Plas Cadnant - Heartbreak on Anglesey

by Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Glorious Plas Cadnant Hidden Garden

Glorious Plas Cadnant Hidden Garden

Glorious Plas Cadnant Hidden Garden
Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

Dear Gentle Reader

Anthony Tavernor is one of Anglesey's best ever welcome guests and like thousands of people from Anglesey, the United Kingdom and foreign climes, I am today heartbroken over the news that the most recent storm has ahead an appalling impact on Anthony's and his partner and friends' most wonderful gift to us: Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens.

On the BBC interview over the weekend it was difficult to watch Anthony's distress and upset over the damage a flash flood caused to the garden and Dingle, as I call it.

During one of the most trying periods of my recent life I was able to find peace and recharge my heart by merely sitting overlooking the Cadnant valley and sending out my sight and hearing.

Anthony would greet and speak with as many visitors to Plas Cadnant Hidden Garden as he could and people were always delighted at the attention he gave to them and their questions and words of appreciation for all the work they have carried out.

The wound to the garden has been substantial as it has been to Anthony's heart however I have absolutely no doubt that the wound to his heart will heal quickly and he will once again work to sort things out.

We must all show our support to this wonderful team and glorious garden.

Dear Anthony I send you my very best wishes and remember that the journey of a thousand miles starts with but a step, followed by another.

Please feel embraced by the wishes of all your friends, known, unknown and unsuspected.


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Jan 18, 2016
Hope for Later
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Gentle Readers

The news is good about Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens.

Anthony Tavernor is determined to get the garden open in a few months. He and his team are working very hard indeed and it may be possible that we can visit to see snowdrops as usual.

It was clear that Anthony was desperately distraught by what happened to his much loved garden. After all it has taken him and his friends twenty years to achieve the beautiful place that I love to visit.

That despair has been replaced by determination and hard work.

Anthony is a remarkable man and makes time for every one of the visitors to his much loved garden at Plas Cadnant. So be assured that you will once again have the opportunity to chat with him this Spring and Summer. He may have a few new anecdotes to share.

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens in Menai Bridge remains very high on the long list of MUST SEE sights on Anglesey.

Be well.
It's cold and a bit damp on Anglesey this evening but despair not, all things pass and what doesn't destroy us makes us stronger.

Hang tough and dream your Summer Dreams


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