Plas Pencraig Lodge

by John Steven Evans

Hi there, Wil,

Does anybody remember the old lady who lived in the lodge gatehouse at the bottom end of the woods?

We, as kids then, used to play in the woods. We used to play on bikes down the woods.

My name is John Evans and I lived at that time in 53 Pengraig and my nick name is Joe White.

Great times. I remember a Webb family and I was mates with Paul. His dad was in the RAF then; also the King family.

We used to think the old dear in the gatehouse was a witch till one day we got chatting to her. The gatehouse was pulled down and I never knew her name. Anybody know who she was?



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Jan 17, 2012
The Old Lady
by: Wil

Hi John/Joe

My Mum thinks that there was a lady lived around there who used to make dresses and clothes - a dressmaker. Mum thinks she was called Mrs or Miss Jones.

I'll check it out a bit more and if I find out anything else I'll let you know.


Jan 17, 2012
Joe White Pencraig
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden gem

Hi John/Joe

How should I address you?

I know you well and as a kid I might even have run away from you more than once. You were a mischievous, bad little bugger, who is now a business man running Joe's Taxis.

See, I know you. Your Dad had a Rover 80 or was it 100 with what I always thought were pilot's safety belt harness.

I did the same. If were weren't playing in Pencraig Woods then it was Cae Swings behind Theatr Fach.

You are bang on right, it was the best times. Coed Pencraig was the place to hold bike rallies. Down from the old bungalows then around to the left and to the stream and through it.

There used to be a tree there on the left of the path that curved out over the field that I never got the nerve to climb up. Nails and pieces of wood as a ladder, if I remember correctly.

You may have thought yourself a bit of a lad, but may I assure you that you could never compare yourself to the Terrible Twins: Gordon and Andrew Weare. You may well remember them before they left to live in Holyhead.

They used to live in the right hand facing corner up the cul de sac where Cyril Bradley used to live - now sadly, just Mrs Bradley. Our giants leave us too often these days.

I bet Andrew and Gordon have memories worth sharing about the old lodge house.

Brilliant to hear from you. John or Joe?

Warmest regards to you on this stormy evening. Rain tomorrow.


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