message. I'll then put this page on my Anglesey Blog.

'Roeddwn yn ddisgybl yn Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni rhwng 1969 a 1977.

I tell you who might have come across, Andrew and Gordon Weare, who have also made many contributions to Anglesey Hidden Gem. They were the first family to move into the Pencraig Council Estate in Llangefni with their parents in around 1953 .

Nos da, Donald Glyn a galwch heibio eto yn fuan,


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